Sam Once Again Confirms That He and Cait Are Not a Couple

One of the things that came from SDCC that I am sure certain ES want to overlook is the fact that once again Sam confirmed very clearly that he and Cait were not a couple. And from Cait’s body language, she also confirmed it. It happened during the Entertainment Weekly interview with Lynette Rice.

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In his assertions that Donald Jr. is “a good boy,” “a good kid,” President Trump and his camp are invoking potent precedent about how we’ve been taught to see whiteness and maleness and when — if ever — we expect boys to become men. People of color, of course, never receive the leeway that “good kids” like the 39-year-old Trump son seem to get.

When police officers shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice, for the sin of playing in the park with a toy gun, their excuse was that they thought he was an adult suspect.

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What spices do you recommend for your rice recipe?

It’s not really a recipe, it’s just more of a general cooking method that routinely works for me.

I’m the sort of person who’d smother everything in paprika and garlic given the chance, which is probably why no-one eats my cooking. Before I became allergic to one of the ingredients, I quite liked adding chinese five spice, too. Schwartz does a pilau rice seasoning that I’ve never tried but seems pretty kick ass! Basically anything with a hint of sweetness and a bit of a kick seems to work pretty well. Also, you might wanna give these recipes a go

To be honest, though, rice is plain enough that even toasting it (which can give it a bit of a nutty flavour), you can do what you want with it. I can’t think of a spice mix off the top of my head that wouldn’t work. Taco spices, curry powders, lemon and herb, chinese stir fry spices; they all would work pretty nicely.