law about the strawhats
  • sabaody law:incredible
  • punk hazard law:ok.... i made a HUGE mistake.... i fucked up.... i totally fucked up... why did i trust these guys....
  • zou law:yo straw hats let's chill
TOP FIVE Favorite Luffy Moments!

As everyone knows I’m a HUGE Luffy Fan, I bet some of you are wondering what my fav. moments of Luffy are, aren’t cha? =P Well here're my TOP FIVE moments! =D

5.) Luffy Punching the Celestial Dragon in Sabaody Archipelago! (Anime-Version)!

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Seeing Luffy hit that snotty noble that shot Hachi was REALLY Satisfying to me! ESPECIALLY the Anime version, IMO because the Manga version went by too fast whereas the Anime adaptation made you feel the IMPACT of Luffy’s hit! And the Animation in this was REALLY nice as it made it feel like Luffy broke the Animation budget! =P (As a P.S: The animators for this episode also worked on One Piece Movie 6: Baron Omatsuri!) Plus the music in this FIT the epicness of this scene! =P

4.) Luffy’s First Gear-Second Awakening!

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Seeing Luffy reflect about his friends before saying it was to people like thanks Blueno for getting him that far in the story was VERY good to me!

3.) Luffy vs. Three Admirals at Marineford! (Anime-Version)!

Simply an Amazing scene! Seeing how Luffy was willing to DIE, lose years of his life-span and even NEVER meet his crew again ALL for Ace’s sake was VERY heart-warming for me! Also, I said Anime-Version because while this was VERY impactful in the Manga, Toei Animation REALLY stretched the scene to convey Luffy’s emotions! Once again, VERY EPIC OST by Toei Animation! =P

2.) Luffy’s Red-Hawk Awakening!

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When I first saw this, it sent CHILLS down my spine! The fact that this technique is made as somewhat of a homage to Ace is REALLY AMAZING by Oda IMHO!! Also, PROPS to Toei Animation for paying tribute to Ace with this technique!

1.) Luffy’s FOURTH GEAR AWAKENING!! (Anime-Version)!

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While I thought it was cool in the Manga, Toei Animation REALLY did this awakening JUSTICE in Episode 726!! Props to Naotoshi Shida for Animating this episode as this was BEAUTIFUL!! OMG!! Plus the BGM when Luffy powered up to Gear Fourth did a VERY GOOD JOB in intensifying the moment! This transformation!! I have NO WORDS for it!! Just AWESOME with all of the techniques Luffy can display!

And here’re my TOP FIVE favorite Luffy Moments! ^_^ (If you all want I can make a Top Ten! XP)

While we all may disagree with what we think Luffy’s top five moments were, I’m sure we can agree that Luffy is an AMAZING character worthy of becoming the next Pirate King! ^_^

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I haven't noticed this, but I read this somewhere. Are some of the arcs really parallel or the same with each other? I keep reading something that Dressrosa was like the Alabasta arc, and that the current arc will be like Enies Lobby and Sabaody?

Not officially.  I think it’s just some things that people have theorized, particularly based on Dressrosa.  That is to say, Dressrosa would have been the imminent outcome for Alabasta had it not been for the Strawhats intervening.

Not sure if this current arc can draw any parallel to Water 7/Enies Lobby, or at least I hope it doesn’t.  Sure, Sanji, like Robin, sacrificed himself to ensure his crewmates’ safety, but this was only a short-term solution for him.  He has every intention of leaving and rejoining the crew.

If the SH don’t get the key for those cuffs before they have to leave the island, couldn’t Luffy contain the explosion à la Haki like Rayleigh did with Camie at Sabaody? 

(This isn’t a very good clip and doesn’t show the stuff afterwards but obviously Camie came out unscathed) 

The reason why Sanji changed his hair style

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything……
Rating: M
Setup: Okay so I don’t know why this isn’t an accepted fact that makes ZoSan totally cannon but this begins right after Sanji meets up with Zoro at Sabaody. Also if this seems disjointed it’s part of a much bigger ZoSan epic that I am working on I just need to share this idea with the world cause I’m right.

