~only~ 4.7 million

We’re still honoring Prince by laying down the facts.

The legendary Prince passed away at 57 years old, but left a legacy of rich music and priceless moments. Since the artist kept most of his music and private life, private, there are still a lot of things most people don’t know about The Purple One. Check out these ten facts about him:

Did You Know?

1. Prince wrote his first song while playing on his dad’s piano. It was called “Funk Machine.” He was seven!

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anonymous asked:

Why does everybody hate Lehtera so much? Did I miss something? I've always had quite a soft spot for him...

i don’t think most people hate him, i think most of us look at him and see a guy who spend most of the season playing with tarasenko and only got 22 points. a guy who was specifically brought in to play with him, only got 22 points this season, and will be making $4.7 million dollars next season