NEW SPOTIFY PLAYLIST for February!! Got lots of songs on there for whatever mood you’re in this month! Hope all like the songs!! The link is actually right here!


astro-rey asked:

Your spotify playlists give me such joy every month because you always have new artists on there that I've never heard of so I always have music to listen to all month

Oh good!!! Yes, I love finding songs that no one’s probably heard of! It’s good to get new music to listen to!!

mademoiselle-lj asked:

I don't know if you follow him on social medias, but DEAN made a playlist on Spotify it's effin' good tbh, my kind of music, but you know what's better? ... *knowing grin emoji* One song called: 'Dark Skin Women' and another one called 'Black Girls'. That's what's better.

omg Dean! 💙  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

(lol I went and screenshot it)

NCT/SR16B Predebut Guide [Activity Archive + Links]

Official Videos

[note: I’m not including the Mini Rookies’ Mickey Mouse Club videos, however if you’d like to watch them, they’re all in this playlist] 


Rookiestation + SMROOKIES Show Promotion

Dance Practice Videos

Official Rookies Videos

NCT Teasers/Videos

Miscellaneous YouTube


SM Family Instagram Updates



TV Appearances

EXO’s 90:2014

Full subbed episodes can be found here! I recommend skipping episodes 4&5 because the rookies don’t make a very big appearance on those episodes. Also, episode 7 is the best!

Cover Performances

* [note: I couldn’t find links for these performances, I’ll update once I do, but they’re in the episodes that I noted after asterisks]

MV Remakes

MV + Song Features

This guide will be continually updated as I find more videos or as the rookies continue to put out content. Please feel free to let me know if I missed something or if any links are broken!

I own none of these videos or compilations. All compilations or videos are linked to original posters!

special thanks to @nakamot0 for this post because I would not have found the abnormal summit subs or dojae’s show champion cuts without it


had to skip a talk at school to do school work??! what is life?? got ma maths prep done listenin to this playlist of my fave songs and made some adjustments 2 a (very mediocre) drawing I started yesterday for art n now i’m going to my netball match 

(also if you haven’t seen it yet check out my video here on having a productive day!!) yay have a great weekend everyone x

Another Hiccstrid Playlist

You know, for science and such. 

Here’s my previous hiccstrid playlist if you feel like checking it out. Hopefully my lovey-dovey pop music doesn’t scare you off ;) 

Army - Ellie Goulding 

A Thousand Years - Christina Perri 

Bright - Echosmith 

Crazier - Taylor Swift 

Die a Happy Man - Thomas Rhett

Gravity - Sara Bareilles

Hold Each Other - A Great Big World 

Kaleidoscope - A Great Big World

Lego House - Ed Sheeran 

Little Things - One Direction 

Never Be - 5 Seconds of Summer 

Photograph - Ed Sheeran 

Stand by You - Rachel Platten

Start a Riot - BANNERS 

Tenerife Sea - Ed Sheeran 

Wasn’t Expecting That - Jamie Lawson 

Young God - Halsey 

I haven’t been reading as much fanfiction lately, but these talented ladies deserve some love. 

Service With a Smile by @astrxd

Young God by @oh–you–pretty–things

Star Wars HTTYD AU by @funkytoes

Good to Be Home by @e-wills

Legless by @dragonescence

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Have a great day everyone!

Something Better - (AU)- Part 2

This is the third part to the Soulmate!Calum AU based off of this post! This is an AU in which you have your soulmates favorite lyrics, or the ones stuck in their head, tattooed on your body.

Listen to the playlist here!

(Prologue) (Part 1)

Is there somewhere you can meet me?

The words flowed along Calum’s collar bone, right under the permanent tattoo on his skin, above his heart. They’d been there for days- much longer than any of the other lyrics had ever been. And they burned. Or something close to that anyway. His skin was at least three degrees hotter around the black scrawl, making it almost impossible to forget, even for a second, that it was there.

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