‘Sci-fi romance adventure’ Alone With You on PS Vita now ⊟

PS4 too, if you’d like. If you have any interest at all in either classic point-and-click adventure games or visual novels, this new PSN release by Benjamin Rivers (Home) should be on your radar.

Alone With You casts you as the only survivor of a nascent offworld colony. In order to make your escape, you have to explore the ruins– and hang out with AI recreations of the experts who once shared the space with you.

I’m slowly working through this game, so hopefully there will be more impressions soon!

BUY PS Vita, 1-year PS Plus membership

Plenty of Playstation owners have been irked at the idea of having to pay to play online along with XBOX owners. Well it seems Playstation Plus subscriptions will be increasing again starting next month


Facebook PSD by haileyroleplays

This is a realistic Facebook PSD based on the current 2016 Facebook layout. It is desktop sized, but may be sized down as needed to meet Tumblr aesthetics. The imaged used are all of the queen bae, Selena Gomez and friends, none belong to me. Click the photo for full size.
This may be used for personal character use, for inspiration, or to be used in a group RP, but please do not steal and repost as your own. Please like/reblog if using or saving.


  • 17 photos of various sizes — including 1 cover photo, 1 profile picture, 2 mini copies of profile picture, 5 featured photos, 9 photos, and 1 photo post. 
  • Requires knowledge of clipping masks
  • There is no PSD overlay required, but one may be used if you prefer
  • Fonts used are Tahoma regular and bold
  • Nearly everything is completely customizable
  • Option for in a relationship/married to as well as single
  • When it comes to the pronounces name section, this site is what I found most helpful
  • In the download, I have cleared all the details so you can fill in the blanks, and left the pictures for guidance 
  • Some things, depending on length of writing, will need to be shifted to fit. I suggest using arrow keys instead of clicking and dragging, just to make sure everything still lines up
  • If you need any help, do not hesitate to send in a message! 


anonymous asked:

Hey love your blog! Can you do Nct Taeyong Ten Jaehyun Jaemin Mark and Johnny reaction when they see your arm having a scratch (you have a CAT thats why..) hope you understand what I mean :) thank you!!

I understand perfectly! Thank you for your love darling! Hope to hear more from you often :)

PS: I have a cat too and I know how it feels, but mine bites sometimes (when we play too much of course, she is a ball of fluff and an actually sunshine *.*)


“What’s with your arm honey? Who did this to you? Wait a second…” he runs quickly to the first pharmacy to buy some plasters and medicine to treat your arm. He can’t stand your pretty arm getting hurt like this…later he’ll even scold your cat for treating you badly *angry mood on* (well, that’s why he loves puppies more) 


“Baby, did you get hurt? Are you fine? Does it sting a lot?” he takes your arm and starts blowing to its direction…just to make you feel better and to be sure your pain will go out quickly. You later tell him you actually have a cat…Oh, no!!

And he wanted to get a mouse as a pet…now that he found out you have an aggressive cat he might think twice…


Confused, he doesn’t understand why do you have those scratches, since he doesn’t know you have a cat.. “Who did this to you? Just be more careful next time…ok?” he tries to avoid touching your arm, considering it might sting and instead takes your hand to comfort your pain…when you tell him it was your cat and show him a picture, he forgets completely about you, since he already fell in love for her…Ok, your cat just won against you!


“Don’t tell me, again? One day I’ll go to your house and kidnap that naughty cat! Why is she treating you like that?” But later he forgets and buys some snacks for her, he loves her deep inside even if she is behaving badly…well they look alike that’s why :D


“Come here. I need to have a serious talk with your cat!” he gently applies some medicine for you, laughing at how much you have spoiled your cat who treats you badly, instead of spoiling him who treats you better than her.