so for past 4 days ive been harassing literally every single one of you to vote for bob on 5 different update accs n priv one

thank you so so so so much for joining all voting parties for not giving up when we had even 45%

yesterday at the same time now (3am CET) we had 50k gap and we were all losing hope in voting gc and today we were winning with 100k votes

thank you once again SO MUCH for voting till the end non-stop, I’m proud of us all. 



the first two that you see are in the inner cover pages!! KAZOOS

and those other two pages you see are “intro” pages i decided to add in last-minute

now i have to do all of these pages in high res, a couple of part separation pieces, layout, and then it should be totally done!! I’M EXCITED!

Thank you everyone who participated and voted for our mans, not just those who pulled through to vote today, but those who were up at 5am voting non stop two nights ago when we were down 60k votes. We cancelled plans, carried our phones to parties, voted during breaks at work, stayed up till ungodly hours, put together group chats and many many many voting parties. I’m genuinely proud of the way our fandom came together this weekend and even prouder of how humble we’ve been since winning this thing. Love y'all, see you on the other side ✌🏻❤️