Racing/Secret Agents AU: Operation Zero Light

Tony Stark is an ex-GP champion who dropped out of the circuit after a massive accident that cost him his heart and left him with nothing more than a shrapnel as a memento of an extravagant career. Now sponsoring up and coming amateurs while also building the most advanced safety tech for automobiles, Tony doesn’t see a chance of slipping into a race car anytime soon. A thousand miles away, Steve Rogers, an honorably discharged army veteran and Rallye Raid upcoming rookie, is trying to overcome his war memories through an adrenaline pumping race life. These two distinctly different yet ironically similar men are destined to meet when Nick Fury, Director of a covert international peacekeeping organization, decides to call them in to answer the call for the Ultimate Speed Marvel - a private multi-motor racing championship hosted by Nitro, an unseen mafia leader and smuggler with a penchant for the fast track life. Tasked to work together, these champions must learn to navigate through their undercover roles and real tensions to help stop an international disaster. Will their past issues collide or will these passionately temperamental but heroic men find their path before they crash? The answer will either make or break Operation Zero Light.

Please let me know if you’d like to see a fic of this or if you’d like to use this idea for a fic of your own. :D

Trump supporter: “The gays wouldn’t be “oppressed” or harmed if they didn’t shove their sexuality in everyone’s face and make it obvious they’re gay”
Same Trump supporter: *wears “Make America Great Again” hat, gets hit and treated badly and cries about how people have the right to dress and live how they want*