The Signs Doing the Pacer/Beep Test

Aries: acts like its the fucking olympics and gets the highest score earning hatred from Sagittarius

Taurus: doesn’t give one shit about how well they do and just wants to get it over with

Gemini: starts a protest to fix the corrupt physical education system in public schools instead of actually attending

Cancer: sucks up to the gym teacher to help administrate the test to get out of it

Leo: thinks they’re going to get the top score but ends up tripping because they were going too fast, ending their test at 9

Virgo: goes at a steady pace and not rushing, ends up getting an average score of 18

Libra: stays in the bathroom worrying about their makeup causing them to forget about going to gym class

Scorpio: ends up skipping school that day

Sagittarius: competes with Aries for the #1 spot but gives up at 30

Capricorn: sits on the sideline with an “injured” foot to make fun of the participants

Aquarius: feigns illness dramatically in front of the entire class

Pisces: escorts Aquarius down to the nurses office by acting like they care but they really just want to get out of running

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People that Black Widow could beat? Can't really think of anybody that's why I'm asking

i might not be a fan of Black Widow but you’re underestimating her a lot

She’s a peak level human being who is as old as Captain America and she’s better than olympic level athletes.

She’s been killing people longer than most of the peeps in the marvel universe have been alive. 

She’s an expert in marksmanship, martial arts and fucking people up and she’s veryyy sneaky

She’d be able to beat a LOT of people in the MU

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Can we jUST TALK ABOUT when Kelley was walking backwards basically egging hope on at the Olympics again. Like that is some v serious stuff and is too cute

THIS anon? THIS?! tbh who even knows what kelley says to hope all the time but she must be a smooth operator bc whatever it is it seems to be working like

the look on hope’s face? her eyes get so big? the sheer dismay on her face when kelley’s already gone

hope is dragging her attention away from her phone for whatever kelley’s saying and it’s so endearing, i don’t know why, i just

hope is literally clutching her chest like she’s in a 19th century novel I cannot! deal! with o’solo! i’d sell a limb on the black market to find out what kelley says to make hope‘s face look like that ok




About last night [🎶 Wilhelm Scream - @jamesblake] (at Olympic Stadium Barcelona)


Ahead of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015 match between the USA and Germany  in the Semi-finals at Olympic Stadium in MONTREAL, representatives from the United States discuss the match and more.

also dude said we were trying to take away his right to speak??? lmao HE’S allowed to say what he wants but we’re not because somehow that’s taking away his right to speak

like dude should be in the Olympics with those mental gymnastics

the year is 2020. nanase haruka has just won the men’s 