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could you write an imagine in which eric and dyl are about to shoot up the school in just a few days, but somebody else does it before them and they are survivors and they are so terrified and feel so shocked because they were planning to do the same? there's nothing cute about this imagine, i was just bored today at school and came up with this idea. i am very curious how reb and vodka would act after such an event, how they would change their minds um and sorry for my english:(

i actually do wanna write this, should i do this? the reason why i’m asking u guys is because i wanna know if u would wanna read it haha. i’ll put a little more time into it and make it more detailed for sure! :-) and don’t worry, ur english is perfectly fine ! 

Me when someone says I’m psycho for liking True Crime 


Remind me, when was the last time it rained?


Incase you haven’t seen already, here are some of Eric’s chat logs, under the username “REB DoMiNe”