#174.5 - Igglybuff have soft, malleable bodies, and often travel by bouncing rather than walking. The muscles of their vocal cords are not strong enough to sing for very long, so as they age they are often protected by other Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff. These relationships are essential for Igglybuff, who are able to learn how to adjust the wavelength of their voice by observing the other Pokemon. Trainers must have a close relationship to their Igglybuff and often encourage it to practice its singing if the Pokemon is to evolve.

#039.5 - Jigglypuff have complete control over their singing abilities, and are able to lure a foe to sleep by finding the precise vocal wavelength that is most effective for each opponent. Their large eyes are perfect for captivating friend and foe alike, allowing Jigglypuff to read the intention of whatever is confronting them. They practice inflating themelves to make themselves appear large to opponents, an effort that wild Jigglypuff will naturally perfect as Wigglytuff. Curiously, captive Jigglypuff are unable to do this unless exposed to a moon stone, which assists in their evolution.

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