Crystal Snow

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Chapter Two: Her

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Word Count: 1453

Chapter One

Summary: In a world full of soulmates that can feel the other’s emotions, one would expect to know when their soulmate is hiding a secret.

When you were told that there’d be a thousand attendees, you had thought it was an exaggeration. Quickly, however you realized that it was literal. Many people came up to you and made small talk. Some knew who you were and had even previously ordered from you. Most of them seemed pretty nice, but disinterested in the conversation as you weren’t there to talk the kind of business they were.

When people saw your soul mark, they asked the typical questions one often gets about their soulmate; “Have you met them?” “What are they like?” “Is it your soul mark or a tattoo?” Currently, you were engaged in a small conversation with a woman who was the secretary of the man who owned Tramlaw, a company that sold your everyday needs at a low price. “What’s your soulmate like?” She blurted our mid-conversation, staring at your arm.

Blushing, you answered “oh I haven’t actually met them yet…” you laughed softly.

“Oh..well I hope you get to meet them soon.” She stated, “y’know, they say that the famous Kim Namjoon has yet to meet his soulmate” she wiggles her brows, causing you to laugh. “I haven’t met mine either. But I hope it’s Mr. Kim if the rumors about Amelia not being his soulmate are true. He’s quite the good looking man.” She sounded like a schoolgirl as she giggled.

You simply smiled and shrugged “well, maybe you’ll get who you want. Only time will tell.” You told her. She nodded and smiled, taking a cupcake from your display before leaving.

As time passed, you were slowly becoming exhausted. You could tell that both you and your soulmate were quite bored. Your soulmate understood that you weren’t in the mood to try and feel happy and quite frankly, nor were they. You sighed as you reached for a water bottle that had been brought to you not long ago. As you reached for your bottle, it felt like there were multiple eyes staring you down. A shiver ran down your spine as you uncapped the bottle. The cap slipped from your nimble fingers, falling towards the soft grass. Just as you bent down to pick it up, a man had already grabbed it. Straightening up you saw that it was none other than Kim Namjoon. Your soulmate had a sudden shift of emotions. They went from being completely bored to feeling ecstatic, hopeful. You wondered why that was.


“Have you seen the recent stock prices for Sizzling Particles? They’re continuously dropping as each day passes.” Namjoon listened to the CEO of Tramlaw, Park Sehun, talk while sipping on a glass of champagne.

Truthfully, Namjoon couldn’t care less about the stock prices of a company he didn’t own stock in. But then he supposed that since Tramlaw and Sizzling Particles were rivals, Sehun would be interested in the slow demise of the company. Sizzling Particles was a clothing store that didn’t actually affect the business of Tramlaw. They were simply rivals because of their past. Sehun’s grandfather had been best friends with the Sizzling Particles CEO’s grandfather. The two planned to go into business together but differed in opinion. This caused a rift in their relationship and thus Tramlaw and Sizzling Particles never had a good relationship.

Excusing himself from the conversation, Namjoon began walking around the courtyard. It was apparent that his public girlfriend, Amelia, was nowhere to be seen. It was as he was aimlessly walking around, looking for nothing in particular when he spotted you.

The first thing he saw was your hair. It wasn’t a natural color, but rather a deep purple and blue. Perhaps that was why he bothered to admire your beauty in the first place. But then he caught sight of your arm and his heart nearly leapt out of his throat. It was you. That mark on your arm matched the mark on his. He tilted his head as he watched you drop the lid to your water. He laughed softly, knowing it was because of a sudden bout of nerves. Without thinking, he quickly walked to you and picked up the lid, holding it out to you. He prayed that what he had seen was real and not just an illusion. “You’re L/N F/N, right? The baker?”

You stared at him, surprised. “Yes, that’s me” you said slowly. You weren’t sure why the man was talking to you; you were insignificant compared to the guests at the party.

