~put the bass in your walk

Okay so my little sister is watching that Bratz movie (the one from early 2000′s I think?) 
Well one of the main characters is deaf which I was like “okay, awesome some representation in mainstream media” 
First of all, the character has absolutely no deaf accent (and keep in mind he is supposed to be totally deaf, not HOH)
Also, he is able to lipread without looking at people? 
I mean come on; I consider myself a pretty good lipreader, but I at least have to have the person facing me. 
Also he just walked in on one of the main characters singing and he’s like “omg you have an amazing voice” 
and she responds, “but you’re deaf how can you know?” 
Then he puts her hands on the speaker and was like “I can feel your voice, and it’s amazing” 
Okay, really? 
I cannot magically hear people’s voice through my hands because of bass vibrations. 
I get that it’s supposed to be cutesy and all that shit. 
but really? 
Did you do any research? 
That’s not how that works. 


So I heard you people like a smutty Daeil………..haha this boy gives me LIIIIIFE and there’s not an ocean on this earth that can rival my thirst when it comes to him, so you all are in luck =) I don’t know how to put a title on picture posts or pictures on a text post, so I guess it’s cool that this smut doesn’t have a title. This isn’t a request, it’s actually the writing that got me this gig as an admin so enjoy this!

You could hear a distant bass line playing through the wall, not surprising since Daeil danced more than he walked, you were convinced. “Dae! I’m here!” You shouted, tossing your purse and keys on the counter and shrugging off your jacket. You figured he’d come out once he was done practicing and in the meantime you could get a couple waters out of the fridge and go watch him. Surprisingly, the music was immediately turned off and Daeil shuffled out of his bedroom to smile out you, panting slightly.

“Hey, ______-ah! Oh man, thanks!” He was instantly distracted by the cold water bottle in your hand and drank half of it in one gulp. You stood silently, trying not to be distracted by the way his adam’s apple moved with every pull he took from the water. A slightly sweaty and half naked Daeil was distracting enough on its own, you decided, taking in his long, lean form clad only in a pair of basketball shorts. Another noticeable feature: his shorts were a bit tight on him, giving away an entirely new view you hadn’t seen before.

Before you could blush and give away what you’d been staring at, you looked around his apartment to distract yourself while Daeil rummaged in the fridge. “Want anything to eat?” You shook your head, “Nah, I ate earlier. So, what’d you need me to come over for? Idol life got you lonely?” You giggled as his dark head popped out of the fridge, drinking from another water bottle.

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Cover Girl. 

music store employee!calum (requested by my homie leah @ilovemalum)

ok but omg can u imagine like highschool senior calum working in an old music store that sells records and mix tapes and cd’s and he worked everyday after school and on the weekends to make himself enough money so he can by himself a bass of his own (he’s been borrowing the school’s for almost 4 years and now that he’s graduating he has to buy his own bc he can’t imagine life w/o a bass) aw and one day after school you needed to buy your brother some cd he asked for for his car for his birthday and u walked into the shop w calum sitting up on the counter by the cash register w the store’s bass in hands playing away when he quickly put it back on the stand and and omg he looked so cute in his black beanie and blue and red flannel rolled to his elbows and u walked around the store and calum smiled to himself as you looked around the store for the green day best hits album and after about 5 minutes of strolling around not knowing where to look calum came over and said “uh you need some help there” and u smiled and was like “uh well i didn’t wanna ask but do you know where green day’s biggest hits are” and he lit up and said “green day! of course i do” lol what a nerd and he’d show you right where it is omg and you would be like “so what’s ur favorite greenday album” and he’d be like “oh god i don’t know maybe american idiot that’s a hard question” and he’d laugh and like bring the album up to the counter for you and you’d see like a sign that said like “old mixtape trade in” and u asked what that was and he’d smile and be like “oh i started that you see like you bring in an old mixtape and I’ll give u a new one” and u would smile and be like “good to know” and u would pay for the album and smile and shit and you would go home and find all the mix tapes you had and every friday after school you would drop off a new mixtape for calum to listen to and he’d make you one and give it to you and it was so cute bc calum would make each one specific for you

