Rare Coin of the Crucified King Ariarathes I of Cappadocia

A silver drachm stuck under Ariarathes I, circa 333-322 BC at the Gaziura mint. The obverse shows Baal of Gaziura seated holding a grape bunch, a grain ear, and an eagle in his right hand, a lotus-tipped scepter in his left; inscribed with B’L GZYR (in Aramaic) to the right. The reverse of the drachm shows a griffin attacking a stag. The god Baal is believed to be of Phoenician origin. He was a responsible for the welfare of the earth and the regularity of rainfall; god of storms and of the sky.

Ariarathes I was the Satrap of Cappadocia (map) under the Achaemenid Empire from 350 to 331 BC, and the King of Cappadocia from 331 BC until his death in 322 BC. He was the son of the Cappadocian satrap Ariamnes I. Ariarathes was distinguished for his love of his brother Holophernes, whom he sent to assist his overlord king Artaxerxes III in the recovery of Egypt, in 350 BC. Then he devotedly supported the Achaemenid King Darius III.

Alexander the Great conquered Cappadocia during his reign and installed a governor there (though two different names of this governor are given). Nevertheless, by the time of Alexander’s death Ariarathes somehow assumed power as the first king of the Cappadocians and even expanded the kingdom by subduing Cataonia.

After the death of Alexander in 323 BC, Perdiccas appointed Eumenes governor of Cappadocia; but upon Ariarathes refusing to submit to Eumenes, Perdiccas declared war upon him. Ariarathes was defeated, taken prisoner, and crucified, together with many of his relations in 322 BC. Eumenes then obtained possession of Cappadocia. Ariarathes was 82 years of age at the time of his death: he had adopted as his son Ariarathes II, the eldest son of his brother Holophernes.

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Equality Golbat: “Being transgender usually involves some kind of dysphoria which can help shape the trans identity. Some trans people have no dysphoria at all. One person experience does not invalidate another.”

You being trans+dysphoric has no effect on whether I’m trans. My non-dysphoric trans experience in no way diminishes your trans-ness. That’s because we are two different people, not two halves of the same person. What’s so hard to understand about this?


Interview With Lana About Regina Bringing Emma Into The Light

Now that Emma has gone dark, are we going to see a role reversal between her and Regina?

Lana Parrilla: Yeah, I think that the hero has been evolving within Regina in the last year. The cool thing about her is that she is both good and bad now — like everyone in the world, we all possess evil thoughts or whatever — and I love that she is embracing both sides. We will see a role reversal of some sort, and I think that everyone is going to look to Regina for guidance and help. If anyone has the experience of crossing into the darkness and then coming out, it’s Regina. She has been the one that has come the furthest as far as spiritual evolution and growth pattern. She started off good, became evil, and went back to being good. I think she is going to have a huge impact in bringing Emma back into the light.

Read more here: http://www.popsugar.com/entertainment/Interview-Lana-Parrilla-About-Once-Upon-Time-Season-5-38010423


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I met Jacky Vincent, Derek Jones, and former member Max Green, from Falling in Reverse at Warped 2014 in Bonner Springs, KS. I did not get a photo with Derek, however. I also got Sean Heenan from Attila’s autograph. I didn’t get a picture with him either, because my phone had died. I found Chris Fronzak and asked him to sign my tank top but he said no. All in all, it was still one of the best days of my life, and I cant wait until my date this year, 

“homoflexibility” literally comes out of cis straight males and their disgusting sexual fantasies of “turning” a lesbian/having a threesome with two lesbians.

and heteroflexibility is just the “bisexual until graduation” trope in disguise i s2g and also caters a lot to males who love seeing girls get it on but not necessarily seeing them in a healthy happy relationship together without sex

these two terms are bi-erasure and have really nasty origins

i mean these terms are literally used in media for one-night/kiss stands and are considered “reversible” which furthers the rly gross rhetoric that bisexuals (esp. young bisexuals) are just doing this for attention and specifically the attention of men


Second Law of Thermodynamics

Paul Andersen explains how the second law of thermodynamics applies to reversible and irreversible processes. In a reversible process the net change in entropy is zero. In and irreversible process the entropy will always increase in a closed system. The entropy measures the disorder in the entire system and will move in the direction of time’s arrow. Several example videos of increasing entropy are included.

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mabes-in-reverse asked:

After the two had bonded on that night, Mabel would occasionally sneak into the Pizzeria and go say hi to the puppet - she considered him a friend, after all. She was there now, making her way to the prize corner, sporting a grin.

The puppet was relaxing on the prize box when he seen his friend coming down the hall. He sat up and looked at her, surprised to see her at the pizzeria. “Hi Mable! What brings you here? The pizzeria is closing soon so I don’t think you should stay long.”

anonymous asked:

reversal au: they own a really fancy van, which constantly breaks down and almost murders everyone. Like, everyone has a horror story in that van, including the gems. There where multiple poofings.

oh my god
sure i could get behind that idea
like the van LOOKS nicer but is WAY less reliable

amethyst would have to move in with the gems to escape that deathtrap

samanthad8809 asked:

I was wondering if there's any meaning in how you flip your tarot cards, like grab the bottom and flip up, or simply flip over to the side. I was also wondering if you have all of your tarot cards the same way, or if you have some of them reversed, and what your feelings are on reading a reversed meaning in the cards. Thanks!

I usually flip my cards by grabbing the bottom and flipping up.  I don’t know why, it just feels natural to do so. 

I sometimes do and sometimes don’t read reversals.  Certain decks seem better suited to it.  With Revelations or Fenestra for instance, I always read reversals.  With the Universal Fantasy or Prisma Visions I never do.  Some decks I will sometimes read reversals with.  Sometimes it depends on the spread I’m using. 

Reversals are a great way to learn the dualities each card can hold, but if you have a good grasp on all of the aspects of each card and can interpret spreads well enough to use surrounding context as your guide, you may find that you don’t need to use reversals as often. 

There’s really no right or wrong way to go about it.  It’s a personal preference and you can always change your mind about how you feel about them as you go along.