Calm before the storm in Invincible Iron Man #593. 

I’ll be honest with you, very little is happening. I mean, you know how the previous issue, last issue of Riri’s series before renumbering, ended on this revelation Tony’s body is gone? And how we’ve seen the same thing happen in Marvel Legacy.

This happens right before the body is gone, contradicting Riri’s last issue. Here nobody yet knows it’s gone. Once it is….Riri, Friday, MJ and Amanda call all superheroes, Defenders, Champions, Avengers, Ultimates, and let them punch a bunch of bad guys to see if it’s not them. While they sit and talk what to do before deciding to call Victor Von Doom. Who is busy….making people to hug and being told to go fuck himself by Ben Grimm.

Also, that bearded asshole from the last panel tries to take over Tony’s company because he hates women or something. I’m gonna assume he is supposed to represent certain misogynistic youtuber - even if he isn’t, they sound just the same anyway, only in comics you don’t get all those “ummm” and “yyyy” every second word….

That was….pointless. Yeah, the finale shows Tony being back but it really feels like an issue wasted on establishing things that were already established before this issue came out. It could start with Tony returning and show Riri already searching for him.

- Admin