• Aries:Gets ticked off easily and just overall wants to be taken care of.
  • Taurus:Constantly mentioning how old they are and expects you to take care of them 100% of the time
  • Gemini:Forgets where they've put everything and sits down to think about something then falls asleep 3 minutes later
  • Cancer:Very family orientated and will constantly call to ask you how you're doing, you feel bad when you forget to call
  • Leo:Thinks they know absolutely everything and tells stories about how amazing they were when they were younger
  • Virgo:Probably your toughest critic, but they love their family very much and wants them to succeed
  • Libra:The coolest old person ever, they're caught up on the current trends and ask you what's new in pop culture whenever they see you
  • Scorpio:Very caring and protective of their family, they're constantly giving advice that sounds crazy, but it'll probably help you out in the long term
  • Sagittarius:Has an album full of pictures of themselves from when they were younger and a bunch of stories to tell
  • Capricorn:Very wise and advice filled, they have an answer for just about everything, as well as a home remedy
  • Aquarius:Very wise, very witty. They give you advice and constantly talk about how much things have changed since they've aged
  • Pisces:They love being around young people and continue to experience things everyday

Google drive can be a really useful resource for both teachers and students. I’ve had a few requests for a guide to using it, so here is a quick guide to the basics (creating and editing files and folders). I’ll also include some links at the end to explain the more difficult concepts that not everyone will want to use.

The main thing that people use google drive for, is storing notes, and backing them up. To be organised, I recommend including the current class year, class period, your name, and the name of the document in the title. This will really help you find the document you need.

When you share documents, you get to decide how much access a person has to that document. The “can edit” option lets the other person make changes to the document. This is especially useful for group work when several people have to collaborate on a single piece. The “can comment” option means that the other person can’t edit, but they can leave comments in the document which are visible on the screen. This option is useful for proofreading and peer review. The “can view” option means that the other person can only view the document; they cannot leave comments or edit in any way.

You can share the document with only specific people. You do this by clicking the blue “share” button. This opens a sharing settings window. In the box labelled people, enter the people or groups that you want to share the document with and change their access settings (e.g. can edit). Then click the “send” button and the recipients will receive an email that a document has been shared with them. You can return here and change the settings to add or remove people later.

You can also share documents using links. This is what I do when I share my printables. Right click on the document that you want to share and click “share” to bring up the pop up. Click the button in the right top corner that says “get shareable link” and a new link will appear. Anyone with that link has access to the document. Again, you can change the access options as I explained above.

Folders can be used to organise your documents. Go to your main google drive screen and select where you want to create your folder. Click “new” and then “folder”. Then type in the name of the folder. You’ll see here that there’s also an option for “file upload”; this is how you upload an individual document. You can both move and add documents.

You can share folders by right clicking the folder and choosing the “Share” option. This will open the share pop up, and you can follow the instructions from earlier about sharing a document.

Here are some links (for both teachers and students interested in using google drive):

Wunderlist App:

I’ve been using an app called “Wunderlist” to keep track of post requests and things I need to get done before university and I want to show you it.

I’ve only been using it for a few days or so, but this is what the main screen looks like on my tablet. When I go down to post requests and open it up, it looks like this:

When you tick an item off, it disappears from the list. There’s a small bar indicating how many tasks you have completed. Long clicking an item brings up a side bar which lets you add notes, due dates, alarms, and even subtasks which need to be completed.

When I get back to uni, I’m going to be using this app a lot, because I really like using it and it’s actually really simple to use as well, despite the extras that other to do list apps don’t usually include.



Pairing: Luke & (Y/N)

Word Count: 3510 (this is the longest imagine I’ve written, omg)

Requested: No

A/N: This is a song based imagine, based off of Taylor Swift’s song, All Too Well, but I thought that this ‘Promise’ suited it better, you’ll find out why. 

(P.S. I know some of these things didn’t happen in that order, but for the sake of the story, just go with it, please?) 

I walked through the door with you, the air was cold,
But something ‘bout it felt like home somehow. 

“Okay, so I know you haven’t liked any of the apartments yet, but I know you’re going to love this one.” Luke said as he pushed the door open, holding his hand out so you could both walk in. You two had been looking for apartments for you and the boys, who left the apartment searching to you because ‘you guys had the best taste in apartments.’ 

