What’s Coming in Slime Rancher v0.5.1

Slime Rancher v0.5.1 will be the next significant patch as we gear up for the Glass Desert update in v0.6.0. Here’s a rundown of what to expect in v0.5.1:

7Z Rewards Club

The 7Z Rewards Club is designed to act similarly to a mortgage you pay off in other farm games, only our version is totally optional and issues unique rewards. These rewards include:

- Visual upgrades to various parts of the ranch

- Chroma packs that allow you to recolor the ranch house, vacpack, and ranch tech

- A special vacpack upgrade

- A vending machine of slime toys

It’s important to note that many of these rewards are designed to be prestige items for only the most successful ranchers. You’ll need to work hard into order to get them all!

Letters from Home and Hobson’s Journals

This update will include part one of the journals Hobson left behind as well as an exchange between Beatrix and someone she knows back on Earth. Slime Rancher was never designed to have a sweeping narrative, but we’re hoping that this update will add more dimension to the characters we’ve introduced.

Gordo Snares

A new gadget will be added that allows you to capture gordo slimes at any build site. You can feed and pop them for resource rewards but most likely you’ll just want to keep them as big ol’ slime buddies. 

Echo Net

Another new gadget we’re adding will allow you to collect echoes more easily in the Ancient Ruins. You’ll still get them in extractors, but an echo net never breaks and only collects echoes.

Auto Feeder Improvements

The auto feeder will have three speed settings to choose from, allowing you to customize the amount of food that it distributes.

Ranch Expansion: The Docks

Finally, a new ranch expansion will be added that will grant four additional ranch patches and a couple other features. 

Aside form other fixes and smaller things, that about cover the major features of the next patch. We hope you enjoy it and are as excited for the big Glass Desert update that arrives later on!

Razail, the Warbringer

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“Phoebe?  Where did that cat go?”  The elven rogue searched inside the druid’s tent briefly as he placed a letter atop the work table, underneath a clay bowl.  He was finding only black fur instead of his animal friends.  The tent’s smaller inhabitants, three sapling treants, along with some local wildlife, seemed off to the rogue.  The birds were flying around rapidly, their chirps different from what he usually heard, and Razail’s eyes and ears were focused on them as he tried to figure out anything he could from their behavior.  The treants came out from their hiding places once they noticed the blonde elf standing in the spot the massive black beast could usually be found.

They surrounded him, each pulling on different pieces of his new red leather armor while they jabbered on in their ancient tongue.  Razail knelt down, trying to give each of them some attention before the noise and worry from the wildlife caused him to give out a large, cat-like roar.  The animals quieted down as they took to finding spots to be, and the treants seemed worried as they stepped back from the rogue.  The young elf had not been so loud inside the tent before and he took a slow breath in before speaking to the sapling that seemed to follow him the most.  “Have you seen Phoebe?”  A simple question that he figured they would understand and could respond easily.  All three nodded, the leaves on their branchy heads rustling.  The one whom he focused his gaze on started to speak and gesture.

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With regards to being an one-san to a maiko, how many 'bragging rights' do they recieve if they're succesfull? Sayaka has both Satsuki and Marika, and surely some of the older natori geiko have been one-sans to many, presumably popular maiko.

It’s not exactly a number as it’s an abstract notion that can’t use quantifiable means to calculate (ie: no numbers = no real way of measuring). What it does do is it grants prestige and a higher degree of trust. Sayaka is an excellent example as 2 out of 3 of her imoto are still active and both are incredibly successful (with one even surpassing her!). In this way more junior girls are more likely to go to her for advice (even if she isn’t their official onesan) and she has an excellent standing with the okasan of the okiya and ochaya in her area. Trust is the most valuable currency in the karyukai, so to have a great deal of it, especially at such a young age, can open doors that may have been otherwise closed to other women. 

Israeli defense exports surge - 30 March 2017

 Israeli military exports surged last year to $6.5 billion, a rise of 14 percent buoyed by increased defense budgets, the government said Wednesday.
Total deals rose $800 million compared with 2015, making the second consecutive annual rise in Israel’s military exports.
“The Israeli defense industries have won great prestige around the world, thanks to advanced quality technology,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement.
The ministry put the rise in exports partly down to “increased defense budgets in the face of growing security challenges”.
The largest amount ($2.6 billion) went to the Asia-Pacific region, with $1.7 billion and $1.2 billion worth of weapons, reconnaissance and telecoms systems to Europe and North America respectively.
It said that 20 percent of all defense exports came in the form of “aircraft and aerial system improvements, with 18 percent from "observation and optronics” and 15 percent on “aerial defense”.
A study released last month found that worldwide arms trade had risen to its highest level since the Cold War in the last five years.
Between 2012-2016, arms imports in terms of volume by countries in Asia and Oceania accounted for 43 percent of global imports, a 7.7 percent rise compared to the previous 2007-2011 period, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).


I get recognised quite a bit in Bulgaria. There have been a lot of amazing people from Bulgaria that are very talented. But I’m one of the few in the entertainment industry of Bulgarian descent and so there’s a lot of national pride and love and support. I definitely feel it when I go to visit.


get to know me meme: favorite movies {4/5} » the prestige (2006)

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