Five years with Hakyeon, Taekwoon, Jaehwan, Wonsik, Hongbin, and Hyuk.

Here’s to 500 years more!

[Two very passionate people]

Mildly inspired by @ryntaia’s fanfic about how both Futaba and Yusuke may be different, but they’re both the most passionate in the group.

I’ve been meaning to draw these two because I’ve fallen deep into Yutaba hell- population— probs v little but all the more reason to make content for it ; v ;

This was a warm up doodle gone a little too far, but I’d love to polish it further sometime soon~

anonymous asked:

Hi where did you get the gif for this? /post/161010482104

Gday! for that one I made the gif overlays in photoshop cs6 using 3 different hi-res stock videos:

Fire, Fire Embers & Smoke. That site has some other great stock videos to download for making gif overlays or textures. :)

I’ve never felt so useless; just reading about everything that’s going down in Marawi- a city in a country I call home. I can’t really do anything to help our brothers and sisters in Mindanao. Everyone right now feels so powerless over these attacks.

Those who can(our government), aren’t really doing anything- but spread false news about how this is something that happens on a daily basis in a muslim city and how we should not panic. 

PLEASE, Pray for Marawi. Pray for the world.