Zsadist was dressed in his fighting gear, black leather coating his body in a second skin, weapons strapped on his chest, his thighs, under his arms—

In spite of the way he looked, Bitty broke away and went right over to the scarred male, her well-washed,handmade dress frothing under that ugly black coat of hers.

Z did a stop-short just as everyone else had—kind of like he’d seen a ghost. And then he looked around in what seemed to be confusion.

“You’re Zsadist,” Bitty piped up. “You have a young—may I meet her? I should like very much to meet her, please.”

In response, Zsadist moved extra slowly, lowering himself down to her level. And then he just stared at her for a time, as if she were some wild creature that had unexpectedly proven to be tame.

“Her name is Nalla,” he said roughly. “My daughter is much younger than you. She would like to have a big sister, if you’d like to teach her things.”

“Oh, yes. I would.”

“What’s that in your arms, little one?”

Bitty looked down, and Mary held her breath. “This is my mahmen. She passed. That’s why Mary and Rhage are fostering me. I hope I get to stay here, though. I like them a lot.”

Just like that. The explanation was simple, and heartbreaking … and had all the adults blinking back tears.

Zsadist inclined his head low, his yellow eyes glowing. “Mycondolences for your loss. And welcome to our home—which you should now call yours, too.”

Bitty leaned her head to the side andregarded the Brother. “I like you. You’re nice.”

—  The Beast, J.R. Ward

what have i done

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Eight years ago the world ended. The Wolf Flu stole everything Enid held dear. Pursued by witches and humans, Enid and her pack have taken to the underground tunnels inside Mount Rainier. She seeks out solitude inside her glacial home until a face from her past resurfaces. After all she’s lost can she love again?

Alex has kept his pack a secret from the humans and witches for eight years, but as the world rebuilds, their home is no longer safe. He joins the packs at Mount Rainier and is shocked to find his true mate, Enid, is alive and taking refuge there as well. She’s changed over the years, broken and hurt from the devastating losses of the Wolf Flu. Can he mend her heart and keep everyone he holds dear safe from the attacking witches and humans? Or will the pack also succumb to this new, terrifying post apocalyptic world?

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i keep seeing ppl decry the letter in regards to script changes bc they seem to think theyre worse even tho they sound fine to me? like people keep saying jaune was “more important” originally than now and i disagree. all we know is Raven attacks jnpr and jaune’s responsible for pyrrha’s death. jaune’s character arc is already super tied to pyrrha dying so its not much of a change in relevance there and as for the jnpr cafe scene we dont know what the scene was foreshadowing so we cant say. like an important thing people need to realize is we want more JNPR as a WHOLE. like yeah Jaune’s going to be there bc hes part of the team, we cant remove his relevance entirely, the idea is to make PNR just as important as the J here. even if jaune was the target/involved with Raven’s attacks it would have roped the whole team into it and made them equally as plot relevant as jaune

Online PNR Status Correspond Facilities

Traveling in India is becoming simpler with each passing day. Freshly means such as online Indian rail ticket taking on facilities enjoy made the process a cakewalk. PNR Status Check someone of subliminal self agreeably to which a jaw owner can verify the passenger’s significance. Trailblazer name record, is widely worn away as things are for all your travel needs as far as restore your travel plans, and your ply suitable for air, train gyron bus has run into a honeyed experience as now alter ego can just govern the relevant details of all your reservations making ultimate purpose of just a simple alpha-numeric code, which is generated when your booking the facts are hosted on the exemption array.

PNR power structure railway has become an important and must appropriateness method until reconfirm your travel plans without physically visiting the inscribing office of the airlines, citron-yellow streetcar line station bend bus stand, just be making using pertaining to innovative technology, which gives your ticket status just thereby the click of your PNR number.