Once they say their goodbyes to the old man, they get away from the harbor as quickly as possible to avoid any questions regarding the ship the swordsman so recently sliced in half. Before they get far though Zoro stops Sanji with a squeeze to his arm.
“You…..” Zoro trails off, letting his actions finish the sentence for him. He reaches up flicks a finger through the fringe covering Sanji’s right eye all the while the blond watches his finger. Sanji raises a hand to Zoro’s face, runs a thumb over his eyelid feeling the new scar there that he hasn’t touched yet. In fact Zoro probably has several scars he has yet to caress, but that’s for later.
“I felt this…….and before you deny me I won’t ask what happened you can tell me in your own time.” Sanji whispers as he gently rubs the lid….the scar and stares into Zoro’s grey eye. “I figured there is no point in fucking if I can’t look you in the eye right?” Sanji finishes flippantly with a smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth. The green haired swordsman snorts, but Sanji can see the sly little half smile/smirk pulling at the corners of his perma-frown, the light blush under that damn tan.
“I’m pretty sure you hate this” Zoro answers back as they begin walking again flicking at the blond fringe one more time. His fingers itching to touch the blond more but they are in a very public place and on their way to reunite with the rest of their Nakama.
“I’m pretty sure I wanna look you in the eye when we fight” Sanji snarks back and hip checks Zoro hard. Flipping that fringe a little his visible blue eye dancing with amusement.
“I’m pretty sure you gave a different reason before.” Zoro grins widely now as he hip checks the blond back, and waggles the eyebrow over his good eye suggestively.
“I’m pretty sure I don’t give a fuck” Sanji snarls and smashes his hips into Zoro the swordsman almost loses his balance from it, stumbling off to the side he narrowly misses crashing into a group of innocent shoppers.
“Somebody only has one thing rolling around in their stupid blond head don’t they…..” Zoro continues brow furrowed any beginings of a smile smashed to bits in his near miss and recovery move.
“Shut up I fucking hate you” Sanji says blowing smoke and air into the fringe over his right eye so that it floats ever so gently, but doesn’t reveal the eye underneath it.
“No you missed me….” Zoro let’s a real smile pull at the corners of his mouth as he says this Sanji just narrows his eyes and glares at the stupid Marimo before replying.
“I thought I did…….” he says with a flippant smile but Zoro is about to wipe that smile from those perfect lips as he spots his chance. He hip checks the unsuspecting cook into the closest ally in the middle of their banter, hooks an arm through his, and drags him into a darkened doorway. Where he roughly shoves Sanji against the door jamming his knee and upper thigh between the cooks legs Zoro pulls the loose shirt collar away. Exposing the spot that no longer bears put a faint white scar from when he once bite down hard at the cook’s request. Pausing and taking a deep sniff of the cooks neck before running a tongue over the spot causing the blonds body to shudder.
“You missed me” Zoro whispers chuckling, earrings tinkling as if to emphasize his point, before he bites into Sanji’s neck hard enough to bruise. Then kissing his way up that long neck to a scruffy jawline, then those lips he doesn’t wait for a response doesn’t need one as Sanji’s whole body arcs up into his trying to press as much of itself against Zoro’s as the cook is able to with their clothing on. When Zoro’s lips meet Sanji’s he is even more assured of his actions as that smoke flavored tongue smashes into his and a muffled moan partially escapes from where there mouths have come apart a little in their eagerness.
“Don’t flatter yourself after cross dresser island anything that is actually a man or better yet actually a woman is going to be just fine with me.” Sanji pulls out of the kiss and puts on his best attempt at a nonchalant serious face when he knows his rapidly growing erection is pressing into Zoro’s thigh.
“Your dirty shit mouth says fuck off…… but your hot body says fuck me…..I think I’m gonna go with your body on this one….” Zoro rumbles as he begins shamelessly musing Sanji’s clothes as he gropes and paws at him. Zoro pulls Sanji’s shirt up out of his pants, unbuttons his jacket so that he can snake an arm under the shirt and start relearning what Sanji’s body feels like. Sanji groans and begins fighting back pushing his hands into Zoro’s dark green coat that is conveniently open and baring that chiseled chest. He runs talented fingers over the plains, valleys and puckered flesh of Zoro’s many muscles and scars.
Sanji runs a thumb over one of Zoro’s nipples and the man pulls back from nipping at his collar bone to groan at the touch. Sanji takes this moment to bring his mouth down to Zoro’s ear he nips along that then sucks the lobe into his mouth. Before kissing a trail down his jawline and bringing their lips together again. The blond shoves his tongue into Zoro’s mouth roughly kissing him before he pulls back moves down and bite the swordsman in the neck right around the same spot that really gets to Sanji. Zoro’s body doesn’t shudder but the sharp intake of breath and thrust of the green haired mans hips lets the blond know that the attention is not unwelcome. Sanji sucks hard and bites a few more times at the spot before he pulls off and lifts his head grinning at the bruise that will be forming there shortly. Zoro’s grey eye is dark with want as he meets Sanji’s gaze he shoves the blond further into the darkened doorway pressing their bodies and cloth covered erections together……

