Emerald City Literary is Seeking Authors to Represent

Emerald City Literary (ECL) is seeking to represent authors of middle grade, young adult, romance, and science fiction & fantasy.

Founder Mandy Hubbard, formerly a literary agent at D4EO Literary Agency, launched ECL at the end of 2015. Her experience includes having sold more than 70 novels to top publishers. She is also the author of more than 10 novels, one of which is the praiseworthy teen-romance novel, Prada and Prejudice (Razorbill/Penguin, 2009).

The agency’s current wish list includes:

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Loving Niall Horan is already hard enough, now I had to choose only 10 of my fav photos of this irish royalty. Incredibly hard but it was worth it. LOOK AT HIM. He is so lovely. Thank you for the tag @nialliejames :) :) *none of these photos are mine, credits belong to all of the owners*

I tag @imzadinot, @spoonful-oflarry, @hiatus2k16, @chonceintheam, @iheytommo, and @madeinthenarry to post 10 of their fav Niall pics :) good luck lovelies!