The signs in a gang

Leaders: Aries,Capricorn

The ones in charge of ‘‘cleaning’‘ : Aquarius,Virgo,Capricorn

The cutie pies who are dangerous asf: Pisces,Cancer

The ones in charge of the weapons: Scorpio,Taurus

The sexy gang girlfriends: Libra,Sagittarius,Leo

The ones who always have to clean the image of the gang: Gemini,Pisces,Leo

The ones who still go to school: Virgo,Capricorn,Libra

The ones who always start the gang wars because of bad temper: Capricorn,Scorpio

The one who ends the wars: Pisces

The parents of the gang: Taurus,Cancer,Virgo

The ones who throw the drug parties and bring the money in: Aquarius,Sagittarius and sometimes Capricorn

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favourite minor character + kingdom hearts: birth by sleep [requested by lingering-spirit]

“I’ve set my sights on being a hero, too. I just don’t run as fast, that’s all.”