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YES, i will not stop doing those, cuz i want to make some bautifull people know that they are beautifull! SO YEAH, IMA DO THAT. I have created this blog less then a weak ago. And already, i am here. WHY, HOW, I AM A SCRUB MUKURO. I dunno. I honestly don’t. However! Knowing the opportunity, i will mention some of the people i know and love. There will be two groups with a message to each. Under the read-more!

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//Soo yeah I plan on making a giveaway event for 400+ followers so all yah have to do is reblog or like this post.

You must be following me to be part of the raffle draw. You can also reblog as many as you can lol.

I will pick only three people as a winner and each will get a full colored drawing based on their request.


on a random note i was just tagging a photoset of rose and tentoo to reblog, and i messed up the tags and for tentoo i’d accidentally picked & YOU’RE MY DADDY;; (which is my tag for pete tyler) instead of & SPACE BOYFRIEND;; and i’m just… glad i caught that before it was published tbh b/c that’d have been hella difficult to explain 🙈🙈🙈

          CONCEPT / goblins make a mint offering salt / bog / resin baths for undead, as these materials not only help preserve the body but are a variety of smells which may be attractive to the undead & even to the living, depending.   get that ol’ carcass smellin’, lookin’ & feelin’ BETTER than when you were alive !

A Thing That Should Happen

//So, I was thinking - quite fondly - back on the phenomena that was the SOLDIER Olympics. If this doesn’t ring a bell (it was almost a year ago, you might not have been around then/following the people involved) here’s some links:

  • full tag as Lazard and I experienced it, chronologically
  • Summaries one and two

But a quick tl;dr for those not interested in reading all the shenanigans…. basically @firxga started an event, not really seriously but it caught on like wildfire. And all of a sudden there’s multiple roleplayers jumping into threads so you have multi-person threads and some of the most delightful chaos I’ve ever seen. Shyness went out the window. Everyone was interacting with everyone and it was glorious.

And the side effect was people who might not normally interact suddenly were. I think there were probably a lot of new interactions that led to later threading and even friendships (that was when I first really started interacting with @firxga and @engineershands, for example) and it was just… so much fun.

I want that again. I want to see everyone just interacting without all the (natural, admittedly) shyness or worry about what is or isn’t “good enough” performance anxiety that “formal” threads often bring on. These were short, rapid replies with literally no goal other than to have fun, which really is what roleplay should be about at its heart.

But I don’t know how to do it. I don’t know how to bring that spark back again. So I’m reaching out to see what everyone thinks about it. I know I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed it, and I think the community as a whole would definitely benefit.

My thought, tentatively, was that we could have a situation set up with the understanding that anyone could pop in anywhere. Multiple open starters for the same situation, so things are overlapping with the sense that all these threads are simultaneous and loosely related.

The first thought that’s been knocking around in my head was possibly some sort of costume party/masquerade, because that would be easy to cross departments and even universes in - so long as you could think of an excuse (even a flimsy one) to handwave your muse into that time period, you’d be good. I want it as inclusive as possible, and hopefully something that might last longer than a couple days because then no one has to worry about missing things because of work/timezones/what have you.

Any thoughts? People interested? Better ideas? I literally want to hear everyone’s opinion on this, don’t think because we haven’t talked I don’t. So either comment on here or reblog whatever you’d like. I’ll be in and out today, but keeping an eye on this as much as I can.

i am so upset okay.
because james buchanan barnes would fucking love the avengers facility.   p.eter p.arker might not wanna live next door to vision and wear the iron s.pider suit but buck sure as hell would pls + thank.     he is the biggest sci-fi nerd of his time, and basically thinks that the iron man suits  (while okay could very easily be disastrous in the wrong hands)  are cool af.  he loves the iron legion program just because robots guarding the planet wtf is not to love  i mean…  the boi decided that going too a science expo was how he wanted to spend his last day before being shipped off to war, like seriously.
but no.   hydra made him kill tony’s parents (lets not also forget that bucky was also howard’s biggest fanboy alright so dont get him started on the guilt x2)  so now it’s not gonna happen and we aren’t gonna get nerdy af bucky barnes freaking out over the cool tech because last time they were in the room together they, understandably, tried to kill each other      

// okay but imagine tfp Cade getting knocked unconscious or something

and some medic is taking vitals

and this motherfucker has none

“okay well he’s dead”

then he wakes up like “damn my fucking head what happened”

but he still has no spark pulse