Once you stepped through the door jamb, you felt a cold breeze, sending chills throughout your whole body. 

You looked around the apartment, a warm feeling flowing through you. This was it, this was the apartment you and Luke have been looking for. “I love it, Luke. This is it, this is the one. It feels like home, we have to get it. And if the boys don’t like it, then they can get their own.” You said turning towards him with begging eyes.  He smiled at you, his eyes twinkling with excitement, and he pushed his hand into his pocket and pulled it out seconds later, along with a pair of keys. 

“Well it’s a good thing you love it, because I already got it.” He held up five keys for you to see, his smile growing wider. 

“And what if I didn’t like it?” You asked him, taking one of the keys from his hands. 

“Well, I would have forced you to live here, at least for a month.” He stuffed the rest of the keys back into his pockets, watching you study the key. 

“Oh, don’t give me a reason to dump you Hemmings.” You teased him, turning to see his smile fall. “I’m kidding, I swear you always take everything so literal.” You walked up to him, wrapping your arms around his neck. 

“I don’t take everything literal, just when there’s a chance I could lose you.” He said as he wrapped his arms around your waist. “I love you, I can stand the thought of losing you.” He leaned his forehead onto yours, his lips hovering over yours, eyes closed. 

“You won’t ever lose me.” You closed your eyes, holding him closer to you. 



Photo album on the counter, your cheeks were turning red.

“And here’s one of him of when he was 2 years old.” Liz said as she pointed at a picture of Luke in the bottom right corner. You looked at the picture of the small 2 year old, he was in a bathtub, completely naked, with his back turning towards the camera. You giggled at the picture of your boyfriend when he was only 2 years old. 

“Oh my- Luke look at you, you look so cute and adorable.” You turned towards your boyfriend, seeing his face red with embarrassment. 

“Mom, that’s enough pictures, please?” He looked towards his mother, begging her to stop embarrassing him. This was only the second time you’ve met Liz, even though you and Luke have been dating for 2 years, and the first time since you moved in with Luke and the boys. 

“Oh but I never get to see her, you rarely come to visit me with her.” Her mother looked at him, you could tell she wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. 

“I know mom, I really want to come visit you often with her, but when she’s here, I’m on tour, and when I’m here, we spend most of our time together or she’s visiting her family. We rarely have an opportunity to come visit, sorry.” He sat down next to you, wrapping his hand around your waist. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll some visit when he’s on tour and then you could show me all the pictures of Luke as a baby. If you want, of course.” You turned your head towards Liz, seeing her face light up. 

“Of course I want that, but for right now, you have to see this picture of Luke when he was like 15.” She turned a couple of pages of the photo album and stopped at a picture of Luke with green glasses on. He was holding up the peace sign, while he kind of stuck his lips out. 

You started giggling uncontrollably, turning towards Luke who had a pout on his face. “Aww look at you, acting so cool.” You teased him, pinching his cheeks. 

“Stop that. “He whined. “I know I look dump okay.” He pouted, crossing his arms like a little kids. 

“Hey, you look adorable, you still do.” You tugged on his arms, forcing him to let you give him a hug.

“I’m not adorable, I’m punk rock.” He pouted again, laying his head on yours. 

“’Course you are, babe.” You cuddled into him. 

“Whatever, jerk.” He hugged you, holding you close to him. He never wanted to let you go. 

“I love you, Luke.” You looked up into his eyes.

“I love you, too.” He whispered in your ear, his lip ring brushing against your ear. 



Cause there we are again in the middle of the night.
We’re dancing around the kitchen in the refrigerator light

“Luke? What are you doing up again? It’s 1:38 in the morning. You need to rest, you passed out today while you were recording. Please, come back to bed.” You watched your boyfriend, who was paler than usual, look throw the fridge. 

“Babe, where are all the beers?” He totally ignored you, searching in the fridge for a beer. That’s all he does lately. When he’s not at the studio, he’s out drinking, and when he’s not out drinking, he’s at the studio. And when he’s at home, he ignores you and the boys, drinking away the day and night.

