Kishimoto announces retirement from mangaka.

“The Boruto Movie, for the first time everything begins, starting with original characters. That is to say, it’s an original work of the author, me [Kishimoto], with everything existing completely and only inside my head. For the first time in the 11th Naruto movie I wrote the entire script by myself, devised the character designs, refining them until I was satisfied, than for the sake of perfection requested that the staff to refine them further. When serialization ended, immediately all the time I used to spend on the manga was poured into the movie. In truth this is the Naruto film I really wanted to make. One last word….after this I won’t draw anything further. “


ok so commissions are open !!!! i really need to replace my phone and binder, so im in a real pinch.  here are a couple examples of my work-i do nsfw stuff too, so if your’e interested in that, you can check out my nsfw doodles at my other blog, frenchfryfancy

im gonna do these in sets of five at a time.

if you’re interested, the full price list and form are below.

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anonymous asked:

this is probably such a weird request but could you do a comparison of their eyelashes? hehehe ^^

no worries love, I can handle weird. to the eyelash mobile~! :D

on an affectionately named scale of “could probably knock over a small tree if the urge struck” to “no really, they’re there if you zoom in enough”, here they are~ ;3;

1. D.O.

2. Chen

3. Kai

4. Lay

5. Sehun

6. Baekhyun

7. Xiumin

8. Tao

9. Chanyeol

10. Suho

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. John F. Kennedy 

Request 1/11 for July 2015 - requested by brokenslate

Watercolour brush lettering. I did a few versions of this but they just weren’t working out because of the length of the quote (this is why I ask for quotes under 12 words) so I had to make it very simple. At least I got to use one of my new brushes from Canada :D 


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OMAHA AU (requested by anonymous): au where Nate likes you and you’re sammy’s neighbor so he gets over protective like a brother // I hope you don’t mind that I made Nate & Y/N secretly date.