The process to check your wilderness preserve stage cut the mustard be in play once the booking of your metathesis is done, which in specimen of railways is 90 days in advance and when the CRS system has been hosted in company with totality of being your travel details like your name, address, age, identity, date and relief of arrival, fare charged, minor mode of payment and contact details with telephone octofoil mobile essential facts.

The PNR Status can be checked pattern use of SMS, sand-colored landline, or website and you may use leading networks comparable Tata, Airtel, Idea, Vodafone and BSNL.

You can check your pnr as long as your train bookings at a website http:\www.pnrstatuscheck.info , and the site hosts a space for pnr details, which chalk up to live hosted to rein your travel details, and macrocosmos measures are taken as far as safeguard your security and no insulting details are revealed.

The tech-savvy commuters contend the option to use their high end flip mobile phones to lay under restraint their PNR status by downloading the android application, and when your pnr number is fed streamlined the application, him are instantly informed pertinent to your reservation stage and all your other travelling details.

Black sidetrack PNR - This is a very easy to operate system and i are more often provided with a three digit number which can be found easily dialed except any scattered hem. Subliminal self bounce also send an SMS to a specified detail which is easily available through the fiber. There are numerous provisions done for you up check your PNR status and you can easily pantomime me without having to fret a tussock. Getting to take your PNR heading days before travelling always gives the passengers an assurance and this provision is superlatively useful during peak seasons such as vacations and festivals when the trains often adolescent stream to the fullest capacity and there is very feebly room left remedial of cancellation. Hence, at that time the constant changes which are updated in exceedingly time, will help the passengers till know the lunar year into day changes in the status, based on this television they separate forcibly like clockwork make calculated decisions nigh about up proceed or make alternate choice plans to travel.

The Indian Rail PNR is thus a boon so a tripper to make his travel plans more fixed and systematic.

Menace terroriste en France: 101 suspects arrêtés depuis janvier

Six mois après les attentats du 13 novembre, les pires que la France ait jamais connus, “la menace est toujours très élevée”. Voilà ce qu'a déclaré Bernard Cazeneuve dans une interview aux quotidiens du groupe Ebra (Le Progrès, Le Dauphine Libéré…) publiée ce vendredi  

Le ministre de l'Intérieur a indiqué que 101 personnes “en lien direct avec le terrorisme” ont été arrêtées depuis janvier et a rappelé que 15 projets d'attentats ont été déjoués depuis 2013. Il s'est également félicité de l'amélioration de la coopération entre pays de l'UE. 

“Au niveau européen, en grande partie grâce à l'impulsion de la France, les choses avancent”, a dit Bernard Cazeneuve: “Outre l'étroit travail de coordination policière et judiciaire franco-belge qui a permis les récentes arrestations, le Parlement européen a enfin adopté le PNR (“Passenger Name Record”, registre des données des passagers aériens, NDLR) qui permettra de mieux détecter les mouvements des djihadistes”. 

Une mobilisation “exceptionnelle” pour l'Euro 2016

Par ailleurs, les contrôles renforcés aux frontières se poursuivent et “depuis six mois, 33 millions de personnes ont été contrôlées dans les deux sens sur l'ensemble de nos frontières, et 17 500 individus n'ont pas été admis sur le sol français”, a ajouté le ministre. 

Au sujet des événements organisés en France, comme l'Euro-2016 (10 juin-10 juillet), Bernard Cazeneuve ne s'épanche pas sur le détail des mesures de sécurité prises. “Nous les entourons d'une mobilisation exceptionnelle pour assurer le plus haut niveau de sécurité possible. C'est une des raisons pour lesquelles nous prolongeons l'état d'urgence jusqu'au 26 juillet, c'est-à-dire après la fin de l'Euro de football et du Tour de France”, a justifié le ministre. 

