16.09.16 FANCAFE - BTS_Rap Monster

01:13 AM KST
오늘은 밖에 앉아 책을 보는데
온몸이 새까만 고양이가 두 눈만 빛내며 저를 빤하 쳐다보면서 지나겄어요
고양이들은 발소리도 없는데
고양이들도 어쩌면 민폐를 끼칠 생각은 없었을텐데
아마 그 친구들도 낮에 돌아다니고 싶지 않을까요!
인사가 조금 늦었지만 즐거운 추석 되시고
제 생일에 보내주신 선줄들, 편지들, 마음들 너무너무너무 고마워요. 소중히 받았답니다
좋은 밤 되어요

Today I sat outside to read a book
A cat with all jet-black fur and eyes that were shining just stared at me while I was passing
Cats footsteps don’t even make any sound
Maybe they thought they wouldn’t cause trouble for people
Perhaps those friends don’t want to be walking around during the day!
It’s a little late, but have a happy Chuseok
and thank you so so so much for sending me gifts, letters, thoughts on my birthday. I received them safely 
Have a good night

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