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do you know any signs/ways to distinguish whether or not someone might be experiencing attraction to guys or if it's just comp het???? ive id'd as bi for a while now but i keep wondering if im actually bi or just a lesbian that experiences internalized lesbophobia ? sorry if this a weird question

signs to realie that its comp het

-your attraction to guys feels faker: yeah, youre into women and, apparently men too! but your attraction to guys isnt as.. strong as the w/w one. in fact it feels more, well, artificial. 

-yeah, youd do them, but..: but to be honest, dating them feels like a stretch, and something you would NOT be into. to you, hitting it off in bed with a guy doesnt really mean much to you after that fact. 

or vice versa. dating guys isnt reall ALL that bad but you just…. cant get past that at ALL.

- the everlasting feeling of “being gay, but you know what! mr perfect is sure to arrive…..”

-reach for the stars: and by stars i literally mean going for guy  celebrities and having crushes on them and whatnot, alongside many, many unnattainable men. including fictional characters. theres just some sort of comfort that comes with the idea of pining over a man who definately cant be within your grasp.

hope this helped!

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Mirror, Mirror

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Reader has pretty low self-esteem and criticizes her body quite a bit. Also, I think there is a few curse words thrown in there. I can’t help myself. 

Request: Hi can you do a request were Dean hears you say negative things about yourself in front of a mirror and he comes in and tells you the opposite is true or something? Fluffy too? Pretty please?

Authors Note: So I sort of adored writing this one. I think we can all relate, to some degree, on how it feels to be insecure about our bodies. It was just nice to write something where, in the end, the reader realized how beautiful and wanted she really is despite any flaws she feels she has. I just really liked this request. Hope you all enjoy, especially you anon, you have such wonderful ideas, I hope I did it justice.


You stared hungrily at the menu in front of you. So many decisions. You, Sam and Dean had just gotten back from a very strenuous hunt. After all the ducking and the dodging and the stabbing, you had worked up quite the appetite. Dean suggested going out to celebrate afterwards and you chose a little bar that was about twenty minutes from the bunker. This wasn’t the first time you had been here so Sam and Dean already knew what they were going to order. You were always the indecisive one though so when the waitress approached your table you were still scrambling to make a food choice.

“What can I get you all?” the waitress drawled. Even though her question addressed everyone her eyes were locked on Dean.

You glanced up from your menu to see the waitress standing at his side of the table, her order tablet in one hand and her other hand resting on Dean’s shoulder. Dean smiled his biggest panty-dropping smile and your heart began to sink. Dean was a flirt, this you knew. It was his default setting when he was around women and you’d seen him hit on plenty. And the annoying part about it was that it bothered you almost every single time. You had harbored a small crush on Dean for the better part of the last two years, starting almost the same time that you moved in with the boys. And by small crush, of course, you meant that you were pretty much head over heels, reach for the stars in love with the guy. Dean and you always had an fairly easy relationship. He even flirted with you on a pretty regular basis but you always just assumed that was because he couldn’t turn that part of him off. You had a much less complicated relationship with Sam, fortunately. Sam was your best friend and closest confidant. You knew each other like the back of your hands and it took him almost no time at all to pick up on your feelings for Dean after you moved in. He was also aware of all of your insecurities about it.

“I’ll have a bacon cheeseburger and fries, sweetheart,” Dean answered, his discreet little wink to the waitress not going unnoticed by you.

Sam must have also caught his brothers not so subtle attempt at flirting because he rolled his eyes, clearly annoyed, and quickly recited his order.

“Just a Caesar salad for me, thanks.”

Then it was your turn. The waitress looked at you curiously although her hand was still settled on Dean’s shoulder. It didn’t even seem like she had removed it long enough to write anything down. You looked at her, your menu still in your hands. She was beautiful. She had long, wavy blonde hair. Her makeup was understated but just enough and perfectly done. She was thin and fit but still had enough curves to attract any man’s attention. It’s no wonder Dean seemed to find her attractive. Even you, a straight female, could appreciate her physical beauty. You couldn’t help but make a comparison to yourself. Where you were covered in dirt and grime she was neat and polished. Your hair was messy and knotted from the hunt while hers was perfectly groomed and shiny. And you didn’t exactly have a models physique like she did. Years of hunting and still it wasn’t enough physical activity to lessen your love handles or make your thighs smaller. You weren’t overweight by any means but you could, in your opinion, still stand to lose a few pounds. You glanced down at the menu again and all you saw now was calorie counts and fat percentages. You wanted to look like someone like her, someone Dean would be interested in, be attracted to.

