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Okay, follow up question. So "demisexual" is what you call it when you're attracted to someone after making a connection. But that's not a sexuality. That's like me saying I'm attracted to short people so I'm a smallsexual. That's ridiculous. I might feel attracted to someone when they're short, but that's not a sexuality. Demisexual isn't a sexuality. It's something that's required to have a sexual attraction. That's called a type.

Alright, I’m going to try and be nice about this. But you’re being a real dick by coming into our inbox with this invalidating bullshit, alright? So if I get snippy, I get snippy. And I don’t really care.

First of all, demisexuality is one hundred percent legitimate and I don’t care if it doesn’t meet your standards of what is a sexual orientation or not. And neither do demisexuals. A large amount of people have found identity with this term and chose to use it for their sexuality. That alone is enough. New words and sexualities are defined as people feel the need to use them. That’s how language works. If you don’t like it, deal with it. Don’t spread hateful bullshit.

Secondly, demisexuality is not just having a type. Having a type is my thinking men with long hair look nice. And that dying hair non-natural colors is kick ass. Demisexuality is when people are literally unable to feel sexual attraction until forming a bond with someone. I was demiromantic for a time. My romantic orientation has shifted. I literally never had a crush on someone until after NINE YEARS of knowing my best friend. She was my first crush. I had never felt any other form of attraction in my life and I was nineteen years old. Now I can be romantically attracted to someone after a short conversation and it’s happened a few times. The attraction happens a lot more (though still not a lot), but I choose not to act on it until I feel closer to the person. With demisexuality and demiromanticism you don’t get that choice. Because the attraction isn’t there in the first place. That attraction only happens until after they have that bond with the person. They are functionally asexual/aromantic until that bond is there.

Now if you’ve taken the time to read this and actually learn from it awesome. Thank you. Go forth and not be a dick and educate other people on how to not be a dick.

But if you didn’t read it or are still going to argue that it’s not a thing because you didn’t really listen to what I was saying. Then all I have to say to you is: Kindly fuck off. leave. get out. and do not come into our inbox or any other ace, grey ace, or demisexual community space with your bullshit. I defintiely won’t tolerate. And neither will the other mods.


You turn him on (Luke)

Requested: yeah

Anonymous said: One where you’re Luke’s best friends and you accidentally give him a boner from moving while sitting in his lap?

Summary: You could think having your best friend sleeping in your lap would be a cute thing, a few days before you’re leaving to go touring, but in Luke’s case, cute wasn’t the way to describe it, not with her hand pressed up against his dick and his leg slipped between hers. 

Word count: around 1300 words

Warning/triggers: smutty thouhgs and swearing.

a/n: nice


Luke’s hands were running through your hair, smoothly, in the way he knew you loved it. You had been best friends for as long as you could remember, it had always been him and you. You stayed with him through school, you stayed with him when he started his band with his friends, when Ashton joined later on, and you stayed with him when they grew world famous, and now, you had no plans of leaving.

“Didn’t happen”, you mumbled at the story he just told you and he laughed shortly and his fingers stopped. You made a frustrated sound, huffing your head up to his touch and he rolled his eyes.

“It did”, Luke insister, continuing letting his fingers run down your hair and you smiled softly at the nice feeling.

“Right”, you mumbled, “let’s say so.”

Luke sighed, leaning his head against your shoulder. “You should come with tour with us.”

A smirk spread across your lips. “There’s enough dating rumours around us already.”

He laughed again and you realized how much you would miss to hear his stupid laugh when he was on tour, so far away from you.

“True. But still, it would be amazing.”

You nodded. “It would, god, I wish I could.”

“Boys would love for you to tag along”, he reminded you.

You were good friends with all the boys, but they would never reach Luke’s level. “Yeah, but I do have an actual life.”

He snorted. “Right.”

“I mean like, school, work. Stuff. I don’t get money from doing what I love and I have no talents so this will be my life.”

“Shut up”, he laughed, “you’re talented. I mean, you’re- uh-“

“Thanks for the encouragement”, you rolled your eyes, “you’re an idiot.”

“I can give you the Queen Idiot title if you want me to.”

“Fuck off”, you mumbled, “I’m tired, though.”

You pushed yourself half up on his lap, one of your legs between his.

“Y/n-“ his voice sounded kind of hoarse.

“I’m ending this conversation by saying goodnight. Good night, Lukey.”

He stared down at you, you could feel his gaze. “You’re gonna sleep on me?”

