On Powerful Wings

So… I’ve wanted to write a Wings AU since i’ve been seeing all these beautiful drawings of the sides with wings (i’m looking at you @randomslasher and @artistwave!! Everyone else also go look at them. I am. They are sooo talented oh my gosh.) I was stuck on what to write about for a long long time until it hit me to try and write wings that weren’t bird wings. So… this is what came of that. Also, everyone thank @didsomeonesayprince if you like this nonsense.

Another Polysanders. Apparently it’s my thing now.

Wing AU!!!!!

Logan groaned as he sat up in his bed. He wasn’t exactly looking forward to today. One of his boyfriends was dragging the rest of them to a party. They had all been dating for a long while now, but they only had been living together for a short time. He was in his own room, they agreed it would be nice for each of them to have their own space, even if a good portion of the time they tended to fall asleep in each other’s beds anyway. As he swung his legs over the edge he began to stretch. His wings unfolded out from behind him as he let them get some air. One of the problems with wings was definitely waking up in the morning and finding you had slept on one of them weird.

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Young Princess Elizabeth met for the first time her future husband, Prince Philip of Greek and Denmark, in 1934. Then, they met again in 1939 and they started to exchange letters - their engagement was announced on July 9th, 1947 when ELizabeth was just 21 years old. Elizabeth and Philip were married on 20 November 1947 at Westminster Abbey. Their first son, Charles, was born in 1948 and then Anne, Andrew and lastly Edward in 1964. 

Avengers Royal!AU

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An: so this is a little blurb for each of our avengers as royals (I didn’t include thor, t’challa or Loki  cause they’re already royal)  I thought of this idea and  I couldn’t help myself so I started  writing it and I’m so sorry guys cause this kind of got a away from me and it’s really long.  I just loved the idea so much!! and there was so much to say for each one so…

Tony Stark:

King Tony, who does care about running and ruling the kingdom but is content to let Pepper, his right hand and future queen take care of those duties while he

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Protect You (Drake x MC)

This is a conversation between Drake and Bastien that’s supposed to take place after Chapter 9 in TRR Book 2.  I think Bastien and Drake’s friendship is a great but unexplored subplot in this book, and I just couldn’t resist a chance to expand on it a little more.

Thanks to @mrswalkerwrites for the prompt that got this fic rolling!!!

Summary: Bastien tells Drake about a promise he made a long time ago.

Word Count: 1403

Rating: PG?  Nothing scandalous here

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               As he walked back to his cabin and grinned stupidly to himself, Drake played with the key in his pocket and repeated the same word over and over in his brain.


Tate may have said that she’d never pictured him naked or had a scandalous dream about him, but he knew better.  One quip about him being shirtless had confirmed his deepest desire: she wanted him as much as he wanted her.  And even though it killed him to leave her in her cabin without showing her how much he craved her, he knew it was the right thing to do.  He’d meant it when he told her that he was going to make her wait until this whole fiasco was over before he gave into her.  He wanted to give her everything: his body, his heart, his soul, but he couldn’t do that until she’d made her choice, until she was truly his to claim and he knew that no one could ever take her away from him again.

But that didn’t mean that he liked waiting.

He smelled the smoke the moment he unlocked the door to his cabin and stepped inside.  It had been years since he’d last smelled those hand-rolled cigarettes, but it might as well have only been an hour.  The scent jerked him back to his childhood, sitting on his living room rug as he ate ice cream straight from the carton as a reward for not telling his parents that his babysitter had been smoking inside and making long-distance phone calls.

He made no move to turn on the light as the door closed behind him, nor did he call out and ask who was there.  He knew damn well who was waiting for him, and he wasn’t about to pretend otherwise.  

“I thought you were done talking,” he bit out, tossing his key onto the nightstand.

               In the corner, a faint, orange corona from a cigarette burned in the darkness.  Moments later, Drake heard a deep, tired sigh as its smoker exhaled.  From the darkness, a voice spoke.  “Technically, we aren’t even having this conversation, Drake.”

               With that, Bastien turned on the light next to him. A faint, yellow glow filled the small cabin as he took another long drag on his cigarette and exhaled, leveling an intimidating stare at the man across the room.

               “Get out,” Drake scowled, taking off his jacket and tossing it onto the bed.

               “I will, after you hear when I have to say.”

               “I heard you loud and clear at the bachelor party, Bastien.”

               Bastien frowned and ashed his cigarette into the crystal dish with a frown.  “You heard what I had to say because you caused a scene in a public place and left me no choice.  Now you’re going to hear what I need to say.”