“I’m good actually. Nothing for me.” you said quietly as you felt your stomach rumble slightly from going a whole day without eating.

Your waitress grabbed your menus, finally removing her hand from Dean in the process and returned to the kitchen to place your orders. Considering the good mood you had been in when you got here, you were in a pretty shitty one now. When you looked up again Dean had his eyes on his phone, completely oblivious to your inner turmoil. Sam, however, was tuned right into you and your frustration. He never seemed to miss a thing when it came to you being upset no matter how much you tried to hide it. You could feel him watching you, willing you to look his way so he could see your eyes and get a better read on your thoughts but you ignored him. Instead you scooted over, grabbing your coat from the seat next to you and stood up.

“Where are you going, Y/N?” Sam asked worriedly.

“I’m just not feeling well all of the sudden. I think I’m gonna go ahead and catch a cab home.” you lied as you kept your eyes trained on the scratched up wooden table in front of you, knowing that if you dared a look up at Sam that he would be able to tell that you were bluffing. Honestly, he probably could anyways. Dean’s eyes shot up and away from his phone when you spoke as the corners of his mouth began to curve down slightly. He opened his mouth, about to say something but you didn’t give him the chance to object as you threw your jacket over your shoulders and rushed out of the bar.

Back at the bunker, you hurried to your room and flung the door shut behind you. You kicked off your boots with more force than needed, one landing near your bed and the other flying across the room and banging into your desk. You tore your shirt over your head just as hot tears began to sting your eyes. You moved in front of your full length mirror that was perched in the corner of your room. You still had your dusty, worn jeans on but now the only thing covering the top of your body was your black sports bra, the one you used when you went hunting. You stared at your reflection, your tears from earlier spilling over and leaving wet trails down your pink cheeks.

Your eyes continued to scan your reflection, zoning in on each imperfection as you not-so-silently berated yourself for every single one.

“Too fat.” you mumbled as you pinched the flesh of your stomach between your fingers. You let go, disgusted with the extra padding.

“Too curvy.” you spit out as you pressed your hands to your sides, trying to flatten your love handles.

Your hands moved down your body, sliding over your stomach to grip your upper thighs. You didn’t have a thigh gap like most other thin women did and your upper thighs were adorned with light stretch marks where the extra weight pulled at your skin.

And then there were the scars. You had so many. On your stomach and your chest, little white, faded lines littered your skin. They were the result of some of your past hunts. Even great hunters got hurt on occasion and you were no exception. They weren’t pronounced but they bothered you which is why you didn’t often wear anything more revealing than a t-shirt. Your eyes pulled away from the scars, unable to focus any longer on the offensive little marks. You brought your hands up and began combing them through your hair in a half-assed attempt at taming the tangles and knots. It was no use though. As your fingers raked through your disheveled mane you continued to cry, needing to vent your frustration somehow. You stopped your assault on your hair and wiped furiously at your eyes to clear your vision only to be greeted again with the unpleasant sight of yourself in the glass in front of you.

“It’s not wonder Dean doesn’t want you. You’ll never be pretty enough, not like those other girls.” you bit out at your reflection, her angry eyes matching yours as she scowled back.

Then, breaking the silence, came a noise. It sounded like a door was slowly swinging open as it’s hinges squeaked quietly. You spun around quickly, both shocked and embarrassed to see Dean standing in your doorway, his brow knit together in concern, sadness, and something else, something slightly more….heated maybe? You couldn’t put much thought into it though because a moment later you remembered you were standing there in your jeans and a sports bra and you quickly crossed your arms to shield your chest and stomach. Your skin felt heated as a blush began to creep up your neck and into your face, painting your cheeks a dark pink color. Great. As if it wasn’t bad enough that Dean didn’t find you attractive with your clothes on but now he could see all your flaws up close and personal.

