RUSSIAN FEDERATION, Moscow : Relatives and friends pay their respects as they stand close to the coffin of Boris Nemtsov during a farewell ceremony in Moscow on March 3, 2015. Russia vowed on March 2 to find the killers of outspoken opposition leader Boris Nemtsov as fresh details emerged about the most shocking political assassination during Vladimir Putin’s rule. Nemtsov’s body will lie in state on March 3 at the Andrei Sakharov rights centre in Moscow, followed by his burial at the city’s Troekurovskoye cemetery. AFP PHOTO / ALEXANDER UTKIN                        

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This might seem like such a dumb question but is it an affront to the Palestinian cause/hypocritical of me as someone who is sympathetic to Palestine to travel to Israel to visit friends and thus fuel Israel's tourism/economy/perpetuate it's illegitimate existence? I mean there are a lot of countries with corrupt governments I would still travel to, if that makes sense, but I just feel differently in this case and would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!


Ultimately, I think bringing up other corrupt countries in this context is a red herring. Israel isn’t just “corrupt”, its a setter colonial society that has managed to receive sympathies, financial assistance and political alliance from great world powers in ways that other nations with openly oppressive policies don’t. America gives Israel $3 billion dollars a year in military aid. Just to give you an idea, that’s more money than all of Africa receives.The vast majority of Fortune 500 companies support or have intimate business with Israel (McDonald’s, Starbucks, LoReal, HP, Caterpillar and ReMax to name a few). AIPAC lobbies have managed to appeal on all fronts. Liberals support Israel because its the “only democracy in the Middle East” with elaborate pinkwashing campaigns. Conservatives support Israel because their murderous expansionist policies and colonial foundation are akin to America’s and many brash racists do find solace in the similarities. To be honest, I don’t know where I’d find queer groups and GOP members on the same side of an issue the way they vigorously agree about Israel.

Also, we have to consider that Palestinian civil society has personally drawn out a guideline on how to support their liberation. I mean, of course we can discuss how to aid other marginalized people around the world, but THIS particular demographic has drawn up a blueprint for you. Stating x country and why they aren’t being boycotted is a wanton disregard for and a malicious deflection from all the work that has gone into BDS. If you don’t honor it, then you can’t say you are in solidarity against the Zionist project. Its really quite simple. Palestinians from all around the diaspora can’t go. Israel has exiled them. Its an absurd brandishing of privilege to go, for any reason other than being invited by Palestinian themselves.

If your friends had the right political stance, they’d understand and meet you elsewhere, but requiring you to do something you’re obviously uncomfortable with and deem unethical (as you should) doesn’t sound like the actions of a friend or someone with a moral compass. In any case, I strongly suggest you don’t go.

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Why do you watch House of Cards? Isn't it kinda gross in the way that there are like no POC beyond boring side characters and isn't it really sexist and ableist? Granted, I've never seen it and this is only what I've heard but you always seem to have such good opinions on shows so I'd love to hear your take.

I mean like, bro first of all I am the easiest for the marvel films and also a bunch of other shit I can’t remember off the top of my head (like kings! Kings! Goddamn) that tick all the boxes when it comes to Problematic Material. I watched thor 2 FOUR TIMES even though I fucking hated it!! So that’s about the time when you realize I have awful taste, and will willingly subject myself to shit I know is bad because i like, don’t respect myself.

But that said, because of the genres that I like - history and politics - if I only watched or read shows and books that weren’t racist or sexist or ableist, I would pretty much have nothing to consume. Now, that’s not to say that socially conscious political and historical texts don’t exist - I am trying so hard to make Social Justice Classics a thing - but that for the most part a lot of the works in these two particular genres are overwhelmingly white and overwhelmingly male just because they are made by the overwhelmingly white and male. Some people are sick of it, and I get it, and I respect their right to opt out of texts that obviously do not see them as people or as worthy of representation, but I’m kind of clinical enough about my media consumption that I can separate texts that I consume because I admire what they are doing in terms of representation (how to get away with murder, scandal, marco polo, 12 years, elementary, and agent carter to a very very lesser extent) and texts I consume because I admire what they do with style and narrative (this is where house of cards goes, along with kings and rome and s1 of the borgias, the secret history, etc etc). This is not to say, however that they are separate realms - bc storytelling wise most of the first set is ABSOLUTELY on par with the second, they are not separate circles in the Venn diagram.

However. Just because I’m clinical doesn’t mean somehow this is a better form of television watching - it’s just to say that I acknowledge that a stylistically or narratively superior show is not necessarily better in terms of social analysis, and vice versa. I think some of the current trends in this ‘your fave is problematic’ attitude is that you know, it’s kind of too black and white for my tastes - acknowledging that a show has very obvious faults and perpetuates a very obvious form of hierarchical attitude does not mean that it is automatically garbage and no one should watch it ever. For someone who actually, you know, does this shit at school and is hoping to go into it professionally, I really do think we should give credit where credit is due. I don’t mean that if, like you’re triggered by sexual violence you STILL ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO WATCH GAME OF THRONES AND ACKNOWLEDGE THE LEVEL OF PRODUCTION. I mean that we are entitled to watching trash, so long as we acknowledge that it is trashy. Not everyone watches television to see accurate representation - that doesn’t mean that representation isn’t important, but it does mean that not everyone who like, watches supernatural is automatically a misogynistic queerbaiting asshole.

