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Thank you so much for mute!neil!! What about mute!neil + kathy ferdinand? Or just mute!neil + the media in general? Who would translate? Would neil still go off on her? (PS i hope youre having a good day :)

i can’t belive mute neil is my legacy on this website omg

  • neil would not let anyone translate for him except andrew
  • at first he would be hesitant to do media for obvious reasons
  • whenever he would have to do it he would be partnered with andrew anyway and andrew would try and do most of the talking but translate bits and parts of what neil said
  • he would never reword things what neil says though, he knows that is like… horribly offensive and would never do that to neil
  • neil can hear perfectly fine he just cant speak so he would fucking know too
  • and since they have their own convoluted version of sign language if other people who can read sign language saw it they wouldn’t understand it otr just get bits and pieces of what he was saying
  • its amazing
  • its like the foxes have their own language and can say whatever the fuck they want in front of people
  • but when he got put on kathy feridinand, kathy was nervous letting both neil, kevin, and andrew on her show to suprise them with riko
  • but neil and wymack made it perfectly clear if you want neil you get andrew. it’s all or nothing folks
  • so she lets andrew on the show
  • when riko comes on and neil begins losing his shit on him because kevin cant, andrew translates word for word, not leaving anything out
  • he says it in a detached yet menacing voice, which gets the exact same point across neil was able to do in the books
    • if anything, it is a little more terrifying bc its andrew minyard 
  • kathy is so flabbergasted by the whole thing still and she really fucks up because she keeps asking questions for neil to andrew and at one point andrew has to say “neil is beside me, i am not neil, even though im speaking for him” and she gets really embarrassed and its gr8
  • its after that whole ordeal the media stopped trying to get neil to comment on things for the most part, but that doesn’t stop him from doing it anyway most of the time 

she went off on these vocals tonight


Toca Cojons: En busca del Cacaolat perdido.

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El otro día al ir a desayunar al “Lounge” de la empresa donde trabajo en la nevera donde podemos guardar cosas, nos hemos encontrado con una nota que decía algo tal que así (se puede leer en la foto, folio blanco dina-4 que aparece más o menos en el medio-arriba):

“Agradeceria a la persona que ha cogido un cacaolat de la nevera, lo reponga. Me parece una falta de respeto que se cojan cosas que no son de uno”

A partir de ahí, se nos ocurrió contestar con una notita justo debajo en marrón que pone: “Yo una vez cogí cambio de la máquina de café sin que fuera mio… #confiesatupecado #todossomoscacaolatrobado…” y a ver si la gente de la empresa se animaba a continuar con ello…Total, que al final, a última hora del día, la nevera había quedado llena de carteles con mensajes, si más no, curiosos, aportados por todos los departamentos de la empresa. Comentar que es una empresa téxtil internacional que no la conoce nadie *guiño*guiño* Por cierto, la chica acabó recuperando el cacolat y al día siguiente colgó un cartel premiando al cartel/imagen que le pareció más gracioso!! Al menos, se lo tomó bien… La que se ha liado por un cacaolat!!!#cacaolatrobado

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I heard that the MCSWT, TFWT, and maybe OTR will be released in a "FanPack Disc"? Whats the tea?

A lot is coming in August and everything will make more sense

Monday Moan 

Last night we had some family unpleasantness with one of my kids practically having a mental breakdown over something I asked him to do. I have apparently bent over backward to meet my kids’ needs so thoroughly that I’ve created a bunch of people who will not help themselves because they can’t see a need and take care of it. And Super Mom that I seem to be, yet I have a lot to work on in myself because weakness on the part of myself and others frustrates and infuriates me. So there’s that. 

I only slept 4 hours last night because when I did finally get to bed, I was in so much pain in my back and hips that I couldn’t sleep. 

This morning a $20 bill blew out of the top of my purse from my WD50 air conditioning. I hope whoever finds it really needs it for something. 

I’m cooling my heels in Dalton to pick up Wolf and suddenly it looks like they might make him take the load he has all the way to Savannah, which will take a day and a half, instead of to the depot here. He’ll know in an hour. So it’s either wait to find out and then wait 3.5 more hours for him to get here, or take 4 of that 4.5 hours to drive home and then back if he ends up here instead, to get him. Which is a LOT of wear and tear on our one and only, 345,000-mile precarious car. Still trying to decide what to do. 

The two teenagers went to be day-camp counselors this week at a nature preserve. My youngest and Artemas are the only ones home. She can go with my ex this evening & spend the night, since he’s off tomorrow. But I hate having to make Artemas watch his little sister all day, and I hate to lose a day of one-on-one with my youngest (which is really rare) while I wait around. 

Meantime, I’m at the Dalton State college library. It’s cool and quiet. I’m the only one on this floor & I have a platform rocker to sit in, and knitting. There are floor to ceiling windows looking out at trees. Personally, I could stay here for days, but that seems a little selfish.