You didn’t say anything, just stood there with your arms covering your torso and your eyes trained on the wood floor in front of you. The soft thumping of Dean’s boots alerted you to his movement in your direction. The toes of his boots came into your field of vision, stopping when they were toe-to-toe with your sock covered feet. You kept your eyes averted from his, only looking up when you felt his finger and thumb grasp your chin and apply a gentle pressure, encouraging you to look into his breathtaking eyes.

“Y/N,” he murmured, his face inches from yours making it almost impossible for you to look away. “What’s wrong?”

You shook your head frantically and stepped back causing him to break his hold on your chin. His arms fell to his sides but his hands twitched, like he wanted to reach out and touch you but also wanted to give you the space you seemed to need so desperately. You wanted to lie to him, to tell him you were just in a bad mood but you knew that wouldn’t work. Even if he hadn’t heard the harsh words you threw at your reflection earlier you still couldn’t keep the pain and embarrassment from your face. He would know something wasn’t right. So with a heavy sigh you turned back to the mirror, your eyes instantly tearing up at the sight of yourself.

“I just…. I hate the way I look, Dean,” you choked out, letting your hands fall to your sides and bearing your body to him completely.

“I’m don’t have a flat stomach, my love handles are too big…” you bit out, your gaze hard as you reappraised yourself, “…I have fat thighs and I’m not pretty, not like that waitress at the bar.”

Your voice trailed off and you were so focused on the image in front of you that you hadn’t noticed Dean’s mirror image moving to stand behind you until you felt his chest press against your back and his arms wrap firmly around your waist. You shut your eyes tight, the affectionate contact making you want to cry even more. His hands moved to your stomach, his fingers fanning out and pressing you closer to him. His chin came to rest just above your shoulder where you felt his stubble scratch lightly against your cheek. You opened your eyes and met a pair of sparkling green ones in the mirror staring back at you. His lips were pulled up into a small smile and you focused on him, mesmerized, as he began to speak.

“You wanna know what I see when I look at you?”

You nodded your head slowly and braced yourself. Dean must have felt your body go rigid because he turned his head, his lips grazing your tear stained cheeks and forced you to relax a little despite the fact that your heart was hammering wildly in your chest.

“I see someone who is beautiful and healthy, not some twig of a girl who looks like she doesn’t eat or pukes up anything she does. You think your thighs look fat? I think they look strong, like you could kick the living shit out of someone. Those love handles that bother you so much? Those are curves and they are sexy as hell. And, for the record, I think you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Even more than that waitress and anyone else whose tried to get my attention.”

When he paused his little speech his hands moved to your hips, his fingers pressing lightly into the skin there, causing goosebumps to pepper your skin as he turned you to face him. He wanted to look directly directly into your eyes for this next part, into your soul even if you could. He needed to make you understand how perfect you were to him.

“And even when your hair’s a mess sometimes and you’re covered in dirt. Even if you have scars and don’t wear any makeup. You need to understand how gorgeous you are. It makes you look strong, not fragile and breakable. That’s what makes you who you are and if you don’t think I find that attractive then you haven’t been paying very close attention.”

His words made an army of butterflies break out in your stomach and you kept having to remind yourself to breathe. You saw the instant his eyes changed from their soft, affectionate stare to something hot and scorching, the look you recognized from earlier only multiplied ten fold. You watched as his eyes raked down your body, lingering on certain parts before it moved back up to settle on your face. Instead of leaving you embarrassed and ashamed it only seemed to stoke the fire that was now raging inside, leaving you feeling sexy and wanted. Letting that longing take control, you shot up onto your toes and kissed Dean with as much passion as you felt burning inside your chest. He didn’t hesitate to respond, his lips nipping at you hungrily like a man starved.

He inched back until his legs bumped into your bed before sitting down on the edge and pulling you over him so you were straddling his lap. His hand spread out between your shoulder blades, holding you close and never letting more than an inch or two of space separate you. You stayed like that, kissing and tasting and biting for what seemed like forever, Dean never pushing you to go further, content with just having you close to him.

