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I'm really glad people are calling out that Riri art. I'm a long time fan of comics and sadly this shit isn't new (look back at some Supergirl and Teen Titans art). It's like artists are so used to drawing in that ~sexy~ style that they can't even draw anything that isn't like that.

I’ve loathed J. Scott Campbell since this amalgamation of sexist and trite trash was put out over a decade ago:

He’s yet another in a long line of dudes who don’t care enough to learn about basic anatomy or what constitutes as over-sexualizing a character specifically for hetmale titillation. His art is atrocious and he should be ashamed. He hasn’t evolved at all as an artist and his excuses for drawing Riri as he did only further cemented how clueless he is on these things.

When you’re a professional, paid comic book artist and people critique your work consistently as hacky, you either whine and shrug it off like he did (and others like Adam Hughes and Greg Land have done) or you, as the kids say…

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