I was listening to ‘I need a hero’ on my way to work and I just… ok
Imagine. But REALLY imagine, put some effort into it. Start the song and…

Party time at Avengers Tower. And I’m talking the whole squad. Dozens of people in bright spandex. Strobing lights. The bass is pounding into your bones.
The song comes on.
Collective cheering.
Pietro exclaims “this is my jam!”
Carol is losing it throwing her arms up.
Tony is pumping his fist in the air and woooo-ing.
Wade and Pete are breaking some almost professionnal dance moves.
Billy, Teddy and America are doing a fast paced version of the breakfast club dance.
Sam is dropping it hella low.

Cut to the people walking in the street below looking up when they hear the shouts and seeing the lights, wondering what evil the Avengers are facing this time.

Janet is twirling.
Scott and Cassie are doing some silly father/daughter routine he must have taught her ironically when she was three.
Wanda is pretending to swoon in Vision’s arms.
Widow and Shulkie have joined Dazzler in an elaborate choreography.

Motherfucking dance party.


ALWAYS when I’m home alone I put some really angry and awesome music on from the tv speakers with huge bass and I change my clothes in the rhythm of the music like PUT ON YOUR WAR PAINT while lipsyncing every word and put on some guyliner and then walk back to living room and start jumping on the stool and dance like a maniac

Lost girl

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Hehe enjoy and mind spelling and grammar errors 

The stage lights dimmed as the last note rung of May’s bass guitar . There was a solo clap as the lights were brought back to normal lighting .”well done girls “ Derek our manger broke the silence that followed our performance “now hurry up and put those instruments away cause your not the only band preforming tomorrow and needs to practice  “ he continued walking of stage leaving us alone with our stage crew “Your still rushing those last notes Josey”  Lily critiqued as she unplugged her amp form her electric guitar . “ sorry i thought it sounded good “ Josey rolled her eyes “ i agree it sounded good but i would rather you played it like we wrote “ May added
“okay “ Josey whinged back dragging out the ‘ay’ . I was sick of the whinging they had been like this ever since we got off tour it was non stop bitching . I slid my drum sticks into the bag pocket of my black ripped skinny jeans . Jumping off the stage with a loud thump i got all three girls attention being on the end of their glares before they went back to arguing . From back stage i grabbed the drum skin for the next band that was playing . They were still bitching when i returned .I cleared my throat which the ignored “ Either way you herd Derek it sounded good so stop bitching and be proud of how far we have come tomorrow we are preforming at the ARIAs along side Five Seconds Of Summer and One Direction .We have been nominated for best music video and song of the year . So no matter if we rush those last notes or not be proud of what we are doing “ i ranted
“ (y/n) “ Lilly started “what would we do with out you ?”
“you would suck with out a drummer “ i smirked causing the girls to laugh
The three girls gave me a devilish grin “ no no no “ i screamed as the ran over to hug me laughing
“ ew gross stop it “ i whinged as the released me from their hug .
“were gonna go and shower before interviews see you soon “ Lily smiled brushing her long ginger hair behind her ears . I started to unscrew the bolts holding on our bands drum cover when i herd foot steps and boys laughing walking across the stage “ you didn’t break my drums did you ?” a voice from behind me called
“your drums last time i checked we were sharing “ i said turing round to face him
“ anyway you can leave it i don’t mind using you skin “ the boy with dirty blonde curly hair replied
“ this is the only drum skin i have with the band logo i am not risking you ruining it “i smirked removing the skin and placing the new one on it . “ Burn Ash burn “ The boy with the blonde streaks in his hair holding the bass guitar laughed beginning to tune his guitar.
“ we herd you practicing , you were awful “ the boy continued
“ we can’t be much worse the you “ i laughed back
he just shock his head and frowned with a sad look in his large brown puppy dog eyes “ that cuts deep “ The blonde Guitarist started
“ (y/n), (y/n) (y/l/n) drummer for The Lost Girls “ i said walking over to shake his hand
“ Luke , Luke Hemming guitarist for 5 Seconds Of Summer and this is Michael Clifford another guitarist” he said gesturing to a boy with bright red hair talking to a guitar tech about the amps “Calum Hood bass guitarist “ he said pointing to the boy with blonde streaks “ and you’ve meet our drummer Ashton Irwin “ Luke introduced them
“ nice to meet you all “ i said starting to feel a bit star stuck i was meeting 5sos . I loved their music i had their albums and eps . “ well i would love to stay and chat but Im going to leave you to practice “ i stated making my way of stage
“ please stay , we need someone to tell us if we sound good or not “ Luke begged
“ you always sound good “ i blushed walking down the stairs at the side of the stage “ ill see you around” i winked .

