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(White people): *enslaved, murdered and colonized people, take over countries then tell poc it's theirs so get out, kill poc, make fun of peoples culture and skin colour but appropriate cultures, make poc lives hell in general.* (POC): lol crackers are crazy (White people): omg i feel so victimised right now reverse racism is real guys

Samuel Delany and the Past and Future of Science Fiction - The New Yorker
Delany’s rapturous sexuality and his explorations of race within science fiction still have the power to startle.

“Delany countered that the current Hugo debacle has nothing to do with science fiction at all. ‘It’s socio-economic,’ he said. In 1967, as the only black writer among the Nebula nominees, he didn’t represent the same kind of threat. But Delany believes that, as women and people of color start to have 'economic heft,’ there is a fear that what is “normal” will cease to enjoy the same position of power. 'There are a lot of black women writers, and some of them are gay, and they are writing about their own historical moment, and the result is that white male writers find themselves wondering if this is a reverse kind of racism. But when it gets to fifty per cent,’ he said, then 'we can talk about that.’ It has nothing to do with science fiction, he reiterated. “’It has to do with the rest of society where science fiction exists.’“

evidently i really really love the concept of reverse dippica because of my trash take on it//
  though pacifica seldom shows it, she’s incredibly clever underneath her bombastic and quirky, 90′s fashionista personality– and these traits immediately draws dipper’s attention. i don’t think he’d be all too used to the level of eccentricity paz possesses and honestly,. views her as a new species to be discovered while feeling some emotional investment haha. pacifica, on the other hand, is just, do NOT sign me the FUCK up 👎👀👎👀👎👀👎👀👎👀  bad shit ba̷̶ ԁ sHi

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just in case the rest of you are as desperate as i am when it comes to this ship

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If you think reverse racism exists, please either educate yourself, or unfollow me. White people can literally never be systematically oppressed, and a POC calling you a “cracker” isn’t racist. White people can just not ever be discriminated against at such a level that POC are, we fucking created racism like….we steal culture, and then ridicule the people that created it. Fuck whatever “definition” of racism you have, because you can’t define it in one simple sentence. We’re the most racist people in the world, and yet we don’t even understand how racism works.