“You finished them all, Luke.” You mumbled walking towards him. 

“And you didn’t get anymore? What the fuck! You have one simple job, (Y/N). All you have to do is make sure everything we need is here and you can’t even do that? I and the boys have to work every day to pay for the bills while you sit here, not doing shit.” He turned towards you, his eyes filled with a rage you’ve never seen from him before, and honestly, you never expected to.

“Luke, you know what I do when you’re not here. You’re the one told me I should do it!” You raised you voice as he walked closer to you. “You told me you’d support me all the way, don’t you want me to live my dream, the same way you live yours?” 

His face seemed to soften, he wrapped his arms around your waist. “’Course I do, baby. I’m sorry, I’m just a bit tired.” He looked into your eyes, and you saw something in his you couldn’t describe. But whatever it was, it sent a chill down your spine, and not in a good way. 

“Why don’t you sing for us, yeah?” He said as he pulled you closer to him, you could barely see his face. The only light coming from the fridge. 

“Okay.” You smiled up at him, whatever you saw in his eyes couldn’t over power the love you had for him. 

“I’m sorry I hurt your feelings babe, I’ll never do it again.” He said while you sang yours and Luke’s song softly, dancing around the counter. 



Maybe we got lost in translation, maybe I asked for too much,
But maybe this thing was a masterpiece 'til you tore it all up.

“All I’m saying is that I would appreciate you spending a little too much time with me, Luke! I know you have to work, but you’ve been working all the time lately. You go on tour for almost a year and when you come back, you immediately have to go back to the studio.” You sighed, sitting on the couch as Luke stood up. You don’t know what went wrong, your relationship with Luke used to be perfect. Sure you had fights, but they were rare and you always got talked them through. Lately, fighting seemed like the only thing you guys could do. And instead of talking about them, you would push them aside, willing to forget about them until the next fight where you would use them against each other. 

“What do you expect me to do? I can’t just quit because you want me to! This is my dream and I’m not going to give it up just because you want me to ‘spend more time with you.’ That’s not how it works, (Y/N). My world doesn’t revolve around you.” He stood in front of you, glaring at you as if you had done something unforgivable. 

“I’m not saying you have to, all I’m saying is that ever since we’ve moved in together, I’ve barely seen you. Maybe we rushed into this.” Your eyes filled with tears, ‘Am I really asking for too much?’ you asked yourself. 

“What? No, we didn’t rush into this, we’ve been together for 2 years and a half. I’m sorry. You’re right I spend too much time at the studio, I’ll tell the boys I can’t make it tomorrow.” He pushed your hair out of your eyes, and it happened again. It’s been happening a lot lately, actually, but this time it was stronger, longer. This time you could tell what it was, guilt. And it sends multiple chills up and down your spine, warning you. Warning you that something was wrong, to be careful of what he says, but once again, you ignored it. You ignored it because your love for him was stronger. “Let me go call ‘em, yeah?” He walked out of the living room, towards the kitchen and you felt something different. This time instead of feeling it in your spine, you felt it in your stomach. You knew something was wrong, you knew he was hiding something from you. And you were going to find out exactly what it was. 

You followed him to the kitchen, planning on talking to him when he was done with the boys. When you got there, what you heard made you breathe hitch, it made your heart stop for a second. 

“-of course it was great, but I can’t keep doing this to her. We need to stop, I’m not choosing having sex with you over living the rest of my life with her.” He paused, and you heard whoever was on the other line talk, it was like she was begging him not to stop what they had. “Look, I already told you I’m no-” He groaned in frustration, he was angry, but you couldn’t tell if he was angry at her or himself. 

“Luke.” You said as sternly as you could. He turned around, his face filled with guilt and regret. His eyes wide, scared, as he stared at you. He slowly hung up without another word. 

“Baby, I can exp-” He started but you cut him off. 

“Don’t.” You voice quivered, you couldn’t even look him in the eyes. This was all your fault, if you didn’t ignore that feeling you had months ago, that night in the kitchen, you wouldn’t be hurting, at least not as much. 

“How-” You voice broke. You took a deep breath, composting yourself. “How long?” 