We had finished our interviews and were waiting back stage to go to the hotel . Lily and May were cuddling on the chair . They had a “thing” for awhile but the weren’t labelling it which confused Josey and I but we didn’t say anything if they were happy we didn’t mind . They had seemed to be on and off for a while . Josey was in the corner skipping her Boyfriend Ryan . They had been together since first year of high school and were still happy together . Even though it did become hard for them when Josey dropped out of high school to further her music career and touring was hard for them . I was just surfing the internet on my Mac book when i herd the door open . I looked over the screen to see Luke’s friendly face peering around the corner .I gave him a faint smile which must have invited him in because next thing i knew he was sitting beside me on the couch with the rest if his band following him into our dressing room . “ hey “ he said as he sat down on the grey couch .” hey rockstar “ i replied with a smile
“i tried to find you on twitter but you didn’t come up “ he said showing me his phone screen
“ thats because i don’t have one “ i replied with a laugh
“ you what ?” Michael questioned looking up from his phone
“ i don’t have one “ i shrugged at him
“ well were gonna fix that “ Luke replied grabbing my laptop from my lap
“ finally “May called from the couch “ we’ve been trying to get her one for a year now “ she whined
“ what do you want you username to be ?”
“ can i have my name ?” i asked raising one eyebrow
“ ill try it and whats your email “ he questioned .I took the laptop of Luke and filled in the rest of my details giving him a smile before clicking sign up
“ bummer that usernames already taken looks like twitter and i aren’t meant to be “ i laughed at Luke’s disappointment when the it didn’t work
“ your not getting away with it that easily “ Calum said standing up from the couch and stealing the laptop . He laughed while typing then with a smirk on his face he handed back the laptop “ you spelt her name wrong you dork” he laughed .
I was soon surrounded by all four boys as the tried to educate me on twitter of course making sure they were the first ones i followed . My notifications were going crazy as more and more people started following me it was really quite entertaining . I was enjoying myself to much i hated my manger for coming in to tell us that we had to leave  to go back to the hotel .

We were all beyond tired when we arrived back at the hotel . We all went straight to our hotel rooms barely saying a word. Things were still pretty tense from rehearsals.  I was sharing a hotel room with Josey and as soon as we were in the door we both collapsed on our beds . She put in her head phones and ignored the outside world she got lost in her own . Josey was my best friend in the band. We had known each other since high school when we were both outcasts together . Well we still very much were . She hadn’t changed much from the girl i used to skip class with . She was the one who really introduced me to music . I reopened my twitter and sent out a quick tweet

Gaining a quick cheeky reply 

I was just trying to come with a witty response. This was not the time for Josey to be asleep. I would always call upon in times like these as she always had the best responses. When he sent me a private message 

I couldn’t believe i was  messaging thee Luke Hemmings ! we talked for hours until i eventually fell asleep on him. 

SO Maybe a new series ? I dunno let me know. Im not finished with Just like dad i just have a bit of writers block.