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is my homeboy Johannes in the rev AU?

You can bet on it! :D
And Johannes is a special case, because in the au he is Mikuni’s subclass, not ‘human’ anymore. He loves the fact he became such a mystic creature, he cried as he noticed. 

“When your village has been plundered and your livestock eaten, when your soldiers are missing and the children have hidden, out comes Little Red Riding Hood, baring her teeth and hungry for more… Tell me, who will protect you from the big bad wolf?”

I’ve been thinking that Nina and Velouria have a nice matching folktale aesthetic going on, in that one’s basically Robin (Robbin’, hehe get it?) Hood and the other is Red Riding Hood and The Wolf at the same time.



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Jesus Christ and Santa Claus are fighting with katanas on your lawn while an angry wizard and a genie are placing bets. Meanwhile, the Burger King is strutting around offering everyone Whoppers and soda at a discount while wearing inflatable knockers that are so huge they make it so that he can't actually see what he's doing? Who you gonna call?

I assume if that’s happening I also have a drug dealer I’d probably call them and ask what he spiked my drugs with.

sasuke cries during that scene because naruto says he loves him 

thats LITERALLY the subtext of the conversation they’re having, naruto tells sasuke that he’ll stop him again if he has to (as in, he’d do everything all over again – all for sasuke) and when sasuke questions it (”how do you know?”) naruto immediately follows with “haven’t you figured it out yet?” 

haven’t you figured out that you’re the most important person to me? haven’t you figured out that i love you? haven’t you figured out that i’d do anything for you? 

sasuke cries because naruto loves him as much as he loves naruto and im so sensitive about it