We’ve all had that otp where one person falls in love way before the other. (insp)

While it’s all good and dandy that the Kingsman suits are bullet-proof, we must consider that they’re probably not impact proof, meaning after Eggsy’s shenanigans in Valentine’s lair, he must have walked out with no less than a hundred little welts all over his body. 

Imagine that when Harry finally gets back from being “dead”, he’s appalled to find all the bruises and scrapes littering Eggsy’s pale skin. 

Imagine Harry asking Eggsy what really happened in that cave, and when Eggsy won’t tell him, imagine Harry watching the footage.

 Imagine Harry staring at Eggsy with wide-eyes and saying, “I always knew you were reckless, but this Eggsy? This was a deathwish.” 

Imagine Eggsy looking at the ground and mumbling, “Yeah, well, life ain’t worth livin’ when you ain’t in it.”


My brain slipped.

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Caveat - the maps on this one are rough - don’t look for precise boarder mapping.

So! We can look at categories and labels in systems and find out about what those systems are expecting to describe - their scope. This tells us about what the system’s creators and users are expected to look for in terms of broad categories. These choices aren’t necessarily good or bad, but they are interesting. The DDS, for example, is really white christian centric. It prioritizes western, white, christian information, and leaves the rest of the world as Other.

In my school, we talked about one marker of how much privilege you hold in certain community is how easy it is to find information about yourself - the deeper you have to dig, the more times you have to turn to ‘other’ to find out information about your culture, race, heritage, or brain/body, the more it is clear that you are an outlier in that system. As we saw in the last installment, being an outlier has consequences.

So, so much research has gone into trying to create comprehensive categorization and organization systems for all the information we have. It’s WTF hard. There’s so much information out there and it’s impossible to represent the lives of every person.  The point of this installment isn’t that categorization is bad (though I will point out that any time you create organizational structures, you create norms and outliers), but that the categories and structures of an information systems are as telling as its contents. The question is: who does this system describe? Who are its 'others’?

Next up - the double edged sword of self identification!

FYI - there are two or three more chapters in this, and then we’ll be done :)

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hi taylor!

I’m Emily, and this is my costume for the 1989 World Tour. I’m seeing you at MetLife Stadium on July 10th! I’m sitting floor 4, row 3 (with my mom) but I don’t know my seat numbers yet (the tickets haven’t come I’m stressing)!! If you can’t tell already, I’m a skyscraper! (Based off of WTNY) The irony of this costume cracks me up because I’m literally 4ft 9inches and I’m a skyscraper. IM SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU FOR THE 3RD TIME ITS GONNA BE MAGICAL. (Ps I’m also going the second MetLife date!!) I love you so much and see you soon!!! taylorswift taylorswift (pps creds to my lovely cousin katie for making this!!!)

Alright folks, I’ll start living in a psychiatric hospital tomorrow and I just wanted to say goodbye (idk leaving without doing so makes me uncomfortable)

Thank you for all your kind messages, they’re very much appreciated and do make me feel better.

I’ll be back in about six weeks, see you!