anonymous asked:

what is your favorite hair color on girls?

my favorite hair color on girls is whatever color of hair they want to have. in nat’s case, that color is ‘blood of my enemies.’ for pepper, its ‘slightly more civilized blood of my enemies’ 

also i have been trying to talk Thor into dyeing his hair blue. i just feel like he could really make that work.

“keeoone: these last hours embodying our characters, I want to reflect on a great love I have for you. Last night, I was very present and took the time to really look at you as you are now. I have grown up with you and learned so much from you. I’m a better person because of you. I will continue to look up to you as an actor, because you care so deeply for our craft, and bring the greatest truth to everything you do. I absolutely love you Troian Bellisario. And as our characters drift off into space and away from our control, I remain grateful I could inhabit their existence with you right there to ground and protect me. I will miss these subtle moments and quick, brief glimpses of you and this whole surreal experience.”