Warm up of casual touches and exciting new relationships.

no offense but can we talk about Even’s breathing and how his lip trembles after Isak kisses him? it really is like after Isak kisses him, he can finally breathe again. he’s so fragile right now, still so scared and anxious that Isak isn’t gonna want to be with him now that he’s seen the bad parts. but then isak reminds him again that he isn’t gonna leave him, that he does want Even, the good parts and the bad parts, and everything in between. and then he’s so relieved, and also because Isak says that they’re gonne be okay, both of them, together, so he believes him

i just want to thank skam again for telling such a beautiful story; a story that most of us can relate to. thank you for not demonizing women in a mlm plotline. thank you for portraying a mental illness with all its soft and rough parts, and the breathtaking love that shone through. thank you for showing us that being gay doesn’t automatically make you educated and “woke.” thank you for giving us a group of wonderfully supportive boys who would fight tooth and nail regardless of the nature of their friends relationship/sexuality. thank you a million times over.

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okay, it’s time for everyone to sit the fuck down because I’m about to rant about something that’s been bothering me for weeks.

So, HAIKYUU!! IS NOT A QUEERBAITING SHOW! and let me tell you why. The whole definition or reasoning of queerbaiting, is the use of implied queer characters or relationships to boost a series popularity. In other words, the series only has these elements for benefit of the producer/author etc. Unfortunately we see this a lot in anime, especially the sports anime genre.

Free! is a PERFECT example of this. Instead of focusing on swimming (the sport the show is supposed to be based upon) they rely heavily on “shipping” and gay relationship elements between the characters for the success of their anime, which, yeah, Free! gained a lot of popularity and fans especially for this reason. Several other anime companies took notice and started using the gay ship formula for their anime, like Prince of Stride. BUT instead of actually having the balls to include queer relationships they only use it as a tool to lure the gay fetishizing (mostly female) fans.

Haikyuu never does this (and it never will). Sure, the haikyuu fandom boasts A LOT of queer ships but here’s the thing. THAT’S THE FANDOM. Unfortunately, i’ve noticed a lot of people in fandom communities having a big issue separating fanon from canon. That’s what problem is. The actual canon series has no instance (and quite honestly I invite anyone to prove otherwise) of queer “flirting” or gay relationship elements only to promptly play a “ no homo” card or “blushies” immediately after. Haikyuu!!’s focus is people playing volleyball and developing as a team as well as individuals, not fanservice flirting that’s all so common with queerbaiting.

Listen, just because you have gay ships does not mean it’s queerbaiting when the producers don’t make your ships canon. LEARN THAT FANON AND CANON ARE TWO DIFFERNT THINGS. For god’s sake if anything it just shows you’re acting entitled to your gay fetishizing headcanons. Stop it. I’ve had enough.

the best part about skam is that it doesn’t ride on grand gestures and extravagant displays of plot twists and big action. skam focuses on the little details of real life, the intrinsic expressions displayed so well by each character. it brings to light the things so many people experience on a daily basis but often gets pushed aside. they portray how someone learns and grows as they go through certain struggles in the most realistic way possible. no flare, no extraordinary situations, just real and true life, which i believe is exactly what the world needs right now.

The signs as things Yoosung Kim has said

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Aries: haha… I don’t know anything.

Taurus: do you want me to fight you?

Gemini: Twilove… or Twilannoying…

Cancer: I feel so empty. I’m gonna get rid of this emptiness with chips

Leo: you mean a heartfelt piece of trash

Virgo: what in the world is M? Is it a different name for superman?

Libra: I have no hopes for the future

Scorpio: GPA… Whatever… I don’t know… Professor… See you again next year 

Capricorn: do you think his is appropriate for my age…? this bowl…?

Aquarius: I wanna trade my GPA for rest.

Pisces: I wish the world would just explode!!!

“People are afraid to talk these days for fear of offending someone! It’s unbelievable!

You can’t do anything without someone taking it as an insult! You can’t talk like you’d normally talk, full of all of the invective and slurs you’d normally use, without the objects of that invective feeling belittled and dehumanized by it!

You can’t even step on people’s feet without them crying out in pain! You have to try and avoid stepping on them at all if you don’t want to be accused of hurting them! You can’t trample the multitudes without a weak moan from the very bottom of the body-pile making you feel momentarily a tiny bit sheepish!!

What’s the world coming o, when you’re tacitly encouraged not to simply stomp about wherever you like, heedless of the humanity of others? What kind of world are we creating?”

“One where–”

“The question was obviously rhetorical.”


This video is so beautiful. I could say a thousand things about it. Point out every detail. I could write a thousand words about how beautiful it is, but really? I don’t have to say anything else then:

This is Isak’s way of saving Even back.