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‘Hoofing to receive some photos from Tom Hardy training and working on set in his Royal Marines BJJ Rashguard and Shorts. He wanted to show his appreciation and express how much he has trained and worked in his RMBJJ kit, taking it all over the World with him.

If your a Veteran and would like to get involved in Jiu Jitsu please message REORG directly @royalmarinesjiujitsu ’
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James ‘Ginger’ Lacey brought down more German aircraft than anyone else during the Battle of Britain with a tally of 18. In July 1940 he was awarded a parachute and scarf in recognition of his actions in bringing down a Heinkel which had bombed Buckingham Palace. He is photographed wearing the parachute and scarf made specially for him. The scarf bore all the names of the workers in Australia who made the parachute for him.


July 24, 2017, Monday [#263]

My masterlists: [Fanfiction.] [Fan edits.]

(“Drake The Eavesdropper”) Drake overhears a conversation between Riley and Liam 😊

(Drake fans, you can find my new 5,299-word MC/Drake one-shot “Drake’s Poetry Lesson” HERE 😁)

Prompt: The main prompt for this fan edit was this week’s  (Round Nineteen) image prompt (@pb-boeboe ‘s photo of a cloudy day at the beach), which was posted by @hollyashton and hosted by @pb-boeboe 😃 I thought it was interesting that somebody else thought that the prompt seemed very romantic, while I felt the complete opposite. We had two different interpretations of the same thing… which is also what happens in this fan edit! 😁 (Also tagging @thedrakeside 😊)

(Waiting for H.W.U. to come back, forever and always; 24/07/17.)

#ChoicesCreates Round 19 Masterlist! :)

Whoo Round 19 guys!! I am honoured to play host for the second time round! thanks to the amazing @hollyashton for trusting me to do this again! :)

I never get sick of seeing all the wonderful talents that this fandom has to offer. A big thank you to all that participated this week! :) so many amazing entries and amazing fics I’ve read. reminds me on how much I love reading fanfics and seeing all your wonderful creations. 😄💕

ps. i am incredibly sorry if I’ve missed any entries, please let me know and I will fix it asap! 

Alright Lets Enjoy The Carnival!! :)

This weeks prompt was this lovely sunset, beach picture, captured and edited by me! 

I really hoped everyone like the picture prompt this week! :)

Amazing Fan Art and Edits! :)

Endless Summer Quinn x MC Comic @aleister-rourke-is-a-tsundere

Endless Summer If it meant saving her Aleister x Grace @pb-boeboe (Me)

the royal romance Drake the eavesdropper  Drake x MC @firefly-hwufanficwriter

The Fabulous Fanfics!

The Crown and The Flame 👑🔥

Never Let me go Whitlock x OC @carlotta-the-winters

Rules of Engagement 💍🚢

a good thing leo x mc @hartfeld 

the dark day leo x mc @sydneybe83

The Royal Romace 👑💕

Must be something else in the water Liam x MC @violetflipflops

The First Day Hana @ladyashtonofcordonia

Drakes Poetry Lesson Drake x MC @firefly-hwufanficwriter

Drakes Stupid Heart - Chapter 25 Drake x MC @firefly-hwufanficwriter

Drakes Pen Pal Part 3 - Octopus Dance Drake x MC @firefly-hwufanficwriter

Contemplation Drake x MC @skymagick17

The Freshman/Sophomore 🍁❄💐☉

so good and now it’s gone Zig x MC @hhiggs 

Sunset Chris x Zig x MC @choicesbyou

Here for you Chris x MC @joyfulchoices

Campfire Kaitlyn x MC @texanhusker 

Not yours part 2 Zig x MC / James x MC @lolablackwrites 

Prompt 19 Chris x MC @keltic-moon 

Endless Summer 🌋🌴

and when the sun sets in your eyes Jake x MC @zigstacy

Destiny fulfilled main group (several ships) @zahranamazis (had to triple check I’ve tagged the right blog this time, I’m 99.9% sure I have lol 👍😊)

LA Huerta Sunset Jake x MC Warning NSFW @endlessflame

His princess, His fighter Jake x MC @corinnasee 

The Time Traveller - Chapter 8 main group @firefly-hwufanficwriter

5 lies before sunset Jake x MC @punexpectedly

Advesperascit MC fic @peace-coast-island 

Choices nonspecific 📖💗 

Follow me MC x LI @kittenmusicals

Thats all guys, and I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!

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