So personally, I don’t watch house of cards because it like, idk highlights the systematic marginalization of women and poc from positions of power. I do watch house of cards because I like the directorial and stylistic choices, because I think the writing is sophisticated, because I like what they do with the breaking of the fourth wall, because I think Kevin spacey and robin wright give amazing performances. Similarly, I started watching Marco Polo because it had a poc to white man ratio of like 13:1 and I’m glad I did, because it developed good story lines and gorgeous cinematography and a group of nuanced characters and a sensitivity to historical subtleties. Do well represented shows have a better chance of developing narrative and stylistic sophistication than the latter does of developing the former? Yeah it does. But I do think you can watch different shows to enjoy different elements of it, and that appreciation - whether it be technical appreciation - and appreciation borne out of identification are not mutually exclusive.

Also like, bro I have the shittiest taste. The SHITTIEST taste. I am not Roger Egbert. I liked the 2004 Troy.

i made two new save files and im suddenly way too invested the character’s lives and backstories

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I think people need to learn the difference between choice and sexism. Like people complain that there's more male MPs but there's more men in politics so it makes sense that there is more male MPs I think the whole idea of trying to have 50% 50% workforce in every job is absurd. Because the employer will get to a point where they have to hire based on gender to meet the 5050 and hiring based on gender is sexism. People need to think their view over more


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I work at a restaurant where 90% of the customers are old white people. every day I overhear at least 1 racist conversation. there's an old man who always tips with a bag of candy, some of which is loose m&ms. everyone wants tartar sauce with everything, and when they want italian dressing they say it like "eye-talian." the people who come in after church on sunday are always either very polite or incredibly rude. sometimes they steal salt and pepper shakers. STAY AWAY FROM SUBURBS.

The suburbs came into being literally as a way for white people to live away from minorities a lot of old white people who live in the suburbs are either the people that were a part of the white flight or were their children so they’re al at least kinda racist.

CHINA, BEIJING : Hostesses jump at Tiananmen square during the opening session of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on March 3, 2015. Thousands of delegates from across China and the Chinese leadership will gather for its annual legislature meetings from March 3 in Beijing. AFP PHOTO / FRED DUFOUR

literally every celeb i’ve liked has fucked up massively and like often refuses to acknowledge some of the problematic shit they do which is why dan and phil are so refreshing like they’re so politically aware and when they do mess up they acknowledge it and try to like??? IMPROVE???? they’re so important???¿¿¿¿¿ 

If I had a chance to speak at TEDxKhartoum, I’d probably wanna talk about how awlad almughtarbeen approach the issue of poverty in Sudan. They step out of the airport and are immediately hit with the gruesome images and are filled with the desire to act and to help. They want to fix everything and their intentions might be genuine, but their approach does more harm. This is especially relevant to students in my university in that they possess the Western Savior Mentality. They think Sudan is missing [Western concept that’s not applicable]. They don’t realize that people back home have been working on these issues for decades but they assume that they can swoop in with their Made in USA magical wand and fix everything. They don’t know Sudanese history, politics, society, or the people. Hell, most don’t even know proper Arabic, yet they place themselves at the top of the activist totem pole and assume roles as revolutionary leaders. This needs to change. We need to take a step back and listen. Listen. And then listen some more. Then follow instructions. Learn. Help. Be an ally, not a leader.

Honestly people who proudly admit they don’t care about politics are the worst they don’t realise they’re saying I don’t give a shit because I can afford to be apathetic

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what was the drama about? no one will explain :( x

Basically Gabby (velvetgh0st) was voicing her opinion on the website vessel or whatever but it was in quite a rude way for some of her tweets since she was saying that its disgusting or somin (Keeping in mind that some of the people from the brit crew that she’s hung out with before use it like Caspar and Tanya) and so Alfie called her out on it politely and this is like the little exchange

And apparently she was being rude to people who disagreed with the way she was voicing her opinions and just yeah idk…its not really a drama more like a twitter exchange thing that got a bit out of hand but ya know :) xo

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I can't choose between 5 and 13, so 50, and DeanCas because I can never get enough of those two assbutts 😊

I’ll go with 5 then, because reasons :)


Cas took the receipt from the barista, thanking her politely and dropping a dollar in the tip jar the way that Sam taught him.  She smiled at him, with her head tilted so that she was looking up at him through her mascara-laden eyelashes.  Idly Cas wondered if so much weight on them made it more difficult for her to blink properly.

He frowned when he got back to the table where Dean was sitting.  The receipt seemed to be for the correct order- a grande caramel latte with extra foam that he was not supposed to tell Sam about, and a regular dark roast coffee- but the barista had written a different name on it.

"I think she gave me the wrong receipt," he murmured.  "This says ‘Tiffany’ on it, not ‘Castiel’ like I told her."

