alapból az, hogy beáll mögém a derekamat fogdosni, amiért nutellás kenyeret kenek épp (értem az utalást, köszi)

de hogy bazmeg megcsikiz és nem hagyja abba mikor rászólok, hanem megvárja míg nekiugrok kb az asztal sarkának, hogy ne érjen el

aztán még nyilván neki áll feljebb, hogy pedig ő csak ártatlanul viccelődött, miközben istenfaszázok amiért beleállt az asztal sarka a combomba 

bónusz, hogy egy majdnem őszintének hangzó bocsánatkérés után olyan hangon mondja, hogy soha többet nem fogok egy ujjal sem hozzád érni, mintha miattam maradna el idén a karácsony, nekem meg pattannak meg az idegtől a hajszálerek a szememben

nagyon egyoldalú küzdelem lenne de a végén még kiprovokálja

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fobin varmı

İlk aklıma gelen şeyi söyleyim. Mesela çocukluğumda geceleri yatarken elimi yataktan aşağı sarkıtamazdım. Elime birisi dokunacak korkusu vardı, canavarlar falan var sanıyordum. Ki hâla şu yaşımda bile elimi yataktan aşağı sarkıtarak uyuyamam. Belki travma belki başka bir şey, değişik


Big River at the Wells Fargo Pavillion

Starring Ben Fankhauser, Phillip Boykin, Rich Herbert, Lizzie Klemperer, James Michael Lambert, Mary Jo Mecca, William Parry, Angelina Sark, Jeff Skowron, Jennifer Leigh Warren, and others.

eninde sonunda hepimiz -mış gibi yapmak zorunda kalıyoruz. Sanki hic sevmemis gibi, hic alısmamıs gibi, hic düsünmemis gibi, her sarkıda her siirde bulmamıs gibi, hic hatırlamamıs gibi, unutmus gibi.

bizi -mıs gibi yapmak zorunda bırakanlar utansın be!

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playistindeki sarkıları söylermisin ^^

Bir : Hypnogaja - Here Comes The Rain Again
insanın : Avenged Sevenfold - So Far Away
playlistine : Pierce The Veil - King for a Day ft. Kellin Quinn
bakmak : The Perishers - My Heart
günlüğüne : The Civil Wars - Dance Me to the End of Love
bakmakla : Frazey Ford - One More Cup Of Coffee
eşitmiş : Andrew Belle - In My Veins
o : Taylor Swift - the Way I Loved You
zaman : Ron Pope - A Drop In The Ocean
günlüğüme : Birdy - People Help The People
hoş : MEYAN - Yaratmak Dert Değil Tanrı İçin
geldiniz : Cory Monteith Ft Lea Michele - Without you
karışık : Natalie Walker - Waking Dream
bir : Her Neyse (Redd)
playlist : Correatown - All The World (I Tell Myself)
hazırlıyım : Adele - Someone Like You
dedim : Rihanna - Diamonds (Acoustic Official Version)
ama : Linkin Park - Shadow of The Day
çoğunlukla : Colbie Caillat - I Never Told You
slow : Christina Perri - A Thousand Years
oldu : Emre Aydın- Bitti Tebrikler
olsun: Birdy - Skinny Love
umarım : Passenger - Things That Stop You Dreaming
sevdiğiniz : Passenger - Let Her Go
şarkılar : Duman - Bal
olur : Serenay Sarıkaya & Çağatay Ulusoy - Ah Bu Ben (Medcezir)
şarkıların : Sherlock BBC Meets Metal
isimlerini : John Tyree - All I Ever Wanted
öğrenmek : Yüzyüzeyken Konuşuruz - Ateş Edecek Misin
için : Green Day - American Idiot
sormanız : Green Day - Holiday
yeterli : Green Day-Wake Me Up When September Ends
cevaplarım : The 1975 - Sex
memnuniyetle : Lucia - Silence
son : Band of Horses - The Funeral
olarak : Audioslave - Like A Stone
kendinize : Biffy Clyro - Biblical
iyi : Anna Kendrick - Cups
bakın : Apocalyptica-Toxicity
dostlar : I Don’t Care
hiçbir : Metallica - Nothing Else Matters
şey : No Doubt - Don’t Speak
sizden : Angus And Julia Stone - All Of Me
daha : Groove Armada - Think Twice
önemli : Simple Plan - Welcome To My Life
değil : Duman - Senden Daha Guzel
unutmayın.: Evanescence - Bring Me To Life
Teşekkürler. : Evanescence - My Immortal

A while ago I told my mom that I wasn’t going to get married unless everyone could get married equally. While it’s true to how I feel about the issue, it also served to stop her from asking me when I was going to get married (since I’m not really that big into marriage in the first place), and I like to think it nudged her toward supporting marriage equality where she had previously been against it. It kind of became my standard response whenever ANYONE asked me about whether or not I was going to get married to Sark.

So then today happens, and my mom texts me to say she’s ready to make plans for my wedding. My sister texts me to ask if I noticed the news and if it meant I was getting married (additionally she added “I just got off the phone with mom and she was really excited. Way to get mom excited about equal rights.” which was pleasing), and my sister added that when she’d told the general news to her friend, her friend’s response was “DOES THAT MEAN YOUR SISTER WILL GET MARRIED NOW??”

