When someone takes the signs' phone
  • Laughs because they have a phone lock and they do not care:Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Taurus
  • Worries so much about what they are going to find:Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius
  • Tackles the shit out of them to save their phone:Scorpio, Leo, Aries, Gemini

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could you explain what u mean by "instrumentalist view of the state"? op of that post is an antisemitic fucker but what did u mean by that? thanks

state instrumentalism is the pervasive idea that the state is a set of neutral apparatuses that can be put in the service of any and all political projects, depending on who wields those apparatuses. a common metaphor among people who take this view is that the state is like a hammer, deriving its character from the intentions and morals of the person wielding it. it’s common among authoritarian marxists, but it’s a short-sighted narrative based on incomplete analysis. 

in actuality the state is a multi-locus of socio-political power, which functions to create a self-perpetuating power asymmetry between state actors and non-state actors. in other words, it’s a hierarchical arrangement of people, not a tool. the state is centralized, imbued with enforceable control over a defined space, and reserves the exclusive right to legitimate violence over the bodies within that area. in addition, since power asymmetries are unstable, the state is in constant struggle with its subordinates and the spaces it doesn’t control. the existence of a state precludes any end to class society, because official state actors are incapable and unwilling to bestow liberation from the state onto their subordinates. the task of ending the state is the people’s, as it’s a mandatory part of the total war we leftists wage against hierarchy.

I can’t stand those annoying reblogs to that last post treating Buddhists like noble savages saying things like ‘that’s cos unlike white culture buddhists have morals’. That’s the problem I have with OPs post- I can see their intentions were positive, but like when you paint this kind of inaccurate picture (i.e that Buddhists, Jainists, Hindus worldwide gave up the swastika that Hitler appropriated when they haven’t) it’s always bandwagoned by Western-centric people who think they’re being anti-racist, but buy into the orientalist idea that Buddhists and Asians in general are totally placid, docile noble savages. There are Buddhist extremists in Burma persecuting its Muslim minority, for example. 

It’s a whole another conversation of course, about the situation Holocaust survivors or other people personally affected by the Nazi regime may face if they travel to Asian countries where the swastika continues to be used for religious purposes. The swastika is banned in a number of European countries-particularly Germany- and for good reason that neo-Nazis would jump at the chance to use it. 

But I’ve seen it commonly where I was born- because our WW2 experience was much more centred around Japanese, not German imperialism. So the swastika itself continues to be associated with Buddhism to many people and for that reason many governments don’t ban it. That’s not to say this historical and emotional distance isn’t a problem seeing that the world’s shrunken down to a global village and there’s a disturbing popularity of Nazi chic across Asia (where people think SS uniforms are cool and shit, like that one KPOP girlband). So like…Buddhism, and Asia as a whole, isn’t a mythic place of higher moral authority. In addition, we’ve our own fucked up history of ethnicity-based racism. So…I always feel kind of uncomfortable when people always use X Asian culture or religion as some kind of epitome of moral authority. 









I honestly love Osric Chau so fucking much. He is just such a beautiful person deep down. He doesn’t get enough credit or love. 

why can’t the OP just have the option to make a post captionable or not, and the option to not let anyone delete your caption, that way an artist can have their captions intact without someone deleting it.

Inferior Functions: A Relatively Short Guide

An inferior function is often the least preferred function for an individual. They tend to avoid using it when possible and have few skills associated with it. It can be a source of great stress or a seed of great development. 

Below are listed how each of the functions work in the fourth place of someone’s function stack.

Inferior Ne: When in the grip, an Si-dom will experience a loss of control over facts and details. Will become impulsive in the search for novelty, such as suddenly running off to Norway to pursue a career as a viking. Also approaches the future in a fearful way, seeing every possible undesired outcome rather than those desired. Less willing to try the unknown or unfamiliar. Will sometimes feel like there is something more that they want out of life, but aren’t quite sure what that thing is and how to get it.

Inferior Ni: Typically leads Se-doms to radical self doubt or extreme delusions of some destiny that transcends all rationality or needing to figure things out by putting them to the test. Also manifests in paying little to no attention to the consequences of an action (often not until after said action has been preformed). Generally knows what they want in the future but not exactly sure how to get there.

Inferior Se: Ni-doms with weak Se will often experience a lot of anxiety as a result of so much focus on the future to the point where they cannot focus enough on the present to take action. In times of stress, they may turn to physical things as a distraction, indulging themselves in copious amounts of food or alcohol or sex, etc. Se in INxJs often manifests in a taste for aesthetics and beauty, and they will often derive meaning from it. Weak Se also leads to some disorganization.

Inferior Si: General dislike of authority and will often disobey the rules as a giant “screw you”. Unhealthy Si can make an Ne-dom see the past as something that holds them back rather than a motivator, and they will typically avoid looking back. Will make an ENxP feel restricted by routine so they’ll avoid it as much as they can. Ne-doms don’t have a great memory, and they’ll often skip over details in favor of the bigger picture. They’re often seen as really having their “head in the clouds”.

Inferior Te: IxFPs often have trouble with organization and efficiency although they like the idea of it and wish that they could be more organized and efficient. Dislike schedules although they often work quite well for them. They feel good when they have control over what is happening to them and their lives. Try to use their time wisely although this doesn’t necessarily work out well for them. Healthy Te in an IxFP helps them become more emotionally stable.

Inferior Ti: Those with inferior Ti tend to have trouble staying objective even when they try to be. An ExFJ doesn’t like viewing a person, situation they’re emotionally involved in, etc. as something to be taken apart and solved. Dislikes detachment. However, an Fe-dom typically does enjoy learning as much as they can about a particular subject they’re interested in (to understand it) and then going on to share this knowledge with others. Is generally able to recognize when something is a problem and needs work. 

Inferior Fe: Wants to express emotions but feels uncomfortable doing so and cannot. IxTPs are likely to ignore their feelings or just not express them at all. Has trouble understanding other people and views them as a puzzle. Not really okay with large-scale interaction and will often feel more like an outsider than a part of the group. Dislikes emotional decisions. Weak Fe can make an IxTP inconsiderate of other people’s emotions.

Inferior Fi: ExTJs will repress their emotions on purpose, leading to occasional emotional outbursts. They’re uncomfortable with dwelling on their emotions. Beliefs are usually somewhat tied to how they feel about things but doesn’t really spend a lot of time thinking about them. Has a pretty simple moral code that they stick to. Feels strongly about what they believe in, are loyal to, etc. Has trouble with people whom they disagree with on a moral level. Unhealthy Fi spends time wallowing in negative emotions and will ignore positive ones; however, healthy Fi gives a Te-dom a better ability to tolerate and deal with emotions.

Did you hear about D.A.R.E publishing a op-ed piece calling for the legalization of marijuana? It’s hella funny considering in middle school they basically taught us that you can die from just smoking one time.

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