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Make Out (Tom Holland x Reader)

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Summary: When Tom and Harrison buy their new apartment… they end up moving into the Reader’s building. The Reader is ecstatic, being a huge fan of the duo, particularly Tom. They’re desperate to catch a glimpse of Tom, desperate to get his attention. And they sure do… although a series of unfortunate and embarrassing accidents isn’t the way they wanted to do so. 

Pairings: Tom Holland x Reader (romantic), Tom Holland x Harrison Osterfield (platonic), Harrison Osterfield x Reader (platonic) 

Warning(s): Vaguely described sexy dancing, swearing, embarrassment

Inspiration: Make Out by Rixton 

Word count: 865

A/N: I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT I AM DOING THIS, TERROR IS COURSING THROUGH MY VEINS. Okay, now that that’s outta the way… I adore this song and Tom… so thought why not put the two together? Anyways, this is my first imagine in… awhile. The second one I’ve ever written, and the first one I’ve written on this blog. Please leave me some feedback! 

P.S I know I use the f-word a lot. Sorry. It’s just… ingrained into my thoughts now.

Tom Holland and Harrison Osterfield had moved into the building your flat was in nearly a month ago. Initially, you were flabbergasted, and desperate for a sight of them. You adored both boys, even more so after the release of Spiderman: Homecoming… and just seeing them in person would surely put you on cloud nine. Mostly because you had the world’s biggest crush on Tom. You couldn’t have been more wrong. 

Three days after they had moved in, you had been cleaning around the window near your fire escape and accidentally knocked one of your many potted plants off of the windowsill. It fell several stories to the pavement below… and almost hit Harrison fucking Osterfield. Both boys had looked up, clearly startled. You squeaked and promptly ducked back inside, face tomato red with mortification. You sunk to the floor and buried your face in your hands, heart pounding wildly. You’d almost killed one of your favourite celebrities! God. How could you be that stupid? Had they seen you? It had felt as though Tom was looking right at you…You shivered at the thought.  

Then and there you vowed to never do something like that again and to never say a word about it, were you ever to bump into them. Unfortunately, the Universe had other plans for you, and that was only the first of many embarrassing incidents involving you and Tom Holland. 

The next… escapade occurred roughly two weeks after the “Deadly Potted Plant Incident”, as your best friend had dubbed it through a fit of giggles the very night of the tragedy. You were returning from the library, a mountain of books stacked in your arms. Most were for research purposes, but a few were pleasure reads, and you were quite excited to look at every single book. The lift hadn’t been working the past few days, so you had to take the stairs. Misfortune, it seemed, was following you everywhere these days. 

With a soft sigh, you started to climb, arms awkwardly positioned to keep a grip on the stack of books. You made it up two flights of stairs before disaster struck. You couldn’t see very well with all the books in the way and thought that there was another step when there actually wasn’t… you lurched and tumbled to the ground, books skidding across the landing every which way. 

“Oh, fuck,” you whined, pushing up into a standing position, your bum going out, wincing as you straightened your knees. You gently rubbed at your knees, hissing at the pain, still bent over. There’d be some lovely purple bruises tomorrow. Fantastic. Someone had cleared their throat, startling you into making a rather undignified noise and somehow flailing your way into falling again. This time on to the landing. Smack on your ass. And of course- because the Universe hated you- It was Tom fucking Holland

“Hey… are you alright, love?” He asked gently, squatting down in order to be eye-level with you. Your eyes went wide, cheeks warming significantly. God, he was so pretty up close… You opened and closed your mouth a few times, probably looking like a fish… of fucking course now was the time your voice chose to take a lunch break. After a few painful minutes, you were finally able to speak… and that made things even worse. 

“No!” You squealed, scrambling backwards on all fours, “I almost killed Harrison with a potted plant last week and now-” You cut yourself off, gasping. You’d specifically told yourself never to mention that if you met Tom! God, you were such a mess! You quickly gathered your books and somehow sprinted up the stairs. Once you got into your apartment, you threw yourself on the couch, moaning over your embarrassment. Only you could mess up this bad. 

The third incident happened the next week. You just couldn’t catch a break. You had, by this point, lulled yourself into a false sense of security. You hadn’t seen Tom or Harrison since the “Book Bumble Of Utter Humiliation” (okay, so you’d practically run away whenever either of them spotted you) and everything else in your life had been going pretty well. Your favourite professor had asked to keep one of your essays to use it as a future example. 

You had just returned from grocery shopping, headphones in and two bags in your hand. The lift was finally working again, so you walked in. Your favourite song of the moment came on before the doors closed. Things had been getting better… you hadn’t had any more… eventful encounters with your famous sort-of neighbours. You could just… let go and dance to your favourite song, right? You put your bags on the ground, hips already starting to drop and move with the bass. Seconds later, you were full on dancing as though you were in a club. A bright smile bloomed on your face as you spun around slowly, circling your hips, hands in the air. 

You hadn’t noticed that the lift had stopped… but you did see the doors opening over your shoulder mid hip-roll. And there, in all his lazy Sunday afternoon glory, was Tom Holland, mouth hanging open. Oh shit.

To be continued…

Sebby’s Hair

Summary: You work on the set of Sebby Stan’s new movie and he has a special request based on this request: @marvelfanuniverse asked: … I’d like to get something where you can imagine Bucky letting you being the only one to help him with his hair?… 

Characters: Sebastian Stan x reader, Chris Evans

Words: 500+

A/N: Hope you enjoy. Sorry I kinda took this a cliche route. Wrote on my phone, unedited, unbeta’d…again, I apologize. lol. NO WARNINGS. OK, ONE WARNING; A CURSE WILL BE CAST UPON THE HOUSES OF THOSE WHO SEND ME A MESSAGE ABOUT SEBBY HAVING A GIRLFRIEND. I KNOW THIS, IT DIDN’T WORK FOR MY FIC, OK? GEEZ. :P

You watched as the new girl walked toward Sebastian wielding her utility belt of combs, brushes, and styling tools, only to get politely turned away. You notice him waving in your direction. Confused, you look around, deciding that he couldn’t possibly be talking to you.

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White Noise - Baekhyun X Reader

Synopsis: You face a rather unfortunate turn of events, and campus hotshot Baekhyun intervenes in your favor.

Genre: Fluff/College!AU

Word Count: 4,767 (sorry not sorry)

Warnings: Mentions of sexual assault and harassment, please don’t read if you’re sensitive.

