ok but its so beautiful that tyler decided to take a selfie of him and troye with a polaroid camera instead of just his phone like all of the other selfies he took with the guests. its like he wanted it to be more special, something he could physically touch and just hold to remember troye and with polaroid pictures you can put them in places or stick them to your wall or whatever and it just looks hella cute but with pictures you take with your phone i guess it doesnt really mean much its just another picture on your phone if y'all know what i mean?? anyway theyre just so cute im done bye


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⓵ ℬias Łisȶ

By title alone y’all can guess what this post is about. ④ months old barely a year old on this account and I am celebrating its first and hopefully not last milestone. I am utterly shellshocked by the amount of you following this angry muffin who leads the British assassins. Just-Y’all aren’t lost are you? This really has exceed my exceptions since I only created Henry’s blog as ‘See a need fill a need.’ Motto. Anyhow enough of my spew. Please do not take offence if you are not on here or I have forgotten you, if I have please tell me I am only human and a hundred+ usernames are quite a lot to remember anyhow my names Hemera and welcome to jackass London edition. 

 {Ⓢyndicates }  

These are the amazing people who have stuck with myself since the beginning of time or are just an absolute joy to write with and without them I’d be nothing. AKA the people you see on my blog frequently so frequent I should be handing out frequent writer miles. 

۞ —; iimpctuous | libxrtatis  -  You know why you on top of this list Nyx, you along with Nan you have been nothing but my support system while running Henry. Hell,  if I didn’t ask you guys his blog wouldn’t have been born.  Even more these two hell raisers will kill each other first ‘fore London is liberated. Love writing with you; you are the sprinkles to mah cake :D I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIPP if only their was more fanart of Henry and Jacob we would be good. 

۞ —; evixfrye | markfxschbach - Nan, along with Nyx I can’t thank you enough for everything even for the theme you’ve made for this angry pants. Even letting me ship with you just gah these two. I jump everytime I see your reply. 

۞ —; mxsterofstealth | pyarakaur | voicexfthechildren -  To this day it remains a mystery how you’ve found me my dear. Regardless, you are such a gifted writer as Evie and deserve nothing but praise. I adore shipping with you even though I am sure the henvie shippers will hate us for putting our babies though hell and back most of the time ;D the same goes for Pyara, if only you could’ve seen my face when I read your message of creating a blog for Henry’s mama. Now if only he’d marry Evie. Even more when you decided to create a Clara :D my precious babu I love you pls marry me xD I mean  Henry. 

۞ —; tophatbrawler | eagleprxnce -  The same goes with you my lovely with what I’ve said with your sister above. You are an awesome Jacob and Arbaaz. I live for our interactions even more with Arbaaz. Father and son bonding FTW ( I’M NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND JACOB! )

۞ —; baklavabums | asophiora -  Bruh why haven’t you kicked my ass since I owe you a longgg over due reply. Even more you are such a fucking awesome sauce of a person you know that? I’m pretty sure Yusuf and Henry are like mentor bros. Ten outta ten good Yusuf and Connie right here. 

۞ —; theapparentheir  -  Darim never come to London ever stay in the Levant I fear for your sanity. Naw, xD without a doubt the best and only so far I’ve seen Darim. Looking forward to write with you 

۞ —; ofrooks -  Even thought we finally started to plot and not crack I promise our followers which I’m sure are taking a sigh of relief mainly the French branch. You are the most high stylin n’ profilin' Jacob I’ve come to write with. Jacob you do realize you kill Henry you have to raise the twins by yourself with Evie right? ( passst Hes a prince bruh hes loaded ) 

۞  —; theintrepide | templiere -  I love seeing you on my dash as both Evie and Élise  *le hordes all the Frye twins tbh* I hope we can plot more. JFC Evie calm down stop tying to fight everyone would you kick your own ass to? xD ( JK you know I luv chu ) 

۞  —; lucythcrne | amanofdestiny - ^ Same goes for you don’t you have Ikea furniture to fight? Naw I’m just kidding. I love how you made a Lucy shes London’s residential ass kicker. Jokes aside I love seeing you on my dash as both Lucy and Napoleon 

۞  —; shxshxne | whiiskyes - Anna was no doubt of the first few muses I came to write with as Henry and I thank you Anna mun for your patience as I run this hot mess of a blog. You are a saint, and Anna is a delightful character to write with. 

