“A lot of times in this industry you are tasked with, not just acting in a film, but then you have to sell the film. And it can be hard if the film isn’t, maybe exactly what you anticipated. It’s hard to sell anything, in my opinion. I don’t like selling things. I feel very transparent when I feel myself embellishing. And that’s where the anxiety is born.” — Chris Evans


On being one of the first of many complex female heroines on television? Finally, the producers realize how exciting it is to have a central female character in a series. It there’s so much to write and say about women, it is a vast territory to explore. This is an interesting time and I am very lucky to be part of this generation. Our role, through these characters, is to convey a message to all those girls who today are under enormous pressure: stay yourself. And you, the viewer, you can watch all these series that tell you yes, everything is possible. - Emilia Clarke photographed by Jason Kim for Glamour France, 2014