You could’ve met under better circumstances.

Under much better circumstances.

But, there you were, drunk beyond all comprehension and non-coherently sprawled out on some frat boy’s mattress. And, if it wasn’t for Byun Baekhyun, you would have been much worse off than simply having a nasty hangover. You had to close your eyes as tears began to fall and think back to where this started.

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Award // Ethan Dolan Imagine


A/N: The Dolan Twins deserved all four awards they were nominated for period. Don’t fight me on this.

Here’s a little imagine inspired by the TCA’s (my version is not rigged :) . ) 

You smoothed out your dress as you were getting ready to walk to carpet. Your outfit consisted of a velvet body-con spaghetti strapped dress that showed off your beautiful curves perfectly. Your hair was done in perfect soft curls while your make-up held natural look. Currently you were three inches taller than normal with the nude heels you had on. 

Everyone was currently running around all over the place trying to make sure all the famous stars got on the carpet safely.. A bodyguard escorted you out onto the carpet. Squinting your eyes from all the sudden flashes you smiled and quickly began to pose as you were told where to stand. 

Your eyes scanned the large crowds of fans that were eager to get pictures with their favorites. Never in a million years did you think you would be on this side of the carpet. 

Never did you imagine your youtube channel would blow up the way it did. Currently you had over five million subscribers and your life was flipped upside down in a great way. You sometimes couldn’t believe how your life changed over night. Tonight you were nominated for two awards and were going to present one. People screamed your name and reached out to grab your hand. All of this was so humbling to you because without the fans you wouldn’t be walking the carpet right now surrounded by many more talented people. 

Taking selfies with the fans and giving them hugs. You chatted with them for a while before you were told to go inside because the show was starting. Waving goodbye and promising the follow the few fans that gave you their twitter handles you followed the bulky security guard inside the large stadium. 

Finding your seat you sat down and smiled when you saw you were sitting at the same table as Liza and David were siting at. 

“Hey guys!” You greeted. 

“Oh my gosh hi! You look so beautiful tonight!” Liza gushed while getting up to pull you into a tight hug. 

“Aww thanks! You look gorgeous too! We can’t forget about David either look at that beautiful outfit.” You teased making Liza laugh.  

“Right! It took me a while to choose this.” he laughed while pulling you into a hug. 

Soon the lights dimmed down and the first performer was announced. Dancing and singing along to the singers with Liza as David recorded the two of you for his vlog. Laughing as the two of you made a fool of yourselves in front of millions of people you two settled down once they were done preforming. 

Later on in the show the Dolan Twins were called up onto to the stage to announce the winner for Choice Movie Actress. As they began to walk up to the stage Liza secretly elbowed you making your face heat up. 

Liza was the only one (apart from David of course) who knew that you had the biggest crush on Ethan for about seven months now. You have been friends with the twins for about three years now. It wasn’t until one night when you went to film with the twins that you truly started developing feelings for Ethan. 

You watched as they spoke into the microphone and announced the winner. Cheering as Zendaya began to walk up the stage and giving the boys a quick side hug. 

You listened as she said her speech and cheered at her beautiful speech at the end. Clapping your hands as she walked off the stage the next performer was announced. “Look at your future boyfriend up on that stage,” Liza whispered making you shush her with a giggle. 

“You two are the worst,” you laughed while straightening your dress as your category would soon be announced. 

Finally after a performance and a commercial break Dylan O’Brien and Brandon Flynn walked up on the stage to present the category you were nominated for. Nervous rattled your body as you heard the names being announced. Everyone on the list were amazing creators. Liza sensed you were nervous and being the good friend she was gave your shoulder a reassuring squeeze. 

“And the winner is…..” Dylan spoke while taking a long pause. 

“Y/N Y/LN!” the two boys yelled into the microphone making you look over at Liza with a huge smile before getting up. Giving David and her a quick hug you grabbed a few of the fans hands on your way up. Once you were on the stage you hugged both the boys and thanked the person who handed you the surfboard. 

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Group: BTS


Requested: Anonymous said: hey!!! Would you mind writing a namjoon imagine where he accidentally kills you because he’s clumsy and then you haunt him?? thanks ✨✨✨ 

Excerpt: ‘You could do what stereotypical ghosts are known for doing; you decided to haunt the shit out of him.’

Genre: angst, imagine

Length: 2.4k

Warnings: accidental death, swearing

A/N: so this isn’t actually scary cus i have to sleep at night

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 Some things you can’t change, or run away from. You were a firm believer in fate and yet if this was yours why did it seem so pitiful?

You were surrounded by blinding light, your body screaming in agony as the light seemed to get brighter burning your eyes and then nothing; darkness. You opened your eyes to be greeted with the inside of a house, which seemed strangely familiar. The lights were all on and you could hear someone in the shower in the other room, the pattering of the water comforting in a way you couldn’t quite explain. In fact, you seemed unable to explain a lot of things like what you were even doing there or in the photo that rested on the mantelpiece; a framed photo of you and a boy mid-kiss.

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Amends (part two)

Carter Baizen x reader

Notes: fluff, smut, angst, mentions of past alcohol and drug abuse, swearing.

A/N: Going on from part three it’s all new, this part is still the older stuff, but re-written. There’s a Chuck Bass appearance, but he wont be a big part of the overall story. Enjoy! 

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Carter waited until you were safely inside the hotel room, to your amusement; you were already in the damn hotel, what could possibly happen?

When you closed the door and turned you were surprised once again. The room looked completely different from before.

Most of the racks filled with clothes were gone, except for one. A note was attached to the rack:

“Dear Y/N,

In the hopes that you took my offer of staying the night and go to lunch with me tomorrow, I’d like to give you these. Beautiful things, for a beautiful woman, as they say. But none of these garments will ever be as beautiful as you, or do you justice.



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Saviour (Ethan)

Summary: Ethan is the bartender and he helps you when you get drugged.
Word Count: 2,731
Warnings: Mentions of drugs.
A/N: Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh, sorry for being MIA. But as all of you may know, I’ve recently gotten a new job and on top of that, I’m balancing social life, family time and studies so it’s been hard. Hope you like this though xx

You wore your best dress that you had bought a while ago, saving it for the perfect occasion. Your make-up was done beautifully, heels taller than you were used to and your hair was looking better than ever, fully intending to make the most of this night. The club you had chosen was a new one that had just opened up in your town and even though it had only been there for a week, people were buzzing over it, talking about the great DJ and the amazing drinks. And when you walked through the doors with your friends, you could understand why people had been hyping the place as much as they had. It was dark, the strobe lights blinking and lighting up the dancefloor. The dancefloor was huge, bigger than many of the club’s in town, tiles blinking to the beat of the song in different colors.