You shrugged slightly against him, shifting in a more comfortable position in his lap, head against the lower part of his torso.

“This is kind of comfortable”, you mumbled, nuzzling your head into his shirt, breathing in his scent. You wouldn’t lie, there was no point in lying, you would miss this. You would miss him, hearing him laugh at your stupid jokes, waking up as he manages to fall down the stairs in the morning when you slept over; you would even miss laughing at the dating rumours.

“Stop moving”, Luke told you after a while and you let out a groan.

“I almost fell asleep.”

“Stop moving”, he repeated.

“Whatever”, you mumbled, shifting again to fall asleep.


Okay, this was not good. Her sleeping on him, right, he could deal with it, but moving around?

Sadly enough, he didn’t control his dick, and he was seriously about to pop a fucking boner. Luke let out a sigh, trying to imagine his grandma naked or something.


Y/n moved again, and this time Luke was pretty sure she was asleep, her breath becoming steadier and slower and her body seemed to relax against his. Luke was not capable of relaxing anytime soon, he knew that very well, especially with her hand pressed up his junk.

Well, to be fair, it wasn’t like he hadn’t imagined what it would feel like before – because damn, he had. More than once. She was nice, funny to be with, good looking and she was basically everything Luke wanted.  Later times, it had even been hard being in the same room as her, but he knew he was kind of forever friendzoned. He laughed along, but it hurt every time she made fun of the dating rumours about them, and one time when Luke actually had tried to ask her out she thought he was kidding, and he hadn’t tried again after that.

She shifted again, pressing up against him and Luke’s breath hitched and he glanced down at her, considering the option that she might be awake, knowing what she was doing to him.

Her hand moved slightly against his junk and Luke bit his lip hand, clenching his fists to hold them back from reaching up and run them down her soft hair. Touching would definitely not help his problem.

She moved a lot, which wasn’t in his favour at all, that was quite obvious. He kept his glance up, trying not to look down at her nor the problem he was having, which didn’t get any smaller when her leg slipped between his and she fucking grinded down.

Luke froze.

“Y/n”, he mumbled, fully aware of the husky tone his voice had taken. He needed her to wake up because just shoving her out of the way wouldn’t be very nice, but at the same time, if she did wake up there was n way she wouldn’t notice the problem he was having.

She’d understand, right? She couldn’t expect him not to react if she grinded down at him, her hand pressed up against her junk. There was no way he wouldn’t react, she’d know that. For sure.

“No”, she suddenly said, freezing in place, and without even thinking about it, Luke moved his hand down to her hair, running his fingers through her hair, and like on cue, she relaxed again, shifting even closer to him, dragging her self over his leg and Luke breathed in sharply, his hand stopping.

Fuck”, he mumbled quietly, closing his eyes and breathing out slowly, trying to ease himself out of the position, but with his stupid luck, it only got worse, her fingers running down his length and he had to get moving now. “Y/n!” he said, sharper this time, “you have to move.”

Her fingers shifted slightly, her lower part of her body grinding down against his leg slightly, but fuck¸ slightly was enough for Luke to feel his needs running down his spine in the form of a shiver and he swallowed hard.

“Then move you hand.”

She blinked up at him tiredly, her hand shifting again and he stared right back at her, eyes probably dark, filled with want. He clenched his jaw.

“My-? Oh.”

Luke didn’t say anything as her eyes found where her hand was placed. He just continued staring at her, her eyes traveling from the obvious bulge in his pants up to meet his eyes and back again.


Her voice died out as she met his eyes again and Luke was fully aware that he was staring, and also that she hadn’t moved her hand.

“Y/n”, he said, voice husky, hoarse. “Move your hand.”

“Or what?” she asked, blinking up at him.

Luke tilted his head slightly to the side. “You know what else.”

She pressed harder and Luke moved his fingers up her side, pressing against her bare skin. “I want you to tell me.”

He bit the inside of his lip. “Y/n, if you’re not gonna follow through-“

“Tell me”, she insisted, “please.”

“Or I’ll bend you over the bed and fuck you.”

A smirk spread across her face. “That’s more like it”, she huffed out before leaning up to seal their lips together.

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After seeing Maryne's new comic... Do you feel like that could be a possibility? Carm sacrificing herself (and her relationship) to ensure Laura's safety?

I can’t answer this on account of the ugly sobbing I’m still doing over that comic. Which I am hereby petitioning to dub “that fucking comic”.

(also yes, I think she would)