It is our pleasure to release Titanic: Honor and Glory Demo 2!


To board Titanic follow the link above, agree to the terms, and begin the download. You’ll next have to unzip the file and should then look at the Readme for more instructions.

We will be updating our website soon, but for technical information and a brief FAQ regarding the demo, please check out the page there:


This demo is for PC only at this time, but we will be working on getting the Mac compatible version as soon as we can. VR is also not supported, unfortunately, due to so,me technical issues that we hope to work out in the future.

We’d love to know what you think so please share with us on Facebook your comments, images, videos, or anything else you’d like your feelings, thoughts, reactions, and emotions as you explore Titanic. What we have seen so far has flattered and humbled us and the team is so thrilled to know you guys are enjoying it.

Make sure to check out the credits page in the menu to see the names of all who worked on this demo - from the main trio, the amazing historical consultants, incredible support team, and talented composer.

Thank you to everyone for your support and have fun exploring the ship of dreams! We will continue to work hard on this project to bring her back to life for you all.

Visit Titanic: Honor and Glory at our Official Website, or on Tumblr, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram

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Rapmon, 41

God I hope you like this bc it killed me XD

41. First Time Giving Head

Namjoon was a man of variety. He liked to toy around with different genres in his music, different styles when it came to his clothes, and recently you had found he enjoyed keeping things varied in the bedroom, too.

You always knew him to enjoy different types of dates and kisses and hugs and whatnot but soon after you guys had done it for the first time he’d thrown ideas around that you’d been more than willing to try. However one of his most recent prepositions made you a little uncertain as you’d never done such a thing and, in all honesty, it didn’t quite appeal to you. He wanted you to suck him off.

The first time he’d brought it up had been a week or so ago and you had merely stared at him, both of you cuddling the morning after a rather interesting night. He’d made the suggestion sleepily but looked at you somewhat hopefully, however when you just looked at him and batted your eyes, unsure of what to say, he’d pulled you closer to his body, brushing it off with a slightly awkward laugh and a whispered “it was just a question. Don’t worry about it.”

Despite him never bringing it up again you knew it would be something he would be into. He went down on you almost every time you got intimate,stating he liked it. You couldn’t quite understand why, but you knew that even when he brought weirder stuff into your sex life, he prioritised your pleasure. And the more you dwelled on it, the more you thought you should think more of him.

“Namjoon-ah?” you asked as you sat with him on the couch, him reading and you sat lost in thought like you seemed to have been so often these days. He turned to you, slowly looking up from his book but keeping it open.

“Yes?” he replied once his eyes were met with yours, giving you his full attention.

“I’ve been thinking about what you said the other night…” you mumbled, noticing his expression change a little to one you couldn’t quite recognize. He folded the edge of his book and set it down, shuffling a little closer.

“Listen, don’t feel like you have to do anything you don’t want to.” he murmured, resting his hand on your thigh lightly. “It was merely a suggestion.”

“Why do you enjoy giving oral?” he chuckled a little, his head lolling back onto the cushions as he continued to hold your gaze.

“Why wouldn’t I? You taste… amazing, to begin with.” he hummed, trying to find his words. “And seeing how you writhe underneath me, feeling you buck your hips under my fingers, hearing you beg for me to stop teasing you… “ his eyes were growing darker by the mere thought, his tongue appearing between his pink lips to wet them as they dried. “What’s not to love, baby doll?” You cringed slightly at the nickname but said nothing of it, cocking your head to the side. Now it made more sense. He got pleasure from your pleasure. You didn’t speak, thinking for a moment before moving closer to him and clambering into his lap, straddling him and sitting back on his toned thighs. He shifted sideways a little, looking up at you with curious and slightly lustful eyes. “Y/N?” You didn’t answer, instead molding your lips to his large, soft ones. You loved the way they fit so perfectly with yours as he began to kiss you back, keeping it slow and sweet as his hands rested on the curve of your hips. He moved his hands over the skin, slipping them under your shirt to graze over your sides and make you shiver slightly under his touch. Wanting to retain at least a little dominance you grinded down onto him, making him growl slightly into your mouth as your tongue battled with his and his erection grew to full hardness in their denim constraints underneath you. You smirked slightly and reached down to palm him through his jeans, making him whine more needily and pull away. He looked up at you with dark eyes and you maintained your smirk, running a hand down his chest and moving further down his body until eventually you rested on your knees before him on the carpeted floor of the living room. You hooked your arms under his knees and brought him closer to the edge of the couch. He looked down at you as you licked your lips slightly, beginning to undo his belt when his large, warm hand cupped your cheek. “Babe, are you sure you want to do this?”