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All’s Fair In Love & War {1}

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A/N: natty’s back at it again with the “i am trash for kim donghan” fics~~~ So yeah, a chaptered fic for the rudest yet cutest boy ik. Also tagging @smols-n-tols bc they heard this idea from me first!

Pairing: JBJ’s Kim Donghan x Reader

Genre: Angst, fratboy!donghan, more things to come~

Word Count: Roughly 2k

Parts: 1

An A on your paper. A stupid bet spurred by anger. And an especially annoying frat boy who goes by the name of Kim Donghan. Who knew such things would lead you to such a mess?

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Reader x Jungkook // 6243 words

Summary: From high school sweethearts to strangers. 6 years later, the two of you finally meet again. “Let’s turn back the clock and take a walk,” He says.

Genre: Fluff

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A/N: Happy Thanksgiving! I’m finally on break for like… 2 days but I’ll take what I can get! Watched Cafe Society last night and the sentence let’s turn back the clock and take a walk caught my attention. My american football knowledge is still very limited but the Thanksgiving weekend game is tomorrow so I thought I’d fit that in too haha. 

Kibum had asked you to attend this “small” get together he had organized. Well technically he guilt-tripped you into coming since you had already missed the last 3 high-school reunion dinners. It’s not that you were avoiding them or something (okay, maybe you were avoiding one person) but you never were a fan of big parties anyway. Especially when they seem to go on forever but you decide if you attend just this once, perhaps Kibum would stop pestering you.

So, there you were nursing a drink in hand, standing around chatting with some of your high school friends in an apartment packed to the brim with people. You glanced at your watch from time-to-time, wishing the second hand would move faster. Once it hit the 2 hour mark you decide that it would be alright to leave the party. You bid your friends goodbye and they whined and asked you to stay but you insist that you had something to attend to early tomorrow morning so they finally let you leave. Truthfully, you were just really hungry and the tortilla chips with salsa placed in a bowl on Kibum’s kitchen island just wasn’t cutting it for you.

After pushing your way through sweaty bodies, you finally reach the front door of the apartment. You step out into the corridor and let the door shut behind you. Letting out a deep sigh, you finally smile to yourself, glad that you had gotten away from the loud chatter of the party.


The smile on your face fades and you freeze in your spot. You hear hurried footsteps and his voice sounds louder as he comes closer to you.

“Y/N! Damn, it really is you!” The man beams.

“Jungkook,” You smile.

He engulfs you in a hug, perhaps out of habit and you reciprocate and add an awkward pat.

“Leaving the party already?”

“Ahh yeah, I have something to do tomorrow and—“

“You’re going to go get supper aren’t you?” He smirks.

You let out a light laugh and then ducked your head down in embarrassment. 6 years later and he still knew you so well.

“Maybe…” You answer. “You should go in, I’m sure they’re all waiting for you,” You gesture towards the apartment.

Jungkook opens his mouth to answer you but the both of you hear a gurgling sound fill the corridor and Jungkook backs away slightly embarrassed as he clutches his stomach.

“I haven’t had the chance to have dinner,” He laughs. “I was going to go in to say a quick hello and then head out for some food.”

“Right, go on then,” You smile. “I’ll see you around,” You say as you move to the side to walk past him.

“Wait,” He puts a hand on your shoulder to stop you. “Wait for me and we can go grab supper together.”

“Jungkook, I’m actually really tired and—“

“Come on, Y/N it’s been 6 years since I last saw you.” He begs. “Let’s turn back the clock and take a walk down memory lane… Please?”

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Ecstasy (X Men x reader) Part 1

@mswocmarvel - you did say you would like to be tagged if someone wrote it!

SERIES WARNINGS: Strip club, language, sexual assault, angst, mentions of abuse, eventual fluff, eventual smut, underage drinking, underage sex, possible trigger warnings.

THIS PART WARNINGS: Strip club, mild angst, mentions of abuse.

Platonic Ships - Charles x reader, Jean x reader, Erik x reader, Raven x reader, Ororo x reader, Moira x reader.
Non-Platonic Ships ;) - Hank x reader, Scott x reader, Peter x reader, Jubilee x reader, Warren x reader, mentioned Alex x reader, Jean x Scott, Moira x Charles.

A.N: Got this idea from a post by @goawayimreadingbeach you can find the post here. Please tell me what you think! This is my first series so don’t be afraid to be too critical!

Words: 1172

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What Would You Do?

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A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction

Featuring: Derek Morgan x Female Reader

Setting: Season 8

A/N: We’re coworkers and I am harboring secret feelings for you trope! This is going to be a two part story, with a twist! The follow up will be posted next week. But YOU get to pick the ending: ANGST, FLUFF, or SMUT. Vote in the replies. xoxo Stu

Derek had caught the bad guy, literally tackling the unsub before he could escape. The shear physical exhaustion should have calmed his racing thoughts, but seeing Y/N in danger had triggered something inside SSA Derek Morgan. Something he hadn’t known about himself until the possibility of losing her had forced him to face it. Derek was in love with Y/N.

The paramedics were cleaning up the wound on Y/N’s arm while Derek stood quietly on the sidelines. The local detective sauntered over with his hand out, Derek obliged and shook the older man’s hand.

“Thanks, Morgan, glad to have you guys out here with us today.”

“Anytime, Detective. But, uh, let’s not hope for a rematch?” He grinned easily.

“I hear ya. Is that your girl?” The cop nudged his head toward the ambulance. “She’s one tough cookie.”

“That she is, but, no, Y/L/N’s just a teammate.”

The gauze itched wrapped securely around your bicep, it was impossible to get comfortable, especially on the jet ride home. The prescription for painkillers was waiting for you at your local pharmacy in Virginia. Until then, you tried to keep your thoughts on things other than pain and blood. The obvious thing to do was watch Rossi and Reid play chess. You tended to get lost in the strategy while intentionally asking Reid questions to send him off on tangents.

