Happy Valentine’s Day

Pairing: Linstead (do I even write anything else?)
Timeline: Established relationship. Probably set in s4. 
Genre: Fluff with a healthy dose of Valentine’s Day smut.
Rating: M

A/N: A belated Valentine’s Day gift to you all. Ironically I started writing this on Valentine’s Day, but just finished (no pun intended) now.

I’ve been struggling a bit with my writing lately, mostly because I keep comparing myself to other people. I know it’s not a competition, but I will appreciate any love/feedback you can throw my way.

A/N2: Can Jay be my boyfriend 😍

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fun idea:

for the writers to stop throwing crap in linstead’s road to forever love and instead spend screen time focusing on other characters and their arcs bc this ‘let’s not explain lindsay and halstead’s dark and murky pasts and instead use them as excuses to throw random wrenches into the fandom’s favorite ship with no character or relationship progression afterwards’ is getting old and is not popular among ANYONE.

like seriously - you’re introducing all these characters with so much potential, and yet you’re abandoning all of them to mess with linstead…WHY? like hell yeah i’d love some halstead angst but it all has to come from SOMEWHERE and as a tv show you really need to get your crap together and remember you have OTHER CHARACTERS AND OTHER SHIPS AND OTHER ASPECTS TO LINSTEAD SUCH AS THE FUTURE, FOR ONE.

i love hearing about their pasts, but not when they come out of nowhere, alright? it’s not character development when they’re forced to confront a personal demon; it’s character development when they feel comfortable enough with other characters to confide in them and offer that demon to share, because that’s what relationships are.


Prompt: Hello love I really really really love your work!! Could you write an imagine with #13 and Connor Rhodes???

“I lost our baby.”

Pairing: Connor Rhodes/Reader.

Requested: Yes.

Triggers: Miscarriage and sadness.

Hearing the paramedics bang on her door, Y/N finally realized this was happening.“Y/N!” She heard Dawson yell through the door. Eventually, they finally got the door open, to see her sitting on the floor; bawling her eyes out.“Hey, hey.. What happened?” Dawson asked her, kneeling down beside her.“It’s my fault, Gabby. I-it’s all my fault.” She cried out, Gabby looking at her with soft eyes.

“What’s your fault, sweetheart?” Her bottom lip quivering, she spoke again,“I think I just miscarried.” She whispered gently, tears falling rapidly down her cheeks.“Come on. We need to get you to the hospital.” Brett leaned down to help Y/N off the floor.“Can you walk?” Sniffling, she nodded. They walked her to the stretcher and eventually made their way to Med. This was going to be rough.

“Don’t tell Connor I’m here.” She pleaded with Maggie. Reluctantly, Maggie agreed. “Y/N?” She heard. Thank God it was only Will.“What happened?” Gabby kept a tight grip on her friends hand.“We think she may have miscarried.” Will frowned softly.“How far along are you?” Sniffling, she looked up at Will.“Three months.” Inhaling softly, he replied.“Well. After the three month mark, your chance for miscarriage are very slim, but not impossible.”

After they got her settled, Will then ran a few tests. After a couple of hours, they got the results, and it wasn’t very comforting.“I’m so sorry, Y/N..” Will trailed off as the female began to cry. Hearing running footsteps, Connor was infront of them in an instant. “Y/N. What happened, baby?” He asked aloud, grabbing the chart from Will. His face began to soften.“I lost our baby, Connor.” She whispered out.“That’s what happened. I’m a failure.” She cried out as Connor wrapped her in a tight hug.

“This isn’t your fault.” He whispered.“These things happen.” Running his hand through her hair gently, he pressed a kiss to her temple.“We’re going to get through this. I promise.”

And they would. Time heals all wounds.

cool things about people with bpd

i know bpd is hell but like hear me out

  • we strongly value our relationships
  • we know when something is genuinely Not Funny
  • we can read emotions well
  • being happy is like the best thing ever
  • we’re really good at helping others
  • we’re strong as heck, we’ve been through a lot
  • we see the world the way no one else does
  • we are super creative
  • loyalty is easy to us
  • we are really passionate
  • finding new hobbies is super fun
  • lots of us have a high pain tolerance
  • and for some reason,,, all of us are really good at making puns