~photoshop disasters


Rip Hunter Lockscreens

This just sort of happened. But I love him and I’m not sorry.

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          He thinks he got me, but I kick the gun out of his hand, and I punch him– 
          –then I hit him again   and again– and I start to think he won’t stay down,
          but I wind up, and–

   Aren’t you a little old to be telling COWBOY STORIES?

So many questions…

soooooooo my laptop is in repair and wont be ready for another 2 weeks hhahaha. and theres like a 90% chance he’s going to be trashed since he’s so fucked up and wont even turn,, so i lost all my files hhahaHAAha,,, which means i lost about 400 gifs for a faceless gif hunt i was working on, another 100 of gif pack stuff i was working on, and 80 or something icons for my fc directory i needed to add + back ups for the ones already upload, all my templates and stuff for rph, aaaaand all my art since the summer hhahahahahahhahhhh fuck

please pray for my laptop,, and if he doesn’t make it then may he rest in peace, he has been through hundreds of gif hunts and gif packs and photoshop disasters and animation disasters and was still functioning fine after 2 years,, until i accidentally poured nail polish remover on him.. i have failed you son, 

rip buddy 😔 ✝️