               Before he could continue, Drake wheeled on him and began to vent, his voice laden with frustration.  “I trusted you.  After my father died, you were the only person I thought I could really rely on.  But you’re a goddamned liar.  I don’t even know who the hell you really are.”

               If Bastien was hurt by his outburst, it didn’t show.  If anything, his voice was even steadier when he spoke.  “Who I am is the head of the King’s Guard, and bodyguard to the King of Cordonia.  So, when I tell you this, you know you had damned well better listen.”

               He extinguished his cigarette and walked over to Drake. His gaze was hard, but Drake could see something else there… something that triggered another memory that he’d tried hard to forget.  

He’d been waiting in the window for his father to come home, but Bastien had driven up instead.  Instead of jumping right out of the car as he normally did, he’d sat there for what had seemed like ages before finally coming out and walking to the front door. When he’d finally stepped inside, Drake had barely recognized him.  Bastien had been changed, and a terrible shadow had taken up in his eyes that had scared Drake to his very core.  The same sadness and regret that had haunted Bastien’s eyes the day his father had died was back again, and somehow, it was even more terrifying now that he was an adult and knew what it meant.

               “Drop this,” Bastien said, his voice low and gravelly.  “Now.  This… incident with Miss Tate… it doesn’t lead anywhere you want to go.”

               “The hell I don’t,” Drake said, determined to keep his voice level.  “This isn’t right, Bastien.  She doesn’t deserve this.”

               Bastien narrowed his eyes.  “You’re going to tell me that your desire to help her clear her name has nothing to do with the fact that you’re madly in love with her?”

               “That’s none of your—,” Drake growled, starting to turn away from him.

               Bastien snarled and grabbed him by the shoulder, shoving him against the door.  “I don’t understand you.  It would be easier for you if her name was never cleared and she had no chance of marrying Liam.  You could walk off with her tomorrow, and no one would think twice about it.  In time, people might even forget what happened. There’d be no more charade for you to follow, no more danger, no more late-night rendezvous and stolen kisses in Italian restaurants and dive bars.”

               When Drake’s eyes widened, Bastien cocked his head to the side and shook his head.  “Did you honestly think I didn’t know?  I knew the moment you saw her at the welcome dinner, Drake.  No one at court knows you like I do.”

Drake sighed.  It was true, but that didn’t matter anymore.  He could never look at Bastien the same way again, no matter how much it broke his heart. There was no coming back from a betrayal like this, not even if Bastien had known about him and Jo and said nothing to the Royal family.

He struggled to breathe suddenly as something deep inside his chest began to ache. Is this what it would be like when Jo told Liam that she didn’t love him?  Is this what he was going to do to Liam?  Kill their friendship and taint the memory of the life they’d had together? Would Liam look at him with the same contempt and hatred?

Bastien cleared his throat and removed his hand from Drake’s shoulder, folding his arms.  “I’m not here to make your life difficult, Drake.  I’m here because I made your father a promise.  We were at our final King’s Guard meeting and he asked me to sit with him a while after everyone else left.  We went over last-minute details for the coming parade, and just when I thought he was done with me, he asked me for a favor.  I was so desperate for your father’s approval, I promised him I’d do anything he asked.

“He made me promise that if he was ever gone, I’d look out for you and I’d make sure that you were safe from anyone who wanted to hurt you or harm you. He said it didn’t matter if it was a courtier, a commoner, or even the King himself; I had to protect you above all others.”

               When Drake said nothing, Bastien reached up, putting a gentle hand on his shoulder.  He gave it a squeeze and sighed, slowly looking up to meet his eyes.  “I’ve kept that promise… up until now.  I can protect you from almost anyone, Drake, but I can’t protect you from yourself.”  

               With that, he reached into the inner pocket of his jacket.  He withdrew a stack of one-hundred euro bills as thick as a George R.R. Martin novel and threw it onto the bed with an audible thud.  “The train is stopping in Geneva,” Bastien said softly.  “No one will even look for you until we reach Venice.  That gives you two plenty of time to catch a flight. You’d be half way over the Atlantic before anyone realizes what happened.”

               Drake inhaled sharply.  “You’re encouraging me to betray the man you’re supposed to protect?”

               Bastien shook his head.  “I promised to protect you first, Drake.  For both of our sakes… go, and take her with you.”

Without another word, Bastien opened the door and stepped out into the hallway, leaving Drake alone with too many questions and not nearly enough answers.

Too Late (A Choices Fanfic) (TRR).

Pairing: Drake x MC.

Summary: Riley finds herself stuck in her new life.

