‘I’d like to see your mum and dad,’ Ron said eagerly.
'And I want to see all your family, all the Weasleys, you’ll be able to show me your other brothers and everyone.’
'You can see them any old time,’ said Ron. 'Just come round my house this summer.’
—  I just. I just love Ron Weasley so much.

Maisie Williams has been doing an amazing job as Arya Stark since she got cast. She was the one who insisted on playing Arya as left-handed, when season 1 ended a lot of people thought she wouldn’t cut her hair as a boy and would use a wig, but she went ahead and cut her hair. Others thought she may not be able to play Arya was well as she did in season 1 because her scenes were going to be harsher, but not only did she do a fucking A job, she was able to share scenes with Charles Dance without being outshined by him. She wore the same outfit for three whole seasons. She broke all our hearts with her acting in the RW. Her whole storyline in season 4 was filler to keep her with the Hound for another year and still she was fucking perfect. Her scenes in seasons 4, 5 and 6 have been “mixed” (with some amazing moments, like her Needle scene, and others that make no sense, like her stabbing) and still she has remained one of the best casting members. She acted blinded, learned fight coreography, and jumped from buildings. No matter how shitty the Arya writing is, she fucking sells it.

So don’t dare say X cast member deserved the Emmy nomination more. Is ok to be upset your fave didn’t get a nom, is another thing to shit in all the work Maisie has done for six years just because she is not playing your favourite character.

If this is you, this reading is for you. Yes you, you bad ass motherfucker. Sit your ass down and listen - OH WAIT you’re already pinned down and ain’t going nowhere. Convenient.

Now. Let me tell you something. This is something you might have forgotten about yourself. Easy enough mistake. The world beats you down often enough, sometimes you end up thinking your place is on the ground. You spend so much time on the down there, you can’t tell the difference between the dirt and your skin…

What you’ve forgotten, dear one, is that for every time - EVERY TIME - you’ve gone down, you’ve gotten right back up and gone a few steps further. Knock you down 10 times, you’ll stand up 11. Even now, when it’s all gone to shit, you’ve still got your eyes on the horizon.

You’re a dreamer. And being a dreamer, that takes strength. It takes resilience and perseverence. You’re a fucking ball of hope and a ray of sunshine always drawn back to the source. YOU ARE NOT WEAK FOR THIS . You’re not a doormat. The world says “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me,” but it’s not like that, don’t let the world make you hard. Keep seeking the best in people because one day you’ll find the ones who put the feathers back in your wings.

It feels dark now, but the tide is changing and you’ve always gotten back up before, so stand up. Keep going.

Always, keep going.