“Of course I do,” you responded almost immediately, the button of his jeans following his belt and the obstructing item of clothing being pulled down to his ankles. You let them pool there, growing slightly impatient and rubbing your thighs together to create some sort of friction between your legs as you felt yourself growing wet just from seeing how worked up he was. He moaned deeply as you began stroking him through his thin boxers, flashing him a smirk as you took the material down to join his jeans, leaving his erection standing proud against his white tee. It wasn’t the first time you were seeing him like this yet you still found yourself swallowing thickly, taking him in your fist yet again and pumping him absentmindedly until you felt like moving on. Precum was already gathering at the tip as he looked down at you in awe and anticipation, and he threw his head back with a throaty grunt as you inched your head closer and gave him an uncertain lick over the vein that ran from the underside of his cock up to his shaft. You grinned at his reaction, less hesitant now as he entangled his hands in your hair and whispered short words of encouragement. You peppered a few kisses over his tip before wrapping your tongue around his sensitive head, sucking on it briefly before teasing his slit with your tongue. You tasted his salty precum as he gasped at the contact, his head thrown back against the cushions of the couch and his thighs shaking ever so slightly.

“Fuuuuck…” he cursed quietly, breathing unevenly as you took as much of him as you could into your mouth. You gagged a little, making him jolt before you let out a simultaneous moan of pleasure. He was guiding your movements slightly with his hand in your hair, helping you around due to your inexperience but enjoying it too much to have too much input. You used your hand to pump the part of his cock you couldn’t fit in your mouth, taking him in until he hit the back of your throat and trying not to gag again as you swallowed around him. Keeping your cheeks hollowed you bobbed up and down, making him let out a string of melodious moans that only spurred you on. You moaned around him again, the vibrations bringing him closer to the edge as his groans got louder and more frequent. “I’m so close…” he mumbled, words almost incoherent as he squeezed his eyes shut and reveled in the pleasure he felt. You raised an eyebrow, jerking your wrist a little at his shaft and returning your mouth to suck on his now rather swollen head, that proving enough for him as with one more loud moan he released into your mouth, his hot cum coating your throat as you braced yourself and swallowed it, slightly bitter and salty. You cleaned him up with your tongue before letting him fall from your mouth with a “pop!”, looking up to find him basking in the afterglow with a dreamy smile on his face. “That was fucking amazing.” He smiled, cupping your cheeks in his hands and pulling you into a gentle kiss. “Thank you.” You grinned as he pulled his pants back on, his legs still slightly shaky. You were certain you’d do this for him again.

Idk why I used that gif but I’m laughing so hard oml XD Hope you liked this omg 



i’m so emo “"we’re all we got left now”

+ the curtis brothers
+ ib/rm : a lot of people"

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Omfg I can't believe Yoongi is participating in not one, but freaking two races!! RM is participating as well! It's sad that v won't be there, but his acting career is important! But OMG I honestly cannot wait for ISAC! All of this is too great to be true!!

I’m excited too! They must be tiring but I’m sure that many of the idols love being around their idol friends and fans that day - It’s just a light and fun event.

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I feel like people literally have to see gillovny fuck and say I love you to believe there together in some way but than again people will still say there just friends with benefits and people can love each other and still not be together wow you just seen them fuck and say I love you and you say there not together lol get out (sorry for the extreme but gosh dang)

RM and I joke that sex tapes could leak of them tomorrow and some would still try to say that they aren’t a thing. 😉😂

In all seriousness though, both sides need to chill. If you believe they are together. Cool. If you don’t. Cool. Just keep it civil. Keep it respectful. Coexist. Both sides get so defensive and angry and mean. It makes absolutely no sense.