Rossi always got a kick out of it, though it didn’t help his chances much. Hotch and JJ were talking soccer strategies for his son’s team, it was refreshing to have the boss not talking shop every once in awhile. That left Derek alone, either pretending or attempting to nap in the back of the cabin. The tension in his posture told you he wasn’t asleep, but the gentle rhythm of his breathing kept you from thanking him for saving you from a more direct shot. As teammates it was your job to protect each other, but it meant all the more that Derek had risked himself for you.

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terezisexbuttpyrope  asked:

Could you do a ficlet where Shiro and his female S/O are at a party, and she's really friendly but it comes off as flirting a lot and Shiro gets a little testy and jealous cause ppl are hitting on her (but she's completely oblivious)?

Sorry that its a little shorter! for some reason i had trouble putting the scene into words. - Mod Yellow


He had no reason being here. He was just your plus one. The music’s bass thumped the walls he walked along. It felt like a goose chase, as he followed glimpses of his fiance he thought he saw. Sure, he recognized a few faces here, but not enough to have a conversation. How could he, after you were so unceremoniously torn from his side by your clearly drunk work colleague.  He trusted you of course, but he did not trust drunk strangers, and there were more of them here than he could count on his two hands and toes. 

After what felt like too long, Shiro finally found you, standing by the stair well, laughing with the group that crowded near you. You didn’t have a drink in your hand, but instead a blush on your cheeks. Someone he recognized from the work carpool slung their arm over your shoulder, fingertips grazing your bare collarbone. Shiro nudged his way closer to the group, keeping to the wall. You noticed him, smile growing wider as you reaching and pulled him into the cluster of friends. 

The stranger waved loosely to him, still not removing their arm from your shoulder. You didn’t seem to mind, but the way it resembled how he would stand beside you rubbed him the wrong way. Especially how their fingers kept daring to reach lower. 

“Hey,  I think they should be starting the fireworks soon.” Shiro made up what he could, hoping to pull you away from this for a little while at least. He just felt so uneasy here, and while he knew better, he wanted to play it like you were too. He had to get close to you for you to hear him, and it made him happy to feel you hold his hand in yours as he did. 

“Yeah? Lets go out to the porch then!” You spoke loudly, catching the group of chatty friends’ attention. Wordlessly, they agreed and began the awkward shuffle through the crowd to the back doors. Instead, Shiro Stood still, holding your hands to anchor you back too. 

“Lets find a spot on the third floor balcony instead!” He’d past it on his search, and the third floor was emptier, a good place to relax from the bustle. Turning back to your friends you waved for them to go on ahead, the only one to question it was the Stranger, but they thankfully went along as well. 

The fresh night air was a welcome change from the musty stench of alcoholic breath. Shiro held your waist, watching the night sky with is chin resting gently on your head. You hummed to the song that played dully against the floor, falling back into Shiro’s chest. He loved how warm your actions always were, despite how cold your skin felt. 

“I always feel so old when we come to these parties. I’m barely out of college! I shouldn’t be this stingy for another decade at least.” With a heavy sigh, Shiro spoke, and kissed your hair, appreciating the scent of your shampoo. You laughed and played with his fingers for a bit before responding. 

“I wont get mad if you tell me no, Shiro, you don’t always have to come with me.” He knew that, but he’d rather not let the paranoia eat at him as he waited for you to come home late. 

“Yeah… But you know how I can be, I worry.”

“We’ll work on it, yeah?” He didn’t know what more to say, and the foretold fire works filled the silence with hope. 

Don’t Say a Word (Part One)

Originally posted by bangtan-so-far

Part One - Part Two - Part Three

Pairing: Yoongi/Yoonji (Suga) x Reader
Genre: Fluff, Smut (future chapter)
Contains: crossdressing, drug mention 
Word Count: 3.2k

Author’s Note: This all literally stemmed from the extras of the BTS Run episode where Yoongi pulled out a gun on Jimin… I actually got a little impatient so I decided to post this without actually writing out the full story. I was planning on making this a oneshot but oops. There’s going to be multiple parts (probably not a lot though tbh). (((Btw I love Yoongi in that all black outfit from that Eat Jin vid like what an amazing concept hello.)))

A couple years have passed ever since you’ve last saw your best friend, not knowing your high school graduation ceremony was going to be the day he would have suddenly disappeared from your life without a trace. You only have yourself to blame. Maybe if you had asked him about his plans for his future or if you stopped being so caught up in focusing on your music auditions for the band you had so desperately wanted to join after high school, maybe he’d still be around. Maybe you’d know where he was planning to go and what he was planning to do. Maybe he would have still been in your life.

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10 Things I Hate About You - Five

One | Two | Three | Four // Six

“Did you ever like me?” Laura looked at Harrison, halting her actions from getting out of his car. She saw you slam the front door and furrowed her eyebrows – you seemed to have met your soulmate, in her eyes. You and Tom were very alike. She then saw Tom walking up to the car in front of Harrison’s and getting in, driving off quickly. “Laura?” She turned her focus back to Harrison. “Did you ever like me?” He repeated. She shrugged, hesitating.

“Yeah, of course I did.” Harrison sighed, gripping the steering wheel as he shut his eyes in frustration, shaking his head.

“No, you didn’t.”

“Well, not at first-.”

“Then that’s all you had to say,” Harrison argued, leaning back in his seat. It was quiet between them, Laura didn’t make a move to leave because she felt like the conversation wasn’t over – and it wasn’t. “Are you always this selfish?” Laura visibly shrunk, thinking back at everything she’s done – the attitude she held that because she’s pretty, she could get whatever she wanted… whoever she wanted. She thought back to her relationship with her sister, the way she treated her at the party. After that interaction, the next time she saw her sister, you were drunk and dancing on top of the dining room table.

“Yes,” she finally answered, the feeling of guilt weighing heavily on her.

“You know, I liked you – like, really liked you. I defended you when people called you selfish, I tutored you in French – no, I learned French for you and you just-,” Harrison was cut off, feeling Laura’s hands on either side of his face and feeling her shut him up with her lip son his. After the initial shock wore off, he eventually kissed her back, tilting his head slightly. She pulled away a second later, smiling softly at him, seeing his eyes still closed and his lips puckered slightly. She reached behind her and opened the door, causing him to open his eyes. She got out of the car, grabbing her bag and closing it. She walked back to her house, turning around to see Harrison still looking at her in a daze while she tried to minimize the smile on her face.

