What’s going on between us?

Plot:  his jealousy, your insecurities, his job and your fears; it was just all too much and after 2 years of relationship you were getting tired, tired of waiting him to come home to you, tired of being put after his job..always.


Genre: Angst/Fluff

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You put on your dress while looking at the phone, it was 6 pm and you had no idea of where your boyfriend was. He just disappeared 2 days ago, after another useless fight.

That was almost the daily basis now: his jealousy, your insecurities, his job and your fears; it was just all too much and after 2 years of relationship you were getting tired, tired of waiting him to come home to you, tired of being put after his job..always.

Maybe it was better just to finish all this..for the both of you.

You were putting on your coat when you heard someone trying to open the door..was it him? Was he drunk? Or maybe a thief? Some crazy fans?

Your heart started pounding like crazy when the door opened, you found yourself against the walls a couple of deep brown eyes were looking at you, his silver hair were all messy, his black jacket in his hands and the shirt half plugged off; you knew he wasn’t drunk..you knew him too well..he was probably just tired.

You started to normally breath again and decided to just go away..you didn’t want to fight again, you were not strong enough.

-Where are you going?

-I have to meet with my friends for dinner


-You don’t know them

You looked at him, his tired reddish eyes staring at you while you couldn’t help but putting your purse back on the table and started walking towards him.

You went into your bedroom, bring some of his clean clothes and put it in the bathroom, you then walked again in the living room when you found him on the couch, his head in his hands

-I prepared some clothes in the bathroom so you can have a shower.. I’ll go now


He didn’t lift his head while saying it, he just asked in a soft voice, like he was whispering it.

You didn’t want to fight, you loved him after all, more than he loved himself. You send a quick message to your friend and sit next to him

-What is going on Seunghyun?

-I just had some stuff to do..

He said coldly, without even looking at you

-I mean.. what’s going on between us? You never disappeared like that..i know we fight a lot but how could you just walk away like this? I was worried.. but you probably didn’t care

Your voice was breaking while talking..how could he just be so cold?

You sighted and just left to go to your bedroom, was it even yours anymore?

You got changed and looked at the wardrobe, took a suitcase and put some of your clothes in.. you didn’t even realized you started sobbing and tears run on your cheeks.

Maybe it was better that way, he wasn’t the one, he didn’t love you enough; you tried to convinced yourself that you were doing the right thing but your sobbing became stronger, your tears started running and you couldn’t control it anymore.

You sat on the bed as you were shaking, how could this happened? How did you get here?

You loved each other so much, what about know? You knew you loved him but did he?

Maybe not anymore.

You felt asleep like that, alone on the bed not knowing what was he doing and if he cared.

The morning after you decided to call sick for work and went into your bedroom’s bathroom to take a warm bath; you started undressing when you heard the door opening and you saw him coming inside.

-Gotta brush my teeth

He said.

You’ve been together for 2 years and you have seen each other naked a plenty of times but you felt uncomfortable now, so you automatically tried to cover yourself with your hands

-What? You don’t want me to look at you now? Like I’ve never seen you naked before

You reached for a towel and walked to the door when you felt his hand grabbing your wrist

-What the hell is going on?

-Nothing..just leave me now..you’re hurting me

-I won’t.. you have to tell me everything now. Do you think I am stupid? Like I didn’t see the suitcase or heard you sobbing last night. Do you think I don’t care?

You felt like suffocating, in the shared bathroom with all the steam and he pressuring you against the door

-I..i am not..felling..good

You whispered

-Ya Y/N..Ya..

He helped you stand up as your sight began to darken

He opened the door and took you on the bed, you saw his worried eyes while he was looking at your body, caressing your arms with his strong hands.

-Are you ok?

-Yea..It was too hot in there

-I’ll bring some cold water

You couldn’t answer as he disappeared behind the door, coming back a few second later with a glass of iced tea

-Maybe some sugar will help you


You drank a bit of it while he sat next to you, looking at you like you were going to disappear in any moment

-I am sorry

-It was just the heat

-No..I mean..for everything, disappearing..the fights. Do you think it would be better to brake up?

Your heart stopped, you heard the glass falling on the floor but you couldn’t move, you were froze.

-Ya Y/N are you ok? Aish..I’ll just clean this ok? Don’t walk cause there are glasses everywhere ok?

You looked at his back while he was leading to the kitchen, your legs started to move by themselves and you didn’t care about the glasses on the floor. You reached for him and started crying hugging him from behind before he could leave the room.

His hands held yours as he turned around, he looked at you and kissed your head. You had no idea of how much you missed his touch, his kisses.

He then cupped your face and you could see tears in his eyes

-I am so sorry, you know that I love you right?

-I missed you so much

You reached for his face and kissed him while you run your hand through his hair

He lifted you and bring you on the bed, his hand running on your body as he kissed every inch of your skin, like he wanted to mark you as his.

You couldn’t stop staring at him while he was sleeping next to you, both of you covered just with the bed sheet.

-You’re creepy girl


He opened his eyes and smiled at you

-I’ll go and brush my teeth now


He softly kiss your forehead and left.

-Ya Y/N


-Let’s start over, ok? No more dramas or fights..just us


-I promise I won’t hurt you again, I promise to love you and show it to you

-I will do the same

-Are you sure you want to?

-I am, I want to stay with you as long as I can, even if you are messy, arrogant and rarely at home.


You giggled and sit on the bed, covering your body with the sheets

-Marry me then


Your eyes widened, was he being serious?

-Marry the messy, arrogant and rarely at home me and stay with me forever

Once again you were froze as he kept looking at you, standing with his boxers in front of the bed

-Marry me, I am being serious


He reached for the night table next to the bed and opened the drawer

-Aish you wanted this?

He asked while opening a little blue box and giving it to you, there was a ring..an engagement one in it.

-So..are you going to marry me or not?

Your hand cupped his face and you softly kissed his lips, then you hugged him as you started ti sob

-I know it’s a bit old.. it’s been there for a few months now..but we can change it If you don’t like it

-You shout up a bit and hug me

He did as you said, skin to skin, heart to heart

-Y/N.. it’s ok if you don’t want to

He whispered in your ears


You faced him and put your forehead against his

-I want you to be my messy, arrogant and rarely at home husband

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