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I saw on Mini's Snapchat that sometimes they do bad movie nights at Sark's house so I was wondering if you could do like minicat for that? ;-; like, sexual tension "mini knock it off or I swear" or like fluffy cuddling or something idkman

Title: Bad Movies Turned.. Fluff? 

Pairing: Minicat (for the win:D)

Side Pairings: H2OVanoss & SilentCalibre

seargentbutternipples, yes, sexual tension minicat and fluffy minicat are everything I enjoy haha! I hope you like this <(^_^)>

Mini didn’t know why he agreed to do these things with Tyler. He had rather been home, sleeping, something that he needed greatly with how busy he was the past few days with E3 and editing his videos instead at Sark’s house to watch whatever ridiculous movie that he picked he out.

But here he was, squished uncomfortably between Tyler and Nogla’s tall frames. Evan and Jonathan was sitting on the couch opposite of them, sitting suspiciously close to one another. 

Sark had just went into the kitchen to retrieve the popcorn and soda that he always bought for these special occasions, and Lui’s small frame was sat criss-crossed on the floor, perched between Arlan’s  legs. 

They were all there for their annual bad movie night, and Mini had only came once before. 

He sighed, sinking further into the cushions. He felt Tyler’s gaze on him as he did, and Tyler nudged his shoulder lightly. 

“What crawled up your ass Craig?” Tyler half-joked. Mini felt his heart squeeze at him using his real name, something that the other guys rarely did, and Mini had always secretly enjoyed it when he did. 

Licking his lips, he shook his head lightly. “Nothing, nothing. Just you know, tired.”

Tyler looked at him. He wasn’t a fool. “I know you better then anyone else here. Something’s up.” His tone was more serious now, and Mini was about to reply that he really was tired, but he was interrupted by Sark’s booming voice.

“Alright, who’s up to watching some good ‘ole Pluto Nash 3D?” He said, clapping his hands together.

Nogla groaned, muttering that he hated Pluto Nash 3D. Jonathan burst out in his maniacal laughter, exclaiming that Pluto Nash was the best fucking movie ever, and Evan chuckled along, not really caring what they watched. Tyler whined, yelling about how much the movie sucked ass.

Great, just great. Mini thought. Now he was stuck watching Pluto Nash 3D, while squished between two giants, while all he wanted to do was sleep.

Tyler turned to him, placing a hand on his leg lightly. “Your fine with Pluto Nash right?” 

Mini nodded, forcing a chuckle out as he said that it was totally fine. He had only hoped Tyler would believe him and drop it. As much as he didn’t feel like being here, he didn’t want to be the one to ruin Tyler’s night.

He felt Tyler’s hand move from his leg, and wrap around his waist lightly, his hand clutching Mini tightly as the movie started. Mini looked up at him, wondering what the hell he was doing. As much as he wanted to be wrapped up in Tyler, he didn’t want to do it in front of their friends. He debated on whether on not he should move his hand, but he knew Tyler would only go back and do it again, so he let it be. 

Halfway into the movie, half of them were already asleep. Nogla was snoring away, and Mini wondered how he could sleep with his head back like that. Lui had fallen asleep between Arlan’s leg, and Evan and Jonathan were cuddled on each other, Jonathan’s head on Evan’s chest and Evan’s arms wrapped tightly around him. Sark had went out to get some more food, leaving only Mini and Tyler to be the only one’s up.

“Tyler, you still awake?” Mini whispered.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m still awake watching this dumb shit.” Tyler muttered. He removed his arm from around’s Mini’s waist to stretch, and Mini marveled in the way his back muscles moved as he did. He felt his cheeks heat as he thought about the way they would looked when he……

No, do not go there Mini, not now. Now was not the time to be thinking like that.

Tyler dropped his arms, looking at Mini briefly before wrapping his arm back around Mini’s waist, his hand ‘accidentally’ brushing Mini’s ass as he did. Mini threw him a look. “Tyler…” he warned, and he shrugged, a slight grin on his face as he pulled Mini into his lap.

Mini let out a squeak of protest as he collided into Tyler’s chest, feeling Tyler wrap his other arm around him, and Mini was trapped. He felt his body heat up at how close he was to Tyler. 

“Tyler, what are you doing?” He whispered. 

“Trying to make you feel better, you idiot.” Tyler stated, as if it was obvious. He could tell that Mini didn’t want to be here, and it was partly his fault for dragging him here. So he felt it was his job to somehow lighten up Mini’s mood. 

He leaned down, kissing Mini’s forehead slightly, before hugging him tighter. He let his hand lightly travel over Mini’s butt again, chuckling as Mini flicked his arm.

“Tyler, knock it off.” He warned, half-serious and half-joking.  He didn’t want to get with Tyler groping him, or more. Mini rather keep that in the bedroom.

Mini yawned, his body beginning to feel drained. He heard Tyler yawn beneath him, too. He got comfortable, wrapping his arms around Tyler’s upper torso and snuggled his head further into his chest. 

“Tyler, I’m tired.” He mumbled, closing his eyes. He felt Tyler lips press against his cheek lightly, and the soothing sensation of Tyler’s hand rubbing his back lulled him to sleep and he could faintly hear Tyler whispering to him “Goodnight Craig.” 

Is this considered fluff? Man, idk idk, haha, what am I doing. But I apologize if the ending seemed rushed, but i hoped you liked it ^_^. And please, send more prompt/requests. And if anyone else wants to send me requests, please do! Send me your rarest pairings if you want.