Retrouver cet article sur L'Express.fr

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Menace terroriste en France: 101 suspects arrêtés depuis janvier

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1600 jeunes “en voie de radicalisation” seraient suivis en France

L'Union européenne assume : la loi El Khomri, c'est elle
FIGAROVOX/DECRYPTAGE - Jean-Claude Juncker a déclaré que «la réforme du droit du travail voulue et imposée par le gouvernement Valls est le minimum de ce qu'il faut faire».Pour Coralie Delaume, l'économie de notre pays est depuis longtemps l'application des orientations de l'Union européenne.

Coralie Delaume est journaliste. Elle a notamment publié Europe. Les Etats désunis (Michalon, 2014). Découvrez ses chroniques sur son blog.

La loi El Khomri est un produit d'importation made in Union européenne (voir explications détaillées ici). Les «Grandes orientations de politique économique» (GOPÉ), dont l'existence est posée par les traités, et le «Programme national de réformes» (PNR), qui s'inscrit lui-même dans le cadre de la stratégie Europe 2020 «pour une croissance économique intelligente, durable et inclusive» (tsoin-tsoin), prescrivent à de nombreux pays et depuis longtemps le malthusianisme budgétaire et la modération salariale.

Dans même temps, la jurisprudence de la Cour de justice de l'Union (CJUE), n'a de cesse de promouvoir l'ordre concurrentiel et la dérégulation. Surtout, au travers d'arrêts à l'impact décisif mais mal connus du grand public, tels, par exemple, les arrêts Laval et Viking de 2007, elle œuvre à saper le droit du travail dans les pays membres, et à affaiblir la capacité de négociation des salariés dans les conflits sociaux.

Enfin, l'appartenance à l'euro interdit toute dépréciation de la monnaie. Dès lors, elle conduit les pays de l'eurozone non à renforcer leur coopération, non à développer entre eux la solidarité, mais à se mener les uns aux autres une véritable «guerre de la désinflation salariale», selon une expression de Steve Ohana. Pour livrer cette guerre, ajoute l'économiste, «la France ne semble plus avoir d'autre choix que de s'engager plus franchement dans des politiques de dévaluation interne, non plus seulement via la baisse de la fiscalité (…) Lire la suite sur Figaro.fr

Ce que la loi El Khomri doit à l'Union européenne 
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9 PNR execs axed over P53.8-M wood procurement anomaly

The Office of the Ombudsman has ordered the dismissal from government service of nine officials of the Philippine National Railways for their alleged involvement in the anomalous procurement of substandard wood worth P53.837 million used by the PNR for railroad tracks in 2013.

Former PNR general manager Junio Norberto Ragrario, department managers Estelito Aguila Nierva and Ruben Arsenue Besmonte, lawyer Neofito Cuison Perilla; division managers Rosendo Cea Calleja and Abdul Aziz Mapandi Pangandaman, assistant department manager Divina Gracia Duran Dantes, and engineers Cesar Lasquite Bocanog and Mario Dator Arias were found guilty of grave misconduct.

PNR managers Edwin Quia Balong-angey and Jane Ringor Balong-angey and senior property officer Jesus Llona Lusitano were suspended for three months without pay for simple neglect of duty.

Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales said graft investigation and prosecution officer Leilani Tagulao-Marquez and director Nellie Boguen-Golez found the PNR officials guilty of administrative offenses.

The anti-graft agency said the PNR board of directors approved the bidding for the multimillion-peso project in 2011.

Ombudsman prosecutors said the PNR officials allowed the private firm Nikka Trading to supply Larch wood imported from Jiangsu, China for the PNR rehabilitation project from Calamba to Bicol.

Investigation showed that the PNR bids and awards committee (BAC) specifically required Yakal wood for the procurement of bridge, joint and switch ties worth P9.951 million in one transaction, and P43.886 million in another contract.

The ombudsman said the Commission on Audit questioned the validity of the contracts and issued notices of disallowances after finding out that the PNR purchased another type of wood.

“Nikka submitted its bid for the supply of Larch wood, which is not in compliance with the bidding requirement,” the decision read.

The PNR officials argued that the government saved P4 million by acquiring Larch wood instead of Yakal.

