i see your magnus turning away from alec when he drops his glamour and i raise you magnus dropping the glamour and refusing to look away from alec, lifting his chin in defiance, not letting another shadowhunter have the chance to make him feel lesser even though he trusts alec he still won’t let his guard down in this moment of vulnerability


“Hello, I’m a GOT7 fan who came to this year’s MAMA. Other fans have praised the singers’ stages quite a lot so I’m gonna do it to. I was standing in front of Jimin during BTS’ intro stage. Jungkook came out at the center? stage but I couldn’t see him well, so I just looked ahead. Suddenly two people came out in front of me. One was wearing a blindfold while the other grabbed his hands and led him to his position. He cupped the blindfolded one’s face, said something and then went to the other position, standing there waiting. Turns out it was Jimin and J-hope. At that time, I could feel that this group really trust and count on each other a lot.”

(this was posted on GOT7′s Chinese fancafe, possibly from a Baidu Bar)



(161204) Monsta X Traffic Safety Song @ Inkigayo