~overly protective of everyone on this show~

I cannot decide if Mycroft knew Mary shot Sherlock or not. I assume he knew, so then I have to assume that he was okay with Mary’s behavior the way everyone else on this show is? Which is my basic issue. But then I’m kind of like, “Oh, maybe he just assumed Mary’s past would catch up to her sooner or later and that would take care of her for him.” I mean, he didn’t seem too overly concerned about the threat to Mary. I like to think that Mycroft is busy enough keeping Sherlock safe…and hopefully realizing that Mary is literally one of the greatest threats to Sherlock’s life because of the lengths he will go to to protect her on John’s behalf. After all, I thought in TAB it was clear that Mycroft thought Sherlock’s fixation with John was dangerous. I think Mycroft is watching the conflagration of the Watson marriage and just hoping he can get Sherlock out of it halfway-intact. “Is that sentiment talking?” Mycroft asks, worrying. Because Mycroft knows the lengths you go to when you love someone. And Mycroft knows very much what it’s like to have to keep trying to save someone who makes things difficult for you.