“Baby, I’m sorry, it didn’t mean anything. I love you.” He completely ignored your question, which just made your heart hurt more than it already did. You couldn’t listen to him tell you he loved you after you found out he’s been cheating on you. 

“Answer the question, Luke. How long?” Your voice was sterner then you’d imagine it would be. But even though your voice made it sound as if you were alright, the tears running down your face said otherwise.

“Baby, please-” 

“ANSWER THE FUCKING QUESTION LUKE! How. Long.” You screamed at him at first, but then your voice lowered to a whisper. 

“6 months.” He mumbled, looking to the ground ashamed. You could actually feel your heart break, you could feel yourself crumbling slowly, little by little. 

“6 months? You mean for a fourth of our relationship, you’ve been cheating on me? When did this start?” You voice quivered, cracking every other word, but you didn’t care. You needed to know. 

“The day I came back from tour, after we moved in with the guys.” He wouldn’t look at you, he couldn’t look at you. He hurt you, and he knew it.

“That’s- that’s the day we went to visit your mom?” You were confused, you had spent nearly the whole day together, he only left when he- “Oh my- you mean that while you mom and I waited for you to return from the store, you were fucking someone else? I had a feeling that story about the line being too long was bullshit, and the story about how much traffic there was.” You had a feeling that say that something was wrong, but you had passed of that feeling as worry, and it had been but you made it out to be worry that he had been in an accident. But you knew then, you were worried that he was being unfaithful. 

“I’m sorry, I met her at the store and then she needed a lift because her car broke down and then she invited me in and-” He was trying desperately to make you understand how sorry he was, but frankly, you didn’t care anymore. 

“Stop I don’t want to hear it. We’re done, Luke.” You laughed, but this laugh wasn’t the sweet laugh he had grown to love, this laugh was bitter, harsh. “Hell, we were done 6 months ago.” You walked to the door, deciding it would be better to get your things when he wasn’t here.

“No, please. Don’t go, I know what I did was horrible, but I can’t lose you. I love you, please. I’m sorry.” He ran towards you. He held onto you, wanting make sure you didn’t leave him.

“Do you honestly expect me to forgive you after you cheated on me? For 6 months?” You attempted to push him off of you but failed. You knew there was only on way he would let you go. You were going to have to lie to him.

“Please, baby girl.” He started sobbing on your shoulder, and your heart ached. You knew it was going to take both of you time to get over this, to get over each other, but you couldn’t stay. Not after what he did to you.

“Luke, I need a few days to get over this. Just give me some time, I’ll come back.” You tried your hardest to hold back your tears, you hated lying to him, even after what he did to you.

“Promise?” His voice was soft, vulnerable, and it broke your heart knowing you were lying to him. You swallowed hard.  


You call me up again just to break me like a promise.
So casually cruel in the name of being honest.
I’m a crumpled up piece of paper lying here
'Cause I remember it all, all, all… too well.

“You promised, (Y/N). You promised you’d come back. I need you, please I’m sorry. I know what I did was wrong, but it’s been 6 months. I don’t think I can last another day without you. I believed you when you told me you’d be back, because you promised, and you never break your promises… Or at least you never used to.”

 That was the 6th voicemail he’d left you this week, and it was barely Tuesday. You honestly thought he’d get over you by now. If was so easy for him to cheat on you it should be just as easy to get over you, right?

 You tried to forget about him, you really did, but everything you did would remind you of him. You’d spent the first month after the break-up on the floor of your childhood bedroom, curled up in the corner, crying your eyes out. But after that first month, you started to focus more on your career as a singer/songwriter in order to forget about him. You heard from the boys that he wasn’t doing so well, and they were wondering. You told them that you were fine, even though you weren’t, and that you had a new boyfriend and everything. Honestly, you lied to them. You were hoping they’d tell Luke, which they did, and he would regret everything he did to you.  And when ‘Amnesia’ came out, it was obvious he regretted everything.

 At first you were touched, but then you became angry. The song made it seem as if you’d broke-up with him out of nowhere, as if it didn’t hurt you as much as it hurt you, as if he was the victim. So you began to write a song of your own with Taylor Swift, she was helping on your writing when ‘Amnesia’ came out. When the song was finished, you felt a bit better, the song described your situation perfectly. You had told Taylor you didn’t any credit for the song. After a while of debating it with you, you had agreed to let her say you had helped her but your name wouldn’t be put in the official credits.