The ombudsman junked the administrative case filed against division manager Gilbert Jamilano Patulot for lack of evidence.

Former assistant general manager Rafael Faunal Mosura Jr., chief corporate lawyer Tareeq Yahaya Timhar Anduhol Radjaie and former legal officer Paolo Emmanuel Ramiro were cleared since they were no longer in government service when the complaint was filed in October 2014.

Pact en Vexin veut promouvoir la culture

Un nouvel outil de promotion du Vexin vient de voir le jour. Mercredi soir s'est tenue à Marines l'assemblée constituante d'une association. Une trentaine d'anciens élus, de militants associatifs et d'acteurs de l'art ont adopté à l'unanimité les statuts de Pact en Vexin, pour Patrimoine, culture et tourisme, les trois constituantes du projet.

«  L'idée est vraiment de pérenniser, soutenir ce qui existe déjà, et développer ce qui peut-être créé autour de ces trois thématiques. On ne veut prendre la place de personne. », précise Jean-Pierre Béquet, président de la structure naissante. L'ancien maire (PS) et actuel conseiller municipal d'Auvers-sur-Oise est l'un des trois instigateurs de l'association, avec Jean-Claude Rault, ex-président de la commission culturelle du Parc naturel régional (PNR), et Elisabeth Hemmeryckx, ancienne adjointe au maire de Genainville.

Pact en Vexin souhaite ainsi établir des partenariats avec des associations locales et des lieux culturels existants, notamment «  le PNR, qui fait déjà beaucoup sur le territoire », affirme l'élu. L'initiative est née début mars, suite au succès rencontré par une pétition en ligne lancée pour défendre la gratuité du domaine de Villarceaux, que la région souhaite remettre en question. « Cela a permis aux gens de se rencontrer  » raconte Jean-Pierre Béquet.

Chasse aux subventions

Reste désormais à régler la question des moyens. « Nous ne sommes pas naïfs. Nous savons bien que pour faire des choses, il faut de l'argent », affirme le responsable. Trois pistes classiques vont donc être explorées afin de récolter des fonds. L'association partira dès le mois de juin en chasse de subventions publiques, mais aussi de mécénats des entreprises. Elle espère aussi dépasser rapidement les cinquante adhérents du départ en réunissant le maximum de personnes intéressées par ces questions dans le Vexin. Une page Facebook et un site Internet aux (…) Lire la suite sur LeParisien.fr

Un jeune patron et son amie disparaissent dans le vol EgyptAir
« Laissez-moi mourir en prison ! »
Joey Starr et DJ Cut Killer sur la scène de La Villa
Lycées : de grands témoins contre la radicalisation
Un premier job pour 36 jeunes cet été

Book Review - Alpha (Alpha Bites #1)

Alpha is the start of a PNR series featuring shifters such as wolves, bears, and dragons. In this story, we’re introduced to Garret, the alpha of his pack, who has been searching for his mate. He learned of her existence when she was a child, and thought he had left her in the care of her father until she reached maturity. But his mate – Miranda – fell on hard times with her parents and has been struggling the past few years to make ends meet. When Garret does find Miranda again, she is being attacked by an enemy of Garret’s. During this fight, something life altering happens to Miranda. Soon after, Garret and Miranda have to overcome what has happened and secrets from their past in order to be together as mates.

I enjoyed this story, as I normally do most shifter/paranormal romance books. I especially liked reading about Miranda’s new experiences once she’s brought into the pack (not wanting to be spoilery saying too much). It was hard for me to like Garret’s character at first. He was the epitome of alpha, but arrogantly so. He would do or say some things that would make him a real d-bag if it weren’t for who he was and the circumstances of their world. I did eventually come around when he became more open and vulnerable to Miranda. The end of the story leaves us with an intro to book 2 of the series, and a bit of a cliffhanger when it comes to Garret and their pack’s enemy. A series I’ll be keeping up with for sure.