“I happened to notice the mark on your arm. It’s quite beautiful” he smiled softly. He was trying to get you to feel more comfortable. He wanted you to know that you were more important than everyone else there. He hoped he was able to communicate with you properly through your bond.

“Oh..thank you,” you mumbled, looking down at your arm. You felt various emotions coursing through you, both your own and your soulmates. A surge of confidence went through you as your soulmate became confident about something. It made you smile slightly, knowing your mate was about to do something he was confident about.

“Would you mind joining me for a walk?” Namjoon offered. After seeing your mark up close he was certain that you were her. He wanted to get you away from everyone, talk to you privately and get to know you in a less dangerous place.

“Oh um sure, I don’t mind.” After leaving one of your assistants in charge, you found yourself walking alongside Namjoon. The walk wasn’t uncomfortable, but it was silent. It wasn’t until the two of of you were away from the many guests, deep inside the garden maze. Bushes of roses surrounded the two of you, serving as a shield from the public eye. Namjoon stopped walking, touching a pink rose and leaning down to smell it. You found the action to be quite attractive. Namjoon smirked, knowing you liked what you were seeing, and he did too.

His plump lips looked soft and alluring. The wind gently swayed his hair and he seemed to be studying you; the way you shifted from side to side, anticipating for him to speak. He committed you to memory. Your red lips and dark eyes, your calloused hands and short height. Suddenly he plucked the flower he had been smelling from the bush, and placed it behind your ear. The action caught you off guard, a strong blush gracing your face. He watched as the heat spread throughout your body, smiling softly. He knew were confused; he could feel it inside his bones. “You are more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.” He breathed out. You only grew more bewildered as you watched him take his jacket off and roll up his sleeves. The moment the snowflake on his arm came into view you finally understood. He was your soulmate.

Kim Namjoon, CEO of Bangtan Industries was your other half, the man who knew how you were feeling without having to be told. Gazing into his eyes, you saw nothing but love and adoration. You knew he was nervous but you also knew that he already cared so deeply about you. His feelings were reciprocated as the longer you stared into his eyes, the more at peace you felt. You were home. Finally, your missing half had found you.

He took a small step towards you, pulling you into a warm embrace. He was nearly a foot taller than you and yet your body seemed to mold against his perfectly. Perhaps that was part of the whole soulmate idea. You never really paid much attention to people when talking about soulmates. Wanting to learn about them through experience you turned your head the other way when someone began speaking of soulmates.

As you wrapped your arms around his waist, you caught a whiff of his cologne. Most colognes made you turn your nose away but this was different. His scent was an enticing mix of vanilla and cinnamon with just a dash of pine. It mixed well with the strong aroma coming from the roses that surrounded the two of you.

A sudden thought came across your mind, causing you to quickly step away from him and look down at your feet. “You have a girlfriend.” you stated.

You heard a sigh escape the lips of your mate and felt his disappointment. You could even sense a twinge of hurt when you quickly moved away from him. “She’s not really a girlfriend,” he revealed, “were only ‘together’ to appeal to the public.”

He watched as your lips formed into the shape of an ‘o’. He stepped closer to you, holding out his hand for you to take. “Come, I’d like to show you something.”

Reasons I Love Min Yoongi, Pt.1

Min Yoongi aka Suga used to despise dancing because he lacked compared to his rapping. He was always placed in the back and only seen during his lines. He hated recording dance practices for awhile due to him being insecure with his ability.

But he worked harder to find his rhythm and place as a dancer and now he’s in front! Suga would ask members for extra help and stay up late in his music studio practicing. He worked on his weakness to bring his fans the ‘best of him’.

Fast forward two years and Suga is arguably one of the best dancers in BTS. He worked to perfect his imperfection and excelled because he never gave up. He was once teased for his lacking in dance, but now stands out as one the most improved.


Once I get out of the studio, we are going on a coffee date, no matter what. We can even bring it back to your place, as long as I’m with you then everything is perfect.

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