Note: please don’t hate me for this, it wasn’t easy for me to write this at all. 😢💔

-It’s been three months…since she made her decision. It’s been three months…since she chose to become a queen. It’s been three months…since she chose Liam. It’s been three months…since the last time she saw him...Drake… And it’s been three months since the last time she was herself.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make. In fact it wasn’t at all. She fell for both of them. She was so torn. Everyone was telling her how lucky she is. She finally cleared her name, got rid of Madeleine and she’s going to become the queen of Cordonia. She is a queen, a real queen not just the fairytale her dad used to tell her until she fell asleep every night. She is the queen. She must have everything just like in the fairytale, right? She didn’t just do this for herself, she even helped house Beaumont. They’re no longer broke and Bertrand is happy in his life with Savannah and their little baby. Everything is perfect and everyone is happy, right?…well, maybe except her…

But she must be happy, right? She made her friends happy, she chose to marry a person she loves, she is a queen. Why is she so unhappy?

The ladies at court are eyeing her and wishing to be in her place, but none of them know that she is wishing to be in their place as well! The fairytale her dad used to tell her every night wasn’t real. It was just a fairytale. In reality there’s no happy endings.

She has been even barely able to spend some time with Liam. They are always busy, even at night they are both tired, they sleep immediately until the sunrise and they have to get back to work all over again. She is no longer able to go jogging in the early morning and inhale the early morning fresh air like she used to. She is no longer able to see her friends and sneak out with them like they used to. And she doesn’t have the time to take care of herself. It’s like she gave up her whole life for all those people.

Tonight is the night when she’ll see Drake for the first time since she made her decision. She couldn’t erase the picture of his face when she chose Liam from her mind. The hurt, the pain was ripping him apart. It made her ache every night. She missed him, she missed the feelings he gave her. She missed their late night conversations when both of them were able to be themselves. She missed making him flustered. She missed the way he looks at her. She missed the way he calls her by her last name. She missed everything about him. Her hands are shaking nervously as she nodded to the people who bowed for her entering the huge party they decided to make at the palace. They decided to make it so they can catch up with their friends. Does she even have any friends? Bertrand and Savannah entered along with Maxwell. She felt a little relieved, she can talk a little with Maxwell. It’s been two months since the last time she talked to him.

“Your majesty” they said as they all bowed. She was about to talk to Maxwell when lady Penelope came linking her arm with his and they both made their way inside. Riley ignored the lump in her throat. All of the people who are supposedly her friends became strangers. She looked at Liam and saw him laughing with some of his nobles friends. She felt so lonely. Her heart sank when she turned around again as she came face to face with the man she loves. Drake

He is wearing his usual clothes, his blue shirt and black jeans. And for the first time she realizes how much she loves those usual simple clothes that he always wears. His perfume filled her senses. His face looked pale, like he wasn’t sleeping at all lately. He had grown a light soft beard. Her heart ached at the sight of him. Is this all because of her?

He eyes her from her face to her toes with a cold dead look. She never imagined him to look at her that way. She is no longer the woman that he fell for. She is no longer the woman who left her hair down resting on her shoulders no matter how much Bertrand argued with her about it. She is no longer the woman who had a cheerful smile and bright eyes no matter what. She is no longer the woman who is always strong no matter how hard it is. And she is no longer the woman who promised him that she will always be there for him no matter what. She broke that promise and broke him and his heart.

“Your majesty…” He said as he bowed for her avoiding any eye contact with her. He walked past her and made his way inside. Riley never felt anything like this before, she felt hurt, regret, lost and lonely all together. She couldn’t keep it together, her eyes slid shut as hot tears rolled down her cheeks. She knew she is going to break. She turned around and started pushing everyone infront of her ignoring all the looks people gave her as she made her way to the bathroom in her bedroom. As soon as she closed the door shut behind her she broke down as hot tears started rolling down her cheeks. She rested her hands on both sides of the sink and looked at her reflection on the mirror. She doesn’t recognize herself anymore. Mascara is all over her face. She looked so sad and weak. “What have I done to myself?” She said in more like a whisper, as she sat down against the door sobbing. She didn’t care that she is ruining her dress as long as she already ruined herself. She lost a guy who was willing to do anything to make her happy. Her, only her. She broke her promise and broke his heart. He didn’t deserve it. He didn’t deserve anything bad happened to him. He is now as lonely as she is. A thoughts she was scared to think about crossed her mind this time. Torturing herself. How my life would have been If I chose Him? He would probably do everything he doesn’t do just to make me happy. She knew damn well that he will, but she as well knew that it’s too late for this kind of thoughts…