Part Two:

My name is Felicity Queen…and this is the story of the day I thought my life was coming to an end. I was wrong…it was only the beginning.

Before she knew it eight months had flown by. In the beginning she had spent most of her mornings near a toilet but as time went on her nausea completely disappeared and if their rising tab at Din Sum was any indication was replaced by a healthy appetite. If she had thought she and Oliver spent a lot of time together before then she was wrong. Practically every waking (and sleeping) moment was spent with Oliver with the exception of when she was at work and even then he came and sat with her sometimes.

They were anything but a normal couple, especially considering he was running around the city in leather again. But this time it wasn’t as the Arrow…but as the Green Arrow. At first he had been hesitant to pick up the mantel, saying that his son or daughter needed him more than the city, which she had replied that that was exactly the reason he needed to do it. It wasn’t just about them and their small chosen family anymore, soon it would be for a child.

After some time Oliver had come around and she had given him his new suit. She hated the idea of him going out but she knew he would never be completely at rest without it. One of Oliver’s best and worst traits was that he was self sacrificing and would always feel like there was something he could do to make things better, even if that meant risking his life. But she had come with him this far. This was her life. She chose it…she chose him and she always would.

Crime in the city had decreased greatly with the Arr- Green Arrow on the streets. Starling City wasn’t hurting for Heroes with Thea (Speedy), Laurel, (Black Canary) and Digg, (Who some were calling the Guardian), joining the Emerald Archer in his mission.That meant more down time for Oliver which he spent all with her doing semi-normal things like going to doctors appointments, painting the baby’s room and shopping for baby items. With Thea’s help they had also designed the nursery around a universal theme seeing as they had decided to wait to find out the sex of the baby.

She and Oliver had also attended Lamaze classes, at Oliver and the doctor’s insistence which had been a huge mistake seeing as they had shown a video of a live birth. They had both left class traumatized. Once outside she had turned to Oliver who still had a glazed look on his face and declared that she hoped he was happy with one kid because this would be the one and only time she would ever do that. He had just nodded numbly and muttered something that she didn’t quite catch but sounded like ’ I’m so sorry.’

He had indeed been sorry when she went into labor two weeks early and nearly broke his hand during a contraction. Her whole body was slick with sweat and she was exhausted but she was determined to bring their baby into the world. When she got a moments break from the pain Oliver leaned down and kissed her brow, smoothing blonde hair away from her damp skin.  

“I didn’t want to be one of those women that blamed their husbands but this…this is all your fault,” she panted. “I know exactly when this happened too.” His brows rose and she continued. “Remember when you came home with that pint of mint chip and we started to eat it but then you spilled it all over you and took your shirt off.” She groaned, her head throwing back against the pillow as another contraction started. “Oh, why do you have to be so attractive?”

“Hey, you married me,” he choked as she squeezed his hand harder than before.

“I’m not saying sorry for that,” she remarked and she didn’t know if it was for nearly breaking his bones or marrying him, probably both but in the heat, literally of the moment she couldn’t decide.    

When minutes turned into an hour and the baby still hadn’t come the Doctor had become concerned, saying he would give her thirty more minutes to deliver but after that he would perform a Cesarean. Time passed and still no baby so nurses had rushed into the room and prepared to wheel her into the operating room. She had never seen Oliver so scared. He held her hand tighter than she had during her contractions as they wheeled her down the hall and behind the doors that took her into the surgical area.

“It’s going to be okay Felicity,” he’d said from beside her, his hand still clinging to hers, his voice coming in and out as she drifted.”I promise.” She didn’t know if his words were more for her…or himself.

Everything was moving too fast and too slow all at once. Nurses and Doctors were a flurry of movement all around her and her only constant was Oliver at her side. She drifted in and out of consciousness and she felt as though chunks of time were missing. A machine started beeping incessantly and her vision faded again. She felt as if she was hearing everything through a tunnel, Oliver called her name and she couldn’t muster enough strength to reply. Her limbs felt heavy and as many times as she screamed at herself to open her eyes, she couldn’t. The only thing she could feel was her fingers and Oliver’s twined together. Something cold and wet ran over her hand and after a few moments of confusion she realized it was tears…Oliver’s tears. She didn’t want him to cry. He didn’t deserve any more pain and she hated that she was one who was inflicting it. She knew she had to fight, but she was tired, oh so tired.

What seemed like forever later a baby’s cry reached her ears through her haze causing her to force her eyes open just enough to see light. She felt warmth spread across her cheek as Oliver spoke. “Felicity, we have a son.” 

“She’s losing too much blood,” someone yelled.

She tried to smile but her body wasn’t working anymore. Oliver fingers brushed her cheek and his lips lingered on her skin.

“Don’t let this be the end Felicity. Not this way, not after everything we’ve been through.” He pressed his cheek, wet with tears against hers. “You’re not done fighting.”  

Light invaded her vision more and this time it wasn’t from the room. As it grew closer panic set it. She wasn’t done yet. She couldn’t leave him. Their son needed her. She took all her remaining strength and set it on living. Not like this. She would not leave this world without a fight.

Oliver continued to whisper encouragement to her which she could barely make out from him voice being so thick until there was scuffle and some yelling. Oliver hand left her and she deduced that they were making him leave the room. He screamed her name and nurses tried to quiet him saying that his son needed him.

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