Yeah, in terms of like, when I last seen Louis, I didn’t have an actual version of it. At the time it was just me and a guitar and I didn’t really wanna play that. And it was also at my birthday party so it’s kinda loud. I didn’t wanna be playing songs, y'know, elsewhere. But they all knew I was doing it, and they’re all happy and the reaction has been good. I’m happy that they’re happy.
—  Niall on what Liam, Harry and Louis thought of This Town (via umthatsliam)

The usual wild antics of AOMG’s two CEOs Jay Park and Simon D lol…Ssam D pretending to be a fan and Jay flippin him off and then acting like he didn’t know what he’s doing & started rolling the window back up hahaha…

Imagine sitting next to Jay Park while he’s driving his Bentley…..bumpin his songs…. them Jordan shorts tho. xD

From Dapper to Dork in less than five seconds. xD find a guy that could do both. ah heck…just find Jay Park. xD 

Pumkin recording during dinner and of course Jay’s acting skills come to play when the camera’s on him…

and his instastories won’t be complete if he didn’t show himself in the gym.. you’d have a much better chance at meeting Jay Park in the gym than on the streets lol

  The tease. He’s prob singing a snippet from his upcoming Everything You Wanted album but he mutes the audio as he wheels around the AOMG HQ. 

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My name is Blue Haired Anime Boy Darkness Dementia Raven Way, I have blue hair with black streaks in it (that's how I got my name). My favorite video game is Sonic 06 (if you don't know what that is then get da hell outta here!!!!). Every mod except Mod Deemo stared at me. I put my middle finger up at them.

anon, you are doing god’s work and i love you