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Stiles: Hey…hey, it’s okay…it’ll be over soon..

Y/N: Why does it have to be so loud?!

Stiles: It’s just Thor and Odin having a little argument is all…

Y/N: Yeah? Well I wish they’d shut the hell up…

Stiles: Shh…they will soon…all storms pass…c’mon, lie with me…

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CHERRYYYY!!!! Hi ^-^ if you are still taking requests, could you please write a scenario where Taehyun sees the girl of his dreams on a balcony across the street and forces himself to stay awake every night in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the girl who doesn't even know he exists?? Thank you!!! ^_^

not… exactly the prompt but i hope you like it anyway :)
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world apart but never too far
rated t for tidbit inspired by drops of jupiter
word count: 1,672

The first time he sees you, you’re changing and he has to turn around fast to keep the blush from blooming too far across his cheeks, to keep his heart from thudding too fast because you hadn’t drawn the blinds and he’d just gotten home and boy, oh boy, is it dark outside. The first time he sees you, all he remembers is the skin of your back and the fall of your hair and how soft you look under your bedroom lights.

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“Really, (y/n)?” Clint asked when he saw what your socks, “It doesn’t take much effort to find a matching - or semi resembling - sock.”

You grinned, loving how annoyed he got, “I know.” Was all you said before continuing with what you were doing causing him to let out a frustrated groan.

You smell (Luke Hemmings Smut)

Requested : yes, like 1000 years ago

Summary : After Lukes show, you guys have some fun in the shower



“Ew, Luke get off of me.” You giggled, trying to push him way. He had just finished his show, very sweaty, and had attacked you in a hug.

“Did you like our show?” He asked, lips pressed against your ear. You nodded, assuring him that he was amazing as usual. “But you need a shower.”

He kept his arms around you, hugging you from behind. “Hey Y/N, you know what we’ve done?” He whispered, nibbling on my earlobe. “Shower sex.”

You spun around, looking at him with raised eyebrows. “Luke.” You whispered yelled, shoving him off slightly. “What?” he protested, moving his lips down to your neck. “Those shorts make you look really good.” He toyed with the hem of your shorts, tugging on them. “And I’ve been hard all show.” You could feel his hard on poking you in the thigh.

You pressed closer to him, earning a groan to leave his lips. “Okay,” You whispered. The look on his face was priceless, like he didn’t actually expect you to agree.

He pressed his lips to yours, and you bit his lip, toying with his lip ring. You detached your lips, walking away from him and towards the washroom. You looked back at Luke, sending him a wink and a laugh when he almost tripped over his feet running after you.  

You shimmed out of your shorts and pulled your top off as he start the water, getting it a good temperature. He started to strip his own clothes once he got the water warm enough as steam started to fill the room. He eyed you as you took of your bra, and bent down to pull down your underwear.

You walked into the shower, waiting for him to join. You let your body get used to the temperature for a second, your hair starting to stick the back of your neck. Soon, you felt a pair of lips meet the back of your neck, making their way down to your shoulder.

You turned around, pressing him against the wall and started to kiss down his chest. He tried to stop you, but you kept going. “No babe, you’re the one who’s been hard all night. I want to make you feel good.”

He didn’t say anything, only a low moan leaving his lips as your hands gripped his thighs. You kneeled down on the wet floor, water hitting your back. You quickly looked up a Luke, seeing his wet hair pressed against his forehead and his eyes shut as he pressed his back against the wall.

You took my time, wrapping a hand around his length and tracing a prominent vein. You leaned in and kissed the swollen tip, licking away a bit of precum, his dick also already wet because of the water of the shower.

A grunt leaves his lips, and you take your hand off his cock and look up at him. “Please Y/N, your mouth,” he manages to say in a strangled voice. You smile to yourself, licking his tip a few times. “Better?” You ask, your voice making his cock twitch.

He nods, throwing his head back once again. “Bet- fuck.” He drawls out as you take him into your mouth fully, bobbing your head up and down his length.

You take him as far into your mouth as you can and wrap your hand around the parts where your mouth couldn’t reach. You let him slip from your mouth, stroking his length with your hand as small moans and whimpers left his mouth, hips bucking widely.

“Jesus fuck, please, Y/N. I need you.” He groaned, hips bucking against your hands that you had placed on his hips to keep them down.

Without warning, you wrap your lips around him, deep throating him. This earned a series of curse words to leave his mouth as he threw his head back again, hips bucking widely.

You swirled your tongue around him, bobbing your head back to lick the tip once again. He jerked his hips again, he was practically fucking your mouth. His hips were starting to be a problem.

You fully pulled back, a loud whimper leaving his lips. “Babe, you’re gonna have to stop moving if you want me to finish.”

That made him stop, and you brought your mouth back to his cock. This time you bobbed up and down his length at a steady pace, sucking in your cheeks for more friction.

Luke let out a loud groan. “Y/N, I can’t anymore. Please,” he begged.  

You ran your tongue over the head of his cock, before deep throating him once again. His length hit the back of your throat and he moaned loudly, hips bucking roughly into your mouth.

You bobbed your head one last time, and you felt his fingers pull at your wet hair roughly as a series of incomprehensible words and moans left his lips.

He came into your mouth and you tried my best to sallow all of it up. You stood back up, reaching behind him grab a shampoo bottle.

“Now wash my hair.”

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