Harrison watched her walk away, feeling as if he’d just bounced his way to cloud 9. When he couldn’t see her anymore, his hands returned to his steering wheel, gripping it as his smile widened. One of his hands loosened as he pulled it back, slamming his palm against it. “And, I’m back in the game!” He whooped, forgetting that it was close to one in morning. He mentally shushed himself, starting his car, beginning his ride back home with the same excitement he felt from the beginning of the night.

“Well, what happened?” Harrison asked Tom. It was Monday, and they sat on the bleachers after school while the girls practiced soccer practice. Tom shrugged.

“Nothing, and if it had, she would’ve been too drunk to remember.”

“I thought it was going well between you two!”

“What do you care?” Tom asked annoyed, “I thought you wanted out?” Harrison bit back the smile that was beginning to form while he shrugged nonchalantly.

“Yeah, well, that was before she kissed me.” Tom’s annoyed expression turned into a smirk, nodding at his friend.

“Yeah?” Harrison nodded, “Well, where?”

“In the car.” Tom nodded again, this time as congratulations.

“Excuse me!” They heard, picking up their heads and looking to their right, seeing Tony clumsily make his way through the track practice, trying to reach them.

“Hey,” Harrison said, “what’d she say?” Harrison had Tony go ask your best friend if there was any way Tom could fix whatever he messed up. Tony shrug.

“Hates him with the strength of a thousand suns, and that’s a direct quote.” Tom rolled his eyes.

“Thanks, Tony,” he said sarcastically, “that’s very comforting to hear.” Tony shrugged, giving him a sympathetic look.

“Well, you never know,” Harrison jumped in, “she may just need a day to cool off.” Just as Tom and Tony were nodding in agreement, a soccer ball flew right past them, missing their faces by only a centimeter. Tom looked up, seeing you on the soccer field, shrugging at him with an eyebrow arched before returning to practice.

“Maybe two,” Tom suggested, looking at the direction where the ball landed.

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Tick Tick Boom

A/N: This was SUPER fun to write and I hope everyone likes the song choice, which is Tick Tick Boom by The Hives. Let me know what you think! Also Sebastian now goes to McKinley for this, my thinking was he switched schools cuz he likes you and it adds another reason for Finn to dislike him…but you can come up with any other reason why..ha ha

Pairing: Sebastian Smythe x Reader (Finn on the side-ish)

Prompt:  Sebastian and Finn fight over the reader through song and the reader breaks up an actual fight between them, then tends to Sebastian’s cuts/bruises and she admits she likes him. (Suggested by Anonymous, whoever you are out there let me know what you think!)

Word Count: 1,701

Warnings: They do fight nothing huge. I really wanted this to feel like a scene from Glee, where its kind like a music video but the lyrics are jabs at one another yet they still sing the song as a whole….hope that made sense.

Also I don’t own the GIFs.

Sebastian’s Singing is Bold

Finn’s Singing is in Italics

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Tick Tick Boom

The bell rang throughout the halls of Mckinley as the students flooded in. Everyone was bustling around as they grabbed things from their lockers and made their way to class. Many conversations were being had and laughter rang out. You reach your locker as Kurt approaches you.

“Okay please tell me you are in for this weekend.” He started to fix his hair in your locker mirror. “Because I’ve already counted you in.”

“Of course, I would not miss game night for the world.” You say as you pull a textbook out of your locker.

“Oh, there’s Blaine.” He quickly walked away, “See you later and don’t forget you need to bring a partner!”

You smile and shake your head. As you close your locker you catch the eye of Sebastian across the hall. He smiles at you before you hold his stare for a moment before walking away. As you reach the end of the hallway Finn came quickly around the corner almost running into you.

“Oh, Y/N, Sorry,” He said in his flustered voice, “Didn’t see ya there, well I don’t see many people on account of how tall I am.” His cheeks started to flush slightly.

You look up at him, “No harm no foul.” and smile. “Well I gotta get to class.”

He awkwardly waved you off. Just as Finn turned back down the hallway he saw Sebastian watching and the two instantly had a stare down. Everything else seem to blur away into the background leaving only the two of them.

All of a sudden a single guitar started to strum two double beats before a heavy rhythm of drums, guitar and bass came in and their eyes narrowed at each other.

Yeeeahhhh, I was right all along

As Finn walked passed Sebastian he continued to stare him down

Yeaaaahhh, You come tagging along

Sebastian slams his locker shut and turns to follow Finn, He puts on a smile as he sees Mercedes and Sam talking. He nudges Finn with his shoulder as he crosses in front of him cutting him off slightly

Exhibit A, on the tray, what you say? As I throw it in your face.

Finn turned so he was walking backwards

Exhibit B, what you see? Well thats me, I put it back in your place.

They both began walking down the hall together

* They’ve done it before and I can do it some more so what you waiting for?

Sebastian looked over at Finn,

Yeeeahhhh, I was right all along.

As they reached the end of the hallway they were getting even more testy. People began starring as they walked.

* ‘Cause I have done it before and I can do it some more, I got my eye on the score, I’m gunna cut to the core. Its too late, its too soon or is it? Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, Boom.

When they reach the end of the hallway they furiously walk in front of each other criss crossing, each taking a separate hallway at the T. Finn going left while Sebastian Right.

The music intensifies again, with a heavy beat As Sebastian walks he sees a poster of Finn for prom King. He runs his tongue over his front teeth in frustration.

Yeeeahhhh, I was right you were wrong.

Yeeeahhhh, going going you’re gone

He rips down the sign and crinkles into a wad of paper before tossing it into the trash. Finn  walked past one of his posters that Sebastian had defaced with a permanent marker. Finns face pulled into a scowl

I saw you hesitating, waiting to much, till it slipped through your hands.

Sebastian shook his head as he walked.

And then you stagger to your feet and out the door ‘cause there’s no second chance

As they each reach the corner they harshly turn,

That’s right

They each make their way to one destination. As they continued down the now empty hallway Sebastian started dancing and jumping off the walls as he continued while Finn ditched his backpack and began to psych himself up as if he was about to go out onto the football field.

* ‘Cause I have done it before and I can do it some more, I got my eye on the score, I’m gunna cut to the core. Its too late, its too soon or is it? Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick,

They each enter the auditorium in a dramatic entrance, Finn slams the door open and Sebastian kicks the door open. Each of them letting the door slam behind them,

* Boom.

