Q: Some people say the only reason you got famous was because you were very lucky. How would you respond to that?
Yixing: Then you try getting famous relying on luck for me to see. Haha.
—  Yixing || Bazaar Men interview
No one likes lukewarm coffee...

You know that feeling when you nip down to Starbucks and buy your usual ‘White Chocolate Mocha’ (giiirrrrlll if you have not tried it then drop every you are doing and go grab one or convince someone to buy you one because PRAISE JESUS FOR COFFEE) . You take your new caffeinated best friend with you throughout your morning to start the day on a great note.

You write a paragraph or two of your latest assignment or scroll tumblr for an hour and you go to get another coffee hit. But… as you are lifting your little cup of joy to your mouth and take a sip.. you discover that it is LUKEWARM and your once best friend who you trusted to help you through your day has flaked out before you even finished with it. 

You feel like spitting it out.

Do you know what… we are God’s cup of White Chocolate Mocha and He doesn’t like us lukewarm either. 

Now a lot of people don’t like going here because its intimidating, scary and hard to hear and to be honest I don’t like reading stuff like this either but because it is in the bible, its important to consider all God tells us rather than pick and choose what we listen to in order to be the best we can be for His kingdom. 

The Bible says in Revelation 3v16 ‘So, because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I am about to spit you out of my mouth’. Sometimes I would rather God be talking about His cup of morning coffee in this verse. But He is talking about His world full of children who wake up each morning uninspired and half heartedly follow Him. 

We have all been there and i’m sure days will still come when we wake up so engrossed in our situations that we feel we don’t have room for God or include Him in our day (or season) and live it out lukewarm. 

A coffee is always a coffee… but it’s a bad coffee when its lukewarm. I will always be a Christian.. but not a good one when i’m living lukewarm. 

You know what stops lukewarmness? Prayer, even when it’s hard and you struggle to say a sentence let alone have a conversation with God. Praise, praise Him even when you are so overloaded with trials and stuff to do. Obedience, listen to what he asks you to do because obedience is His love language and it will unlock blessing after blessing for you.

Getting out of the lukewarm lifestyle is SOOOO hard, but so important. The amazing thing about our Heavenly father is that He does not leave us where we are at. Although He may be a little taken aback at the state of His treasured child, His favourite coffee will always be His regular order. He will ALWAYS rescue you and offer you a pathway into being ‘hot’ or on fire for Him again. 

I pray that all of us (including myself in this prayer) that we will latch onto our amazing God in moments of blindness and lukewarmness. That He will show us the way and help us to praise, pray and obey despite our feelings and situations. 

For we were bought at an enormous price by God and He doesn’t deserve a cup of cold christian in return. 

-31women (Gabi)


So yeah, i have been thinking about this for quite a while now, and i think the time has finally come to set this thought into motion.

Hy friends, and dear followers, you have been for some reason still following me, and didnt until know show any sign of hate, disgust nor distrust to anything i post here. Most of you actually seem to like what i cook up in that traditional pot of mine, leaving a gentle comment or like.

So i thought to myself…”You know…they deserve it..”

So i decided, that for 10 of those of you, who will send me in the message a avatar, or a very good description of they´re persona (or OC, i dont mind), i will make you a drawing. Description can have only the description of the look of the character. But if you add a short story (please no big walls of text, only a nice description) i will be glad to read it.

There are no rules, i only have to ask you, as people, and as my followers for a couple of favors.

1. If you really wish a persona drawing, please be mindfull, and serious about what you wish me to draw. I do not wish to do any disgustring pieces of art. I dont mind doing either humans, cybogs, anthro´s and all kinds of that.

2. The pictures will be only from the upper chest till the head, so think carefully how you would like your character to be done.

3. Choose the tone of emotions, or a emotion you owuld like your drawing to have.

4. Do you have any special requests ? Like a weapon ? Scar ? Gadget ? Do not worry to ask.

5 Do not by shy to ask me questions. This is for you after all.

6. If you wish your friends to know, or you simply wanna share this, please like and reblogg. I wont mind. PRAISE THE SUN !

Have a fantastic rest of the day, or a majestic evening !

“A player that’s really stood out since the World Cup is Lucy Bronze and she goes from strength to strength.” - Kieran Theivam

“She does. I mean, pace on the flanks, can come up in attack when she needs too and then at the same time - and we were treated to this when she played her season at the University of North Carolina - she can be a real strong point at the back. You look at the back 4 right now for Manchester City, you have 4 internationals that are starting. You’d take that any day of the week.” - JJ Duke


I love this scene!

I love how Reigen is clearly being all big-brotherly behind the scenes, mentoring Mob on how to be a good guy. And I love how Tsuchiya is presented, as a woman, as a worthy match for the male protagonist and strong enough to want a fair fight with him.

I’m really in love with this series!


The actual quote from the manga is even better:  “…you’re a gentleman, but that’s an insult. I am looking for a fair fight with you. Besides, I’m the adult here beating down on a kid. SO we’re even. There’s no way I’d lose anyway. Just give it your best shot.”

She’s being all big-sisterly to her opponent while at the same time telling him she’s a badass, so don’t underestimate her because she’s also a lady. Love. It.


That’s it. That’s literally all it could have been

Roxane Gay will write a 'Black Panther' spin-off comic about the women of Wakanda

Ta-Nehisi Coates and Brian Stelfreeze soon won’t be the only ones making Black Panther comics for Marvel. The duo have layered their take on T’Challa (who made his on-screen debut earlier this year in Captain America: Civil War) with fascinating female characters, from the revolutionary leader Zenzi to the elite bodyguards-turned-starcrossed-lovers Ayo and Aneka. Now those women are getting their own spotlight series this November, co-written by award-winning author Roxane Gay and the poet Yona Harvey, Marvel announced at Comic Con on Friday.

The first issue of Women of Wakanda, which is set to launch this November, will feature two different stories. Gay’s will focus on Ayo and Aneka; co-plotted with Coates, it will come out of Black Panther’s explosive “A Nation Under Our Feet” storyline, which has radically shifted the status quo in Wakanda, the high-tech African country ruled by T’Challa.