State legislative races don’t usually draw a lot of national attention – but Virginia’s House District 13 race is: it pits a Republican incumbent known for unsuccessfully sponsoring a so-called “bathroom bill” against a transgender woman.

If she succeeds in unseating Delegate Bob Marshall, Democrat Danica Roem would be the country’s first openly transgender state lawmaker.

Roem’s background may set her apart as a political candidate, but her message to voters in this district, in the outer Washington, D.C. suburbs, is pretty standard for a local politician. She’s focusing on bread-and-butter “quality of life” issues, she says, like roads funding, schools, and water infrastructure.

Roem argues she’s uniquely informed about local issues and prepared to problem-solve because of her years working as a newspaper reporter in the region.

“I’ve dedicated my professional career to vetting information…and then reporting the truth as it is, not what other people hope it should be,” she said. “…And when I’m in office I can do the same thing.”

Virginia Statehouse Race Pits ‘Bathroom Bill’ Author Against Transgender Woman

Photos: Gabriella Demczuk for NPR

DeVos rescinds 72 guidance documents outlining rights for disabled students
The guidance documents helped parents and educators understand student's rights under the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act.
By https://www.facebook.com/moriah.balingit

It’s as if she took a highlighter to all the important support students with special needs have and removed them.

Yeah, Trump has done SO much for every "disappointing" president in history. You wonder if they want to thank him.

“Nixon and Carter were bad presidents!”

Like, most of America wouldn’t jump at the chance to have them back right now.

I mean, no matter how sleazy or corrupt Nixon got, even he never had the nerve to ask: “Can’t I just pardon myself?”

Someone on Twitter the other day: “I miss the quiet dignity of George W Bush.”

today in argentina, we vote for the legislature. reblog this so people know, today we decide if we let the neo-liberalist president Mauricio Macri completely ruin us and sell us out to the usa and england, or if there is a force to weigh against him and his party.

the future of this country can change drastically depending on what happens on this day. argentina is spiraling into poverty out of control. you probably don’t know this if you’re a gringx, but we need everyone to be as indignant as possible, and as loud as possible. people are disappearing for rallying against oppression. they are repressing our public manifestations of displeasure.

if you’re a gringx / non-latinx you’re encouraged to reblog this

anonymous asked:

If Pence is anti-gay, then why do you want to impeach Trump in the first place?

First of all, I don’t think I’ve said anything on this blog about impeachment because ultimately I don’t give a shit who is in office, especially in this administration. Both Pence and Trump and Ryan and etc…. are all pieces of shit who have the same goals. When we talk about Trump and the administration, we aren’t simply unhappy with this administration, we’re against the whole system and want to see it abolished. This isn’t about Trump vs. Pence for most anti-fascists/leftists and we’re still going to be here talking about the evil shit our government does long after Trump is out of office. 

Also, I don’t like the question of “if Pence is anti-gay,” because there’s no “if” about it. I don’t know if you’re one of those trolls who keeps telling us that Pence isn’t anti-gay or if you’re genuinely asking but he is anti-LGBT. But Trump is also anti-LGBT. Just because he waves a rainbow flag doesn’t mean Trump isn’t just as evil as Pence. 

It was pretty big news when Trump called for the ban of transgender people in the military. (And I know everyone wants to have the conversation about the military industrial complex and why trans people, and people in general, shouldn’t be in the military but that’s not the point of what happened.) The point was that Trump wants to openly discriminate and bar a class of people based on their gender identity and that’s a fucking problem.

He’s endlessly tried to cater to the evangelicals and their obsession with discriminating against LGBT people. He made it clear that he wants to allow discrimination against serving and employing LGBT people in case of religious beliefs. He spoke about this at the Values Voters conference, and anti-LGBT hate group, and told them that they are the types of people who will be shaping America in years to come and that they were his people. 

Also, he fucking picked Mike Pence to be his vice president soo yeahh… the implication that Trump isn’t anti-gay is astounding. Just because he says he’s “good for gays,” doesn’t mean he is. 

Why I think trump could become the next Hitler hear me out

The first think hitler did was try to make everyone think that the country has something wrong with it and he was going to fix it, then he convinced once he was in office everything was ok, he deemed everything that was not promoting him fake news and suppressed the press, he didn’t start out with the Jewish, it started with the disabled gay and sick, (like someone whose autistic or trans or the health care act,=21st century) Now who does this sound like, if you can’t figure it out by now it’s Trump

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Name: Lia
Age: 20
Country: New Zealand

Hi! My name is Lia, I’m 20, and I would love to get to know more people around the world. I’m currently doing my post graduates degree in visual art, and am really interested in tattooing. My interests are super varied, I’m literally into any genre of music, but at the moment I’ve been loving the band MUNA. I’m a feminist, so if you want to share complaints about politics and society, I’m down. I have the biggest sense of humour, so as long as something isn’t offensive, I’ll probably laugh. I can also guarantee that at some point I’ll make a really dumb Dad joke or a really bad pun, so… you’re welcome.
Some of the shows I love: Sense8, Skam, Brooklyn Nine Nine, HTGAWM, and of course the female driven classics - Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls. Though, it’s fine if we don’t share a lot of interests, I’d love to talk about anything, that includes any personal things you’re going through in life. 

Preferences: 19+, LGBTQ friendly