You are sitting in class when Rachel frantically enters, “Rach, whats going on.”

“You need to come with me right now.” She pulls on your arm.

You protest slightly, “Class is about to start.”

“Trust me.” As you follow her you realize she is taking you to the auditorium. On your way many of the other Glee members followed. As you entered you saw Finn and Sebastian on stage, all of you stood their watching the spectacle play out.

Check it,

Sebastian nodded his head sharply towards Finn. the music was lower this time, more base but just as heavy.

And you come crying to me, but it’s too late

Finn began to walk across the stage as Grant walked towards him

The man you try hard to be, but it’s too late

They met in the middle and turned around each other before walking backwards while keeping eye contact.

Finn started to pace slightly

Get your head out of the sand but it’s too late.

Sebastian scoffed,

It’s too late

Too late

Too late

Too late

They were practically screaming at each other as the tension built.They turned away from each other in frustration, Sebastian mocked Finn under his breath

Oh yeah but it’s too late

Finn looked out of the corner of his eye,

yeah it’s too late

Get your head out of the sand, it’s too late.

Sebastian shook his head with a cocky smile

Finn took a deep breath,

It’s too late, too late.

They started to circle each other on the stage like birds circling their prey.

* You know I have done it before and I can do it some more, I got my eye on the score, I’m gunna cut to the core. You know I have done it before and I can do it some more, I got my eye on the score, I’m gunna cut to the core.

“Someone go get Mr. Schue” You say as you start to make your way towards the stage, “Now.” Out of the corner of your eye you see a few people scurry out.

It’s too late.

Finn shot out

It’s too soon, it’s too late.

Sebastian shot back.

It’s too soon.

Finn was getting more frustrated,

* Its too late it’s too soon.

Sebastian let out a short sigh through his nose as he smirked,

or is it?

With every word they stepped closer and closer to one another.

* Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick

* Boom.

They snapped. Fists were flying and it was an all out brawl on the stage. You quickly run up onto the stage in attempt to break them up but a hand on your shoulder held you back. You look up to see Mr. Schue running in front of you.  

You watch as they rolled around on the floor ending with Finn on top of Sebastian laying out punches. Instantly Mr. Schue pulled Finn up and off Sebastian who started to rise up on his elbows in an attempt to get up. You run up discouraging him from coming back at Finn.

“What is going on!?” Mr. Schue had his big voice on. “This is not how we settle things.”

Both boys were breathing hard, adrenaline still pumping through their veins. Their glares at one another could kill.

You look at Finn as Mr. Schue spoke, “Finn, my office now.” He starts to retaliate. “Walk it off, my office now.”

You both turn to Sebastian, “Sebastian, get cleaned up and get to my office and if either of you so much as looks at each other wrong, so help me.”

You push Sebastian back slightly to get him to snap out of it. “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.”

You tug on his arm, leading him into the girls bathroom near the auditorium. He leans against the sink and crossed his arms like a little kid who just got scolded. You quickly grab some paper towel and get them wet. He had a slightly swollen, black eye with a gash over his left eyebrow. He must have split his lip as well at some point as a small amount of blood was there as well.  

You position yourself in front of him, his long legs on either side of you.“Ya know, I’ve never had two guys fight over me before.” You start as you wipe his lip before you start dabbing his brow making him wince. “I’m not a fan.”

He stayed quiet, his eyes down, as you continued to work. “Hey,” His eyes flick up to yours. “I appreciate the gesture, I think.”

The look of defeat began to creep over his eyes, “But you choose Finn, I get it.” He pushed your hand to the side with an instant aggravated attitude.

You raise your eyebrows slightly, “You’re such an idiot.”

You lean down and gently press your lips to his. You felt him jump slightly in shock before he uncrossed his arms letting them settle on either side of your waist. You slowly pull away but he doesn’t let go. “I choose you Sebastian, I’ve had feeling for you for a while now. I just didn’t know how to bring it up. I would have sooner if I knew all that was going to happen.”

A smile slowly grew on his face before he let out a small laugh. “I am such an idiot.”

You finish cleaning him up before you walk together to Mr. Schue’s office to find out what Sebastian’s punishment would be. Right as the two you reach the office he stops you, brings his hands up to cup either side of you cheeks and kisses you again. He smiles then enters the office.

Hello Detective Chapter 57 (Sherlock imagine)

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You had finally returned to your flat after a few more fast paced cases with Bass. Most of them in Russia and Europe. You felt like you hadn’t taken a breath since you started. You and Bass had been working together for nearly a year now, and you made surprisingly great partners. You had barely unpacked your bag when you heard your doorbell ring and Bass’ voice over the intercom.

“Y/N, it’s me. Gonna let me up?” He asked.

You sauntered over to the intercom and pressed your finger to the button to reply.

“Should I?” You asked.

“Me ringing the bell is really just a formality. You and I both know I could pick this lock in 5 seconds.” He jokes.

“Yes, well you’ve always been slow. The inconvenience is tempting though.” You joked, finally pressing the buzzer to let him in.

Before he made it up the stairs you took your letters to Sherlock out of your duffel bag you were unpacking and stuffed them into a drawer on your TV stand. You were better. Nearly a year and a half had passed and you were able to say his name now without breaking down. You thought that was progress. Your life just felt empty now, even though you were barely alone.

When you were in London between assignments you had tea with Mrs. Hudson at least once a week. She hadn’t let 221B out, and you couldn’t bear to possibly enter it. You’d met John once for lunch since, and he was clearly still not okay. Compared to him you were doing well. Of course he had no idea what you were doing now, though he did know you had quit your job at Scotland Yard. You tried to keep an eye on him, but you were so busy. You had found out that he was seeing someone now and it was pretty serious. You were happy for him. As for you, not much had changed. You worked. It was the one thing you could do to keep your mind off of him.

Bass walked through the door, and after a snide remark about the state of your flat, he made his way over to the couch.

“You know what we need to do tonight?” He asked, putting his feet up.

“Remove your feet from my coffee table?” You asked, and he huffed and moved them back onto the ground.

“We need to go out tonight. Maybe a pub or something?” He said and you rolled your eyes.

“You’ve got nothing better to do than take a recovering alcoholic to a pub?” You asked.

“Well you don’t have to drink, but I need to.” He whined.

“Fine, but we should go now, I’ve got things to do and I’m not staying out all night with you.” You argued.

