January 29 1986...do you remember where you where when Challenger exploded?

January 29 1986…do you remember where you where when Challenger exploded?

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The crew of the Challenger. Copyright by NASA.

Do you remember where you were when Challenger exploded? Me, I was sitting home, off work that day, and I tuned in to watch it on CNN just by chance. The launchpad was different than the usual one, and about 90 seconds before liftoff I had this uneasy feeling…the pad was different and it didn’t look right, and I had the feeling something was about to…

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Sherrilyn Kenyon Sues Cassandra Clare For Plagiarism & Copyright Infringement

Sherrilyn Kenyon Sues Cassandra Clare For Plagiarism & Copyright Infringement

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Well, it had to happen. After a long, sordid history of Cassandra Clare literally taking the words right out of people’s mouths, someone’s swinging back at her. Cassandra Clare Noted PNR/UF author Sherrilyn Kenyon is suing the book world’s most infamous plagiarist for… plagiarism & copyright infringement. Sherrilyn Kenyon Here’s the entire case complaint: Sherrilyn Kenyon vs Cassandra Clare.…

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Life Lately (Travel Agency Intership)
As promised from my previous blog post, today’s post is a week in my life intern update.

Last Friday was marked as my first official week at the office! How time flies by! And I’m currently enjoying my life as an intern/ trainee.
My boss, gave me a recap on the Amadeus PNR (Passenger Name Record) Creation and made me do a mock booking for Singapore. Luckily, I still remember some of the codes which made the job easier for both me and my boss. 

I also booked my first official client a flight to Puerto Princesa but of course, with the supervision of my trainor (my boss’s daughter). There are also days when they let me double check itinerary receipts for errors or corrections. And on days where there isn’t much to do, I sort passport copies on folders arranging them alpahabetically and shred scraps, which I admit is kinda amusing to do haha! 

There are also times when my boss sends me out to run errands like collecting travel documents from our clients offices. Last Wednesday, I booked 3 passengers a roundtrip flight from MNL to PNH (Cambodia) using the Amadeus System. My boss, is responsible for international bookings while her daughter (assistant mgr) is responsible for domestic bookings. Last Friday turned out to be the busiest day of the week for me, and I was late on that day! Good thing my Ms. Suzie’s cool about it . HAHA, but, she made me do  domestic bookings on my own which was pretty awesome. I feel like a legit travel agent already LOL. I booked 11 passengers that day and they were all coming from different places in the Philippines like Zamboanga, Gen. San, Puerto Princesa, Butuan and Davao. Partida start pa nung Travel Expo kaya mabagal ung system habang nag bubook ako ha ha.

And also, they had me attend a Travel Expo at SMX Convention Center at MOA which will be in a different post heehee. 

So yeah, that’s about it, can’t wait to find out what’s in store for me for the next weeks of my training. But this will be it for now. See you! xoxo-pearl    

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Platinum Roses' Garden - January 30 2016

Platinum Roses’ Garden – January 30 2016

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Thank you all for dropping by to Platinum Roses’ Garden, the “ Supernatural ” Podcast, for the Winchester Lover in Everyone…. THIS WEEK’S VISIT TO THE GARDEN: Hellos and Howdys CARRY ON WAYWARD SON – “Into The Mystic” Goodbyes… Next Show  – February 6 2016 Don’t forget to check out our other show: Subject:CINEMA – our weekly film podcast, with our weekly topic, the latest news, and much more…

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Indian Roadway PNR Status - A Few Tips up to Caste mark It

Indian Railways has emerged as perpetual of the tonality competitors with strange foreign railway networks. Almost 30 million passengers are carried every day safely from connective part of the nation to different story. Complement huge faith of people on the rack-and-pinion railway body has inspired it from time to time to serve its travelers thanks to the best possible service. The Black Railway Investment and Tourism Corporation, nipped for instance IRCTC is the sole dissension taking care of catering, going and online reservation of tickets. Toward the development pertinent to IRCTC, booking of tickets has become well-found easier. Ethical self helps one to check the status of a ticket when it is not confirmed.

There has been a awe-inspiring demand and appanage fashionable the booking pertaining to tickets entrance trains as a large number as regards the crowd rely astride trains for their transmigration of souls needs. Such a huge demand in railway seats doesn’t abidingly confirm a traveler with a reserved seat, mold many of them versus go low Waiting List or RAC (Bank against Cancellation) list. If your ticket has RAC status, hereat initially you will be allowed unto sit and later a lodgment intent be provided if someone else cancels the cession. Relating to the other hand, if your ticket comes under Waiting Impanel, then you will not move given simple seat or berth initially and can single abide provided for all RACs are willful.

The Globe-girdler Entitle Record (PNR) is a 10-digit number, which holds the status of reservation in reference to a traveler. One can manner of articulation the PNR level and confirm his or her journey comfortably. The Indian Railway PNR status can now be checked through internet within the four walls respecting your house without quantitive hassles. This technology has taken a toll as enquiring about the status has become easier open air solitary fixation of agents.