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Send me a ‘✉’ for five times my muse didn’t text yours send yours a letter, and one time they did

Dear Ace,

I wanted to tell you that I received your letter and…

Dear Ace,

We reached Drum Island a week ago, and I’ve been sick since then. My mates think the snow is messing with my devil fruit. There are almost no doctors here, I’m not sure if I’ll…

Dear Ace,

We’ve just reached Arabasta. I got burn and now I have even more freckles than you…

Dear Ace,

Sabaody is such a big place! There is a theme park, and it looks really fun! And I met some old friends of my Dad. I think you…

Dear Ace,

I miss you.


Thatch told me what happened with Teach.

Don’t do anything stupid.


3 captains from Sabaody form an alliance?

Am I the only person thinking this..? 😯

After seeing Eustass Kid betrayed (?) by Apoo and Hawkins then beaten up by Kaido, I kind of think that Luffy and Law will find him (possibly just by accident or by chance) during their battle with the yonkou himself. And maybe, hopefully, that Kid will join their alliance? I don’t know. It’s just my theory…

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"Don't do that, Nami-san. I'd rather lose my hands than endanger yourself to steal the key from that monstrous woman."

“Don’t be silly,” she murmured as she held his hands, closely examining the cuffs on his wrists.  They looked like a smaller version of the collar Camie had around her neck in the auction house on Sabaody Archipelago two years ago.  Despite being smaller, Nami had no doubt that the devices were just as explosive.  

She quickly ran through their options: 1) She could try to pick the locks, but that would put both her and Sanji-kun at risk if the cuffs were sensitive to tampering.  2) She could ask Luffy if Rayleigh taught him how to remove the device, but that wasn’t very likely and they didn’t have time to find out.  3) She steal the keys from Big Mom herself and hope one of them would release the cuffs.

Option #3 was their best bet.  She would be damned if the cook lost what was most precious to him when she could do something to prevent it.  Of course she was afraid; it would be a lie to say she wasn’t afraid.  That didn’t mean she wouldn’t fight in her own way, though.  Sanji-kun had always been protective of everyone on the crew, including herself.  It was time someone protected him.

With a deep breath, she put on a brave face and looked him in the eye.  “Luffy would never forgive me if he couldn’t taste your cooking again,” she smiled.  Giving his hands a reassuring squeeze, she continued, “You can leave this to me.  They don’t call me ‘Cat Burglar’ for nothing.”      

unpopular opinion time lol

ok so luffy has a crew of 9 right now (including himself) and i think that’s gonna be it. i think having anyone join the crew at this point really wouldn’t make much of a difference? thinking of the story geographically the separation at sabaody marks a pretty good halfway point. oda spent the first half of the series with luffy creating his crew, and then i think the second half is gonna be him creating a fleet. we’ve already got some of it after dressrosa, and plus i think hope that jinbe and the sun pirates are also gonna join them in their fleet. 

i mean to be the pirate king luffy’s gonna have to have a ton of influence (similar to the yonko) and so a new crew member at this point really wouldn’t do much to further the plot here.