“I know just the place.” He stood, grabbed his coat, and lead you outside. You both hopped in a cab and headed to the pub. You were okay being around alcohol, and you would probably be okay drinking it. It just brings you back to a bad time in your life, one that you don’t want to remember or repeat.

“No, no, no a blonde drug smuggler who was exposed by an abbot with unusual powers of observation and deduction.” You heard as you entered through the door of the pub, Bass behind you.

“A blonde woman hiding amongst bald monks, that wouldn’t exactly take Sherlock Holmes.” You heard another voice return and quickly whipped around.

“Y/N?” Anderson asked, and your eyes grew wide in surprise.

“Anderson? Greg?” You asked, surprised to see them both here.

“God, how’ve you been?” Greg asked, hugging you.

“Busy.” You smiled, Charles now standing next to you.

“Who’s this?” Anderson asked politely. He had really let himself go: overgrown hair, beard, frumpy sweater. He must have gone downhill after he was fired from the Yard.

“Charles Bass. Friend of Y/N.” He smiled, shaking their hands.

“Colleague.” You corrected him.

“It’s been nearly a year, I think we can be considered friends now.” He joked, and you smiled to him.

“Charles this is my old boss Greg Lestrade, and an old colleague Phillip Anderson.” You formally introduced them.

“So you’re doing well. New job and all. What exactly do you do?” Greg asked.

“We kill people for money.” Charles said casually, and you laughed, panicking inside.

“He’s joking, of course. We work at the Natural History Museum. I run tours and we work on restorations and curations.” You smiled and lied.

“That sounds interesting, I didn’t know you were interested in that kinda stuff.” Greg smiled politely.

“Lifelong passion of mine.” You smiled, looking down to the table and the map Anderson had been showing Lestrade.

“What’s this?” You asked more seriously now. You heard the conversation as you were entering, you knew exactly what this was about. They both stared at you, almost afraid to talk.

“Phillip, he’s dead. Trust me, I wish he wasn’t. Don’t you think of all people I’d know if he wasn’t.” You said, looking to Anderson who seemed unconvinced.

“Well then how do you explain this?” He flipped the map. “Signing number 2, The Incident in New Delhi.”

“You haven’t been titling these, have you?” You asked, slightly concerned for Anderson’s mental health.

He then continued to explain how their police inspector had solved a case by measuring the depth of which a chocolate flake had fallen through an ice cream cone. Which in all honesty sounded ridiculous and made up.

“Clever man, Inspector Rajesh.” Greg said, and Anderson scoffed.

“What police inspector could have made that deduction.” He argued, and you and Charles had pulled up a chair.

“Well thank you.” Greg said sarcastically.

“You know how Sherlock never took the credit when he solved all of your cases.” Anderson began.

“He didn’t solve all of my cases,” Greg said defensively.

“He’s out there, he’s hiding, but he can’t stop himself from getting involved. It’s so obviously him, if you know how to spot the signs.” Anderson rambled, and you shook your head in disbelief. If Sherlock was out there, solving inconsequential cases out in the world, he would have told you, but none of that mattered. You don’t jump off a building and live.

“Klein Brothers, the Tower House thing.” Lestrade began listing cases he had solved on his own, or with moderately little help from you.

“The Kensington Ripper.” You helped, adding another.

“You got Tower House wrong.” Anderson stated and Lestrade argued while he flipped the map again.

“Sighting 3 The Mysterious Juror.” Anderson said, and Greg banged his head on the table.

“I’m gonna need a drink.” Charles said, standing to head to the bar.

“Make that two.” You rolled your eyes. What had happened to Anderson? He used to hate Sherlock, now he’s obsessed with him.

You tuned out of this story but according to Anderson, Sherlock swayed some murder trial in Copenhagen. Because obviously in his free time, when he’s not being dead, he’s on jury duty.

“It had to be him! There’s no one else it can be, don’t you see?” Anderson asked as Charles handed you a beer.

“Phillip, I see that you lost a good job fantasizing about a dead man and him coming back to life, and I know why you want that to happen. I want it to happen, but it’s just not gonna.” You said honestly, but something told you he wasn’t going to stop.

Anderson and Greg eventually left and you and Charles now sat at the table by yourselves.

“Has he always been like that?” Charles asked.

“Oh God no. He was an ass and he hated Sherlock. He helped take Sherlock down, planting the doubt in everyone’s mind that he was some sort of killer. Now he’s obsessed. He came and visited me in the hospital and I could tell he felt guilty, but I didn’t know it was this bad.” You answered, you noticed Charles was looking down at his watch.

“Sorry, am I boring you answering your question?” You asked rudely.

“No, I’m seeing if we have time to grab dinner. Hungry?” He asked. You smiled and rolled your eyes. You seemed to be doing that a lot lately when you were around Bass.

“I suppose, but nowhere too nice I’m not dressed for it.” You told him, and he smirked, clearly knowing a place.

The two of you walked down the street, apparently the restaurant was close by or at least walking distance. The two of you chatted before you were interrupted by someone calling your name.

“Sergeant Gregson?” You heard behind you and turned to see Kitty Riley, the reporter from the SUN. You stopped and she ran up to you.

“Sergeant Gregson, I’ve been trying to find you for a while now.” She began and you cut her off.

“Then you’re not a very good investigative journalist. And I don’t work for Scotland Yard anymore so you don’t have to call me Sergeant.” You told her.

“I wanted to apologize. After everything with Sherlock Holmes I tried to find you, but you sort of went off the grid. You quit your job, weren’t in your flat, or the country it seemed-” She said and you cut her off again.

“Is there a point here Kitty?” You sped her along.

“If there’s anything I can ever do for you, I’ll do it.” She said, clearly repentant.

“Clear his name.” You said.

“What?” She asked, shocked.

“Recant your story. Clear his name. Paint Moriarty as the manipulative villain who even got to you and forced Sherlock to his death after smearing his name. He was an innocent detective who saved lives and solved crimes that even the police force couldn’t. I think we owe him at least that.” You said, and Kitty nodded somberly.

You began to walk away and you felt Charles grab your hand. What you didn’t know was that Kitty took a photograph. You also didn’t know that it was going to be published in the SUN tomorrow with the headline ‘Hello Detective: Gregson Returns and Who’s Her New Arm Candy?”.

“Can you believe this? That bitch!” You yelled, throwing the paper down on the coffee table, Charles trying to calm you. He had slept on your couch last night after having a little too much to drink.