Dean frowned and pulled the receipt out of his hands without warning.  Cas thought about protesting, but then just shrugged mentally and watched Dean’s face instead.

Dean snorted and handed the receipt back to him.  ”Dude,” he said, smiling the way he did whenever Cas missed something about human cultural norms.  ”That’s her name.  And that, right underneath it, that’s her number.”

"Oh," Cas said, looking at the number that he’d ignored, thinking it was maybe the contact number for this branch of Starbucks.  What Dean said clicked in his head, and he nodded in sudden understanding.  "Oh, this is part of a-a dating ritual, isn’t it?" he said.  "She finds me attractive and wants to have some kind of romantic or sexual relationship with me."

"Yeah well, you’re hot stuff," Dean said, then his eyes widened.  Something about what he said caused him to flush slightly.  "Chicks dig the whole Constantine look," he added, gesturing at Cas’ outfit.

Cas looked down at his clothing.  ”Do they?” he said.  He’d only chosen this collection of clothing because it felt familiar, even if it wasn’t the outfit he’d worn for years after first taking a vessel.  Dean’s eyes had lit up just a little bit when he saw it, anyway, so that was all that mattered.

"I have a grande coffee, and a grande caramel latte for Casteel?"

Cas stood to fetch the drinks.  The barista- Tiffany, the receipt and her nametag said- smiled at him again, and this time he endeavored to smile back.  She was pretty, he supposed, and what he could see of her soul with his fading grace looked bright and clean.

He handed Dean his drink and sat down again to sip his own.  ”Perhaps I should ask her on a date,” he mused out loud.

Dean choked on the large gulp of sugary coffee he’d just taken.  Cas leaned forward in concern, which Dean waved away as he coughed and sputtered.  ”You’re-” he started hoarsely, then stopped to cough some more.  ”You’re gonna go out with her?”

Cas shrugged.  ”While I was human I found that there’s… comfort in having someone, even for a moment,” he said.  And horrible, aching loneliness at wanting someone but not having them, but he didn’t mention that.  ”I may not be human anymore, but there’s a lot that has… stayed with me.”  He glanced at the register, where Tiffany was brightly helping another customer.  ”Besides,” he added, “she’s quite beautiful.”

When he turned back to Dean, his friend was gaping at him, his face still blotchily red from his coughing fit, and his eyes practically bugging out of his head.  Cas frowned.  ”Are you alright?” he asked.

Dean cleared his throat, his expression suddenly masked by a teasing grin.  ”Yeah- yeah, I’m fine,” he said lightly.  ”Not as fine as you, obviously, you- uh, you player…”  He coughed again and gestured vaguely toward the counter.  ”Plus she’s- she’s hot, man, you should totally-” He swallowed.  ”Totally hit that,” he finished, his voice trailing off.

Cas tilted his head and squinted at him, wondering about this sudden change.  Humanity in general he sometimes had trouble reading; Dean was another story.  But this reaction… something was off here.  ”Dean, what’s-”  He glanced down at the receipt in his hand, something occurring to him.  ”Wait, are you- are you jealous?”

Dean opened his mouth, but no sound came out.  His eyes were wide and his face suddenly pale, and he didn’t seem to be breathing.  ”I…” he finally managed, but that was all he said.

"Dean," Cas said.  Dean looked positively terrified at the sound of his own name.  "If you’d like to go out with her, you can," Cas continued, passing him the receipt with Tiffany’s number on it.  "I don’t have any strong feelings about her either way."

All the breath that Dean had been holding wooshed out.  He stared at Cas, then slowly looked down at the receipt in his hand like he wasn’t sure how it got there.  ”Right,” he murmured.

Cas took a sip of his coffee, and wondered what Dean’s caramel latte tasted like.

it is funny 2 me that people perhaps less experienced w/ confronting their own behaviour and opinions on a range of social-political issues go into this Defence Mode when you question or correct something they say or do and it can be the smallest thing it could be one single word choice and somehow it turns into this huge attack on them personally and it’s kind of in the same genre as pulling people up on making mistakes w pronouns like with these tiny little errors often u can just clarify and move on but it’s so unhelpful when someone is unwillingly a giant shitty baby and rather than questioning their offensive behaviour instead acts all woe is me and life is terrible and hard for them because they’re Trying or something

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My majors (sic) were in politics, years of study could not prepare me for how far "activists" could miss the fucking point. Rather than making police shootings as universal as possible and confronting the institutional problems that are largely their cause, they come up with "black lives matter". Rather than drawing on the support of the majority they made it about a minority, rather than recognising the cause of widespread problem they cried racism. Now it is fucking selfies, what the fuck.

Idk, for some reason people are obsessed with selfies.

Yesterday I almost came out to a homophobic family member of mine by accident

*talking about the gay kiss between Aaron & Eric on TWD*

them: I just don’t like it when they try and shove it in our faces to make a political statement. It’s not gonna do anything for gays. It doesn’t help them in any way.

me: you don’t know that; it’s called representation. you can’t just speak on behalf of gay people like that if you’re not gay???

them: well then neither can you!

*awkward silence*

me: tru tru