۞  —; dxdger -  Dodger was also one of the first few muses and followers I’ve come to love. The lil’ scamp is just ugh he melts my heart, and the mun is also such a darling. 

۞  —; ofeyasisms -  Claire and her mun were also the first few that followed Henry and myself and gave me the pleasure of writing with them. A very well written muse if I say so.  

 ⁅  Ⱥssassins, Ƭemplars and ℛegualrs.  ⁆

There people listed here are also important. Actually everyone who follows me is important cause like a subscribe button you all have given me the grace of appearing on your dash and words cannot express how much that means to me. Hence was my making of this list to recognize all you anyhow shutting up now.  Even if we haven’t written or wrote  a few bits here and there, the people below me are worth taking a look at.

adha-chalice || alexandra-savoy  || aprofoundduplicity || assassintrio || coatedblade || cutlasskidd || cxpnofrevenge || dilseoiri || egyptiandeathgod || ezioauditorefromflorence || fierytempiar || floodedtothethroat || flxrdelicada || forliiberty || generalwashington711 || hiddenezio || historiics ||  ignatiius || iintrepidfrye || indefatigableslieutenant || independentalsoomse || itsolivercharles ||  littledxvil || lombredufait || nxtmostdays || nobilis-flos || ofrationale || parisianeagle || piratesgospxl || raufofmasyaf || revolutionexvirtutis || roguishorphelin || syndicatedxfrye || traitorsluck || txkethepill|| wolfisharmageddon || woman-o-war

⁅ ℀ ℱandom βlogs /ℙersonals ⁆  

asscreeed || aureliusquinn || blarpus || canadianassassin || eminagpak || kittyassassino || madame-dorian || mlle-bellec|| mrscabbage || night-stalking || whitefang25 ||  wondersmithofastronautalis

⁅ ✎ Ƒellow ℟oleplayer⒮ ⁆  

a-riotous-beauty || adauxilium || adellaenchanted || aeristheancient || allxnadale || anmxt || aubreyiisms || avecchaleur|| bestcupchipped || betterhealing || bosmeriblood || crownedphoenix || egyptiannightguard ||  icarusriising || knotfairy || kokkinos || le-joueur || maskdad || ofhotheads || poltcrgust || seatcrtles || selfsided  || sylvia-wolfe || talentforlying || thebeautifullydisturbe || thepaladinofgothamcity || trollsofthezodiac || viiiorica || wasthatnotprocedure 

capt-jack-sparrow asked:

Can relationships between aces and non-aces work? My boyfriend came out to me as asexual and broke up with me on the grounds that our relationship wasn't fair to me. We've been dating for a long time, and this summer he started saving for a ring. I've suspected for months that he was ace, and we've talked about it before. He enjoys non sexual intimacy, like cuddling, and I think I would be OK with not having a sexual aspect to our relationship, but he still thinks it's unfair for me.

They can work. We have an entire mixed relationships tag for that dynamic. (be warned, they skew slightly more towards the negative, but that’s because this is an advice blog and people don’t ask for advice when things are going well. check the happy stories tag too.) Partners have different sexual and intimacy preferences all the time any they still work. But what it is going to take for it to work is a lot of communication between you and your partner. Both of you expressing your boundaries and feelings clearly, openly, and honestly. If you want this relationship, you need to tell your partner that. Tell him that you want the relationship even without the sexual aspect. That you are making the decision to be in the relationship just as much as he is. That you know what you’re doing. If he’s still not comfortable being in the relationship you need to respect that. But if you both want it and you both put the effort into the relationship, it can work.



I’m off backpacking across Europe with cakesandsnouts for five weeks today, so my blog is going to be pretty quiet until I return. I might post some things over from instagram (my username is “carolynviolet” if you’d like to follow me!) and I have a couple of JS&MN GIF posts queued. 

I’m really going to miss you guys! Please feel free to leave me lots of messages to come back to. Under the cut, I’ll waffle on for a bit about where we’re going :)

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