“Well think of it this way. Normally women are objectified in these kind of papers, and I’m the arm candy and you’re the smart, powerful lead. I’d take that as a win for the feminist movement.” He said, and you didn’t know whether to slap him or not.

“Like I give a damn about that! I’m an international assassin, I can’t have my face plastered on Page 6 everytime I leave my flat!” You ranted.

She needed to be taken care of. No, you weren’t going to kill her. There were worse things you could do. You had to see Mycroft, he would have this taken care of. You didn’t care if he paid her off or got her fired, but Kitty Riley needed to learn her place. As an undercover government asset, this threatened the safety of not only yourself but of the nation.

You threw on a dress and stepped outside your flat to call a cab to take you to the Diogenes Club when you saw a black car pull up. You rolled your eyes, did he always have to be two steps ahead of you?

“Hello Giles, it’s been an age.” You said, sliding into the car.

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Shorty- Dallon Weekes

Request- Do you know who Dallon Weekes is? Well if not he’s the bass player for panic, can you write something about him and the reader?                          Dallon Weekes gives me life. Please write about him. Like the reader being only 5 foot or something and him being the giraffe that he is. Love your writing, thanks.

Of course I know who Dallon is. I seriously love him so there will be more of him in the future.

“Hey Dal, will you come grab this for me?” you asked from the bedroom.

You heard him making his way from the office to your shared bedroom. He came up behind you and easily grabbed the box you were trying to reach for at the top of the closet.

“The perks of having a tall boyfriend.” you joked and he kissed you before walking back to the office. A smile fell on your face when you heard him start playing his bass. Yu finished what you were doing in the bedroom and went to the office and sat in a chair across Dallon.

“What’s up shorty.” he said putting down the instrument.

You frowned at him and he laughed.

“Don’t be mad, I love how you can’t reach things and you have to ask me for help.”

“I’m not that short.” you defend yourself like a child crossing your arms.

“Yes you are. It’s okay though, I think it’s cute.”

“Well maybe you’re just freakishly tall.” you came back at him.

“Well I am pretty tall, but at least I can reach the top shelf in the cabinet.” he said teasing you. He wasn’t being mean, you guys always teased each other about the height difference in the relationship. You were only 5’2” and he’s 6’3”, that’s a height difference you can’t hid. When you two started dating people thought it was strange that Dallon would date such a small girl. Once they got to know you they fell in love with you as much as Dallon.

“I’m gonna start making dinner, it’ll be ready in about half hour, okay?” you said standing and leaving the office.

“Call me if you need help reaching anything shorty.” he called after you causing you to laugh.

You put on water to boil and went to the pantry to pick out a pasta.

‘Of course it was on the top shelf’ you thought to yourself. No way were you going to get Dallon so he could make fun of you more. You wanted to show how you could be independent. You tried jumping for it, but that didn’t do much good.

You grabbed a nearby stool and stood on top of it. You heard it creak underneath you and that’s when you remembered this was the broken one Dallon was supposed to fix. You quickly grabbed the nearest pasta and went to get down before it broke, but your actions must of been too fast.

The leg of the stool went under the rest of the stool causing you to collide with the ground. You put your hand out to try and catch yourself, but you knew it was a bad idea when you heard a crack in your wrist.

You let out a scream and the music stopped from down the hall and footsteps replaced it.

“Holy crap,Y/N are you okay?” Dallon asked rushing over you where you were trying to stand up.

The pain in your wrist wasn’t allowing you to move. You just cried and held your wrist. Dallon crouch down next to you and put a hand on your back rubbing soothingly. He could tell you weren’t okay.

“Shh, it’s okay. Let me see, how bad does it hurt.” he asked carefully taking your arms in his.

You painfully removed your hand that held your wrist and you saw how swollen it was.

“Dal, it hurts really bad.” you choked out.

“I- I think you might have broken it. Come on let’s put ice on it and see if the swelling goes down.” he carefully helped you to the couch and placed a ice pack on the swollen wrist. You winced in pain as the cold weight pushed on it.

“Sorry babe.” he said when he put it down. “I’ll be right back.” he went to the kitchen and took the pot off the stove. He came back and sat next to you on the couch.

“I know what will pass the time, let’s watch an episode of your favorite show and if the swelling hasn’t gone down, then we’re going to the doctor.” you nodded your head in agreement and he put on an episode of law and order for you. He got you some pain medicine, but it didn’t even help the slightest bit.

Once the episode was over he took the ice pack off your now big bruised swollen wrist.

“Looks like we have to go to the doctors.” he said sighing.

“I’m sorry, I’ll just go myself. Go back to what you were doing.” you said feeling bad that you took him away from his playing. I mean that’s why he sighed right?

“No, no, Y/N I sighed because I feel bad that you’re hurt.” he said helping you stand and put shoes on.

Once at the doctors they did an x-ray on your wrist.

“Well Y/N, you fell off a stool right?” the doctor asked looking at your file.

“Yeah, I was stubborn and wouldn’t let my boyfriend help me reach the top shelf.” you said and both the doctor and Dallon laughed.

“Well it’s broken in 2 places, so we’re going to cast you up and give you some pain medicine.” the doctor explained as he got the cast supplies ready.

After the cast was on you were allowed to leave and Dallon brought you to the pharmacy to pick up your prescription.

“I’ll go get it, no worries.” he said when you went to get out of the car.

Finally back at home Dallon helped you into bed with netflix and medicine, the keys to a smooth recovery.

“You comfy?” Dallon asked standing at the end of the bed.

“No.” you said looking up at him with your puppy dog eyes.

“What else do you need?”

“You.” he smiled and crawled in bed next to you.

He wrapped his arm around you body and pulled you close to him.


“Much.” you said tilting your head up to kiss him.

“Thank you for helping me.” you said drowsily after a few minutes.

“That’s what I’m here for, to help you with anything and everything.” he said kissing the top of your head.

“No, you’re here to love me and for me to love you. You choose to care for me and I’m thankful for that everyday.” you said. “I love you Dal.” you yawned.

“I love you too shorty.” he said and you gently kicked him.

“That’s what got us into this situation, but I kind of like it when you call me that.” you said closing your eyes and allowing sleep to slowly set in.

You heard him chuckle and he started to soothingly play with your hair.

“Get some sleep love.” he said and sleep fully set in.