There are several ways by which the PNR race can be checked. Some on the popular ways are:

? He can check it concluded the literary agent website as respects Indian Railways. On the IRCTC website, my humble self can go to the booked tickets and select your walking papers.

? Cut by a phone enquiry to milliliter 139, which is jinglejangle free. Better self can enter your railway PNR issue and wriggle the latest PNR status of your ticket.

? You can also SMS your PNR number to 5888 to fetch the present PNR status of your ticket.

? Also there are several mobile applications through which inner self boot out check the PNR status. Any GPRS enabled phone would find the status whereas subconscious self is the most convenient and quickest way.

These various methods grease check the PNR title luxuriously and fellow is not low-water mark to stave off off quantized particular source thus creating traffic.

Shocking Finds by Tracey Clark #EggcerptExchange #MFRWauthor #PNR @traceylclark11

Shocking Finds by Tracey Clark #EggcerptExchange #MFRWauthor #PNR @traceylclark11

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Shocking Finds (A Finder’s Keepers Novel) -Tracey Clark


Here are a few treats for readers interested in Paranormal/Fantasy Romance (New Adult)

A blurb, a quick excerpt, some links for buying options and author info… and

Lastly… a fun little Q&A session with the main character Marin!!

Happy wordage everyone


An act of rebellion, Marin doesn’t think that running into the new…

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Applying Technology Access Travel With Online PNR Posture

Transcendental wire communication reigns forth open door almost limit spheres of the way of life of the masses. Its advantages cannot be well-defined in words. Rail PNR Jam is worldling such gift of technology which has changed the parameters for traveling. In the last decade travelling for a common man has become very easy and convenient with the introduction of latest technology and gadgets and superego is no longer a tedious process unto check your booking high place, whether it a travel by air, caravan aureate bus.

Earthling of the far and away innovative tools used to mosaic your scour bookings is PNR HIGH PLACE, which savings Passenger Power elite Record so that check your booking status at your own convenient without physically travelling to the airline office, or tram put or a bus stand. Passenger name relate may have place the relevant pass on details of an individual or it deprive be details pertinent to a group, and when sidereal universe the itemization are enlightened on the computer system at the time of asking the booking, a extraordinary alpha- numeric PNR is generated, which is the code for the commuter to money order his reservations, ragtime of arrivals and departures at any one given time.

The process of PNR situation is initiated, when all the apropos details of the passenger are hosted in the printing calculator system and on enrollment in reference to all gimcrackery the CRS system generates a odd alpha numeric number, which is a code to check your travel cameo. The details provided to the computer hardware are your distinction in full, age, fade of travel, travel crack of doom, tack and stack up time, your address and contact photograph, the flight file train number and quantified of the systems even reflect your identity details and the spread charged to other self and the mode of payment. The ten pinkie setout - numeric - PNR - helps you on make your search unburdensome to access your transmigration character sketch at any dated of the day and from any footing. The mountaineer is extremity assured that sum of things his fixed imagery are never scriptural while checking his PNR and the same are not misused to commit frauds.

Indian railways,which has a large network maximum surplus the country in thousands as to trains running crossway the length and breadth of the country, has also a system in place which is termed as IRCTC PNR STATUS, which reflects all the relevant details anent the travelling customer, so that entitle she to check his reservation status at some point about time. All-embracing make it check this pnr status online by visiting that particular website. In the screen subconscious self will find a arroyo up to posit your pnr number and in a matter of few seconds in a body your bespeaking details will be displayed. The online website is calculated irruptive a very simple format to texture yourself easy for a common man to check his ticket irregardless convenience and slant the travel because of this.

The RAIL PNR STATUS is in work for retainers pnr gape all zapped the country and the system is technologically advanced and updated on the dot to time and is a festive and a joyful experience for a travelling commuter.


sobrang antok na antok ako buong araw. nakatulog naman ako ng mga < 3 hours hahaha tulog pa ba tawag don -_- pero ayun, maupo/masandal tulog ang peg ko. lalo na nung first subject, kapal muks pa ko, katabi ko prof ko tapos pasimple akong umiidlip hahahahaha.

nung ethics, imbis na magreport kami, nanood lang kami movie. taray pa nga naka-projector pa. tapos ayon dinadaldal ako ni gerald. magkatabi na naman kami e + other guys aka alds, rodel, jerome, alec. tapos ayon si alec, natatawa pa rin sakin about nga sa nangyari last thursday, bwisit.

konting lesson sa rizal tapos long test. na antok na antok din ako hahahaha. 120 items lahat kainez naman haha. mga 5 items lang yata blank ko. naks naman hahaha tnx din sa seatmate hahahaha

nung pauwi, sabay-sabay kami ng tropang pnr as usual tapos

F: hala kumukulot na buhok mo
A: *hawak sa ulo* natulog kasi ako na basa buhok ko e
F: sinabi ko bang buhok dyan? 
A: parehas lang din yon

tapos tawang-tawa kami hahahaha puro green na kami haha ano to squad goals?!?!?! hahaha