When you finally pulled back you were breathless and your lips were swollen and pink. Dean was panting quietly and grinning and you if it was up to you you’d never leave this spot in his lap. Then your stomach began to growl, it’s agitation with you not eating earlier back with a vengeance. Dean chuckled and kissed you once more before speaking.

“How about we get you some food. You have to be hungry since you didn’t eat earlier. I took the liberty of bringing you back a sandwich from the bar.”

“That sounds perfect, actually. I’m starving,” you answered as you slid from his lap and stood, looking around the room for your discarded t-shirt.

Dean stopped you with a hand on your arm as he pulled you closer. He undid his maroon button up and slid it off his shoulders leaving him in only a white t-shirt and jeans. He wrapped the soft cotton shirt around you, helping you slide your arms inside and refitting the buttons in their holes. When he finished he leaned forward, his lips just barely grazing your ear.

“And when you finish eating, we can pick up where we left off.” he purred, his voice sinfully low and sensual.

That was all the convincing you needed. You wasted no time, grabbing his hand and pulling him quickly out of your bedroom and towards the kitchen. You ate your meal in record time and for the first time ever, with Dean Winchesters eyes boring into yours and his shirt wrapped loosely around your body, you felt like the prettiest girl in the world.


Together, we can rule the galaxy.


Requested by anonymous

You shot the crowd a smile once the lights came on. You loved performing at restaurants like this. You swayed your hips to the music once it started, and started singing right on cue.

“When you see a guy reach for stars in the sky,
You can bet that he’s doing it for some doll,” you sang, winking out into the crowd. You heard a couple of the guys in the audience whistle and hoot.

“When you spot a John waiting out in the rain,
Chances are he’s insane, as only a john can be for a Jane.”

One face in particular caught your eye. He was a rather scrawny young man sitting next to who you assumed was his friend. He had a cute boyish look to him, and you could tell that next to a friend like that, he didn’t turn many heads. But he got yours.

“When you meet a gent paying all kinds of rent
For a flat that could flatten the Taj Mahal,
Call it bad, call it funny, but it’s better than even money,
That’s the guy that’s only doing it for some doll.

When you see a Joe, saving half of his dough,
You can bet they’ll be minting it for some doll,
When a bum buys wine like a bum can’t afford,
It’s a cinch that the bum is under the thumb of some little broad
When you meet a mug lately out of the jug,
And he’s still lifting platinum for the roll,
Call its hell, call it heaven, it’s a probable twelve to seven
That’s a guy that’s only doing it for some doll.”

You had a moment before your next line, and as usual during the musical interlude, you walked out between the tables, pulling the microphone with you. You usually didn’t have a guy picked out so early into your song, but luckily the microphone cord reached him.

The man looked up at you in surprise. You bet he thought you were going for his friend. You put one hand on the back of his chair and held the microphone with the other, ready to come back in for your next line.

“When you see a sport and his cash has run short,
You can bet that he’s been blowing it on some doll.” You winked, and the man looked away  bashfully. You switched hands for your microphone so you could use the other hand to touch his jawline to try to get him to look at you.

“When a guy wears tails with the front gleaming white,
Who the heck do you think he’s tickling pink on a Saturday night?” The man looked up at you and smiled, finally accepting the fact that a pretty lady was singing to him. You noticed his friend patting him on the back in encouragement.

“When the lazy slob gets a good steady job
And he smells from Vitalis and Barbasol
Call it dumb, call it clever, ah but you keep on forever,
That’s a guy that’s only doing it for some doll, some doll, some doll,
That’s a guy that’s only doing it for some doll.”

There was applause as you finished the song. “After my set, if you’re still here, I can be your doll,” you whispered to him in a flirty tone, before lightly kissing his cheek, leaving a red lip mark that soon was hard to see with his blush.

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Reach for the Stars

Oh my gosh you guys I’m really really really really (x100000) SORRY I took this long to update!!!! I was… preoccupied with other stuff  But anyway, I just watched SVTFOE S2 AND ~*SPOILERS!!!!*~ OMG GUYS MY HEART CAN’T TAKE IT!!!! I NEEDED TO DRAW THE FLOATING STAR SISTERS