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(171122) MONSTA X Hyungwon’s cut @ Mix And The City EP. 2

First one of the commissions I’m doing for @kitsunebi-uk‘s fic set in the Old West, The Other Side of Sunset. Thank you for commissioning me!

This fic is a whopping 326k words long (I’ve been told it’s the 3rd longest fic in the fandom)! The author did a lot of planning and spent months writing and editing it. I’m honestly amazed by the effort and dedication they’ve put into this fic, and I really think it deserves love and recognition in the fandom - please check it out!


(171122) Kihyun’s Handwritten Letter

To. Monbebe♡
Monbebe! It’s my first time writing a letter like this to Monbebes?! I’m writing this letter because it is my birthday but I’m a bit shy when it comes to what words I should say first!!ㅎㅎ
We debuted on May 14th and it is my third time celebrating my birthday as MONSTA X’s Kihyun, and not too long ago I received a present from Monbebes that had a deep meaning!
The “1st Place” present!
It’s ironic because after we said we didn’t care about the rankings we received it and we were so glad that the rest of my tears came out…ㅎㅎ I was embarrassed and there were a lot of emotions mixed together and my tears just kept coming, but I really think that the present Monbebes gave is very meaningful and I will accept it gratefully!!
While my birthday has passed 3 times during these 3 years, we have received such undeserved love from our Monbebes, and what I can promise to Monbebes on my birthday is this! I will become a Kihyun who works harder! Who isn’t conceited! And I will always show Monbebes a better and cooler side of myself.
Monbebes must also be like this, writing one word at a time in a letter and giving it to us!
Before I write again, I want to think carefully again and write slowly because I want to let you guys know what I want to say!
I ended up writing this letter because it’s my birthday, and in the future, even if it’s not my birthday, let’s continue to meet through handwritten letters♡
Thank you to all the Monbebes who wished me a happy birthday and I love you all♡
-From MONSTA X’s Kihyun who was born on November 22nd trans by fy-kihyun ✧ please take out with full credit.


I know I said I was going to bed, but I’m so pissed right now I can hardly see straight.

Don’t. Steal. People’s. Work.

Whether it’s a piece of writing, art, an edit, a video, whatever it is–don’t fucking claim it as your own. That’s an incredibly shitty thing to do. Not only does it draw attention away from the original creator, it discourages creators from sharing their work.

Someone stole–word for word–one of my written pieces and I am so incredibly fucking pissed. I’ve contacted them and am waiting for a response. I will fucking raise hell.

We do this for free. We make content for free. We want to share our work with everyone. We just want others to enjoy our work, too. So by taking away the thing we created, you’re basically saying that creator doesn’t matter. You’re sending creators the message that the thing we worked so hard on now doesn’t deserve the author’s recognition.

Shit like this is why creators are so paranoid. Please, it’s not hard to just fucking share the piece. Why do you have to steal it?

Anyway. Thanks for listening. Don’t steal others’ work.