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iloveprettylittleliars1234567  asked:

What are your favorite royalty aus?

omgggggg THERE ARE SO MANY!!!  okay, here are the royalty AUs i have bookmarked, so therefore i loved them, in no particular order:

Why Can’t It Be Like That by @taggiecb - royal louis (kinda…it’s complicated lol)

You Took My Heart By Surprise by @loveislarryislove - royal harry, bodyguard louis

King and Lionheart by @haloeverlasting - royal louis, bodyguard harry

What To Do With Magic Beans by @londonfoginacup - royal louis

Twelfth Night by @becomeawendybird - royal harry

Forests and Other Kinds of Wildlife by @londonfoginacup - royal louis

Feel the Chemicals Burn in my Bloodstream by @lourrynavy - royal louis

You Take Me Over, You’re the Magic in my Veins by @supernope - royal louis AND royal harry

Common by @corilannam - royal louis

Wear it Like a Crown by the always missed Zarah - royal harry (you need an ao3 account to read zarah’s but i promise it is 100% worth it!)

Okay, so these really aren’t in any particular order, they’re just listed in the order they came up for me when i was searching my bookmarks, but the last three are ALWAYS the first ones i think of when i think of royal aus.  anyway!  this list is great imho and ten fics you should defo read, so i hope there’s some on here you haven’t had a chance to experience yet!  enjoy!