It’s been a week since the voice mail and you hadn’t heard anything else from him. You were tempted to call him, but you had been too busy to actually do it. You had just release your second single, and you were just about to release your third single, and after that you were going to release your first album. You happy that you were able to follow your dream, when you left Luke, you thought you’d never have the energy to do anything every again. The boys, excluding Luke, had called you multiple times since you released your second album, congratulating you on achieving your dream, just like they achieved theirs.

You were in the middle of talking to your manager about how and when to release your third single when you heard someone pounding on your door. “I’m sorry, someone’s knocking on my door. I’ll only be a minute.” You walked towards the door, not bothering to check who it is.

 “How about I’ll call you later, yeah? Or you can call me when you’re done.” You manger, James, told you on the phone.

 “Yeah, okay. Bye James, I’ll call you later.” You agreed with him and hung up.  You looked up to see who was at your door, finding an upset Luke. You felt your heart beat faster and break at the same time.

 “What do you want, Luke?” You tried to come off as pissed, but your voice was just above a whisper.

 “Who’s James?” He pushed his way into your apartment.

 “Why do you care? What are you doing here, Luke?” You slammed your door shut. “We broke up 6 months ago, I’ve moved on, so should you.” You mentally scolded yourself for lying, you hadn’t moved on, you still loved him.

 He flinched at your words, his face filled with pain. “No, you couldn’t have moved on, not if what we had was real. YOU CAN’T BE FINE, WE WERE IN LOVE, AND WE STILL ARE.” He started screaming, and you could tell he was trying to convince himself more than he was trying to convince you.

 “No, Luke. I am over you, I am fine. I spent these past 6 months trying to figure out what I did to make you cheat on me. And then I realized, it wasn’t my fault. It was yours. Please, or I will call the cops.” You opened the door for him. All he could do was stare at you and walk out because he knew, he lost you.

 It was a month after he showed up at your house, and your third single had been released, along with your album. Usually artist don’t release anymore single after their album are out but you felt like you needed to make a specific song a single, maybe deep inside you hoped Luke would hear it and he would know that you lied about moving on, that you lied about being fine.

 And he did hear it. He thought about the song a little too often. When he heard the song, he had doubts in his mind. Doubts about what you said that day, doubts about whether or not you were actually fine.

‘I know I promised you that you’d never lose me, baby

But you promised me that you’d never ever hurt me

And I guess some promises

Are just made to be broken’  

These lyrics got stuck in his head, and not in the ‘this is really catchy’ way. It was more of a, ‘this is about our relationship and she’s telling me that I fucked up, she’s telling me she’s not okay and I fucked up. 

I lost her, 


Wtf, this was suppose to be fluffy and cute, and I turned it into THIS. *sign* I can’t make an imagine without it coming out all dramatic. 



{ For those of you who haven’t played it yet, Episode 4 has extremely
  triggering content. We all knew dark shit was coming eventually. This
  play through took me four hours to get through, so please take care of

  To those that have played it please take care of yourselves, take a break,
  have a breather, eat something nice. My askbox is always open and my
  skype is available on request.

  I love you all, see you on the other side.

anonymous asked:

please please please draw temari with a mini skirt and shikamaru and shikadai reaction *.*

Yeah, I got nothing to do. The family of poker faces. This family is my precious treasure ^ _ ^ 

Thanks for requesting, my sweet anon!

EDIT: Okay, my anon requested something but unfortunately I don’t how to do it so I’m gonna type out the texts here:

  • First page:
    • Temari: Welcome back, you two… How was your training? Dinner is ready… Or do you want to take a bath first?
  • Second page:
    • Shikadai: …
    • Shikamaru: …
  • Third page:
    • Shikadai: I’ll have dinner. I think Dad might need to take a bath first.
    • Shikadai: [Mom’s so cool…]
    • Shikamaru: *his brain has stopped functioning*
    • Temari: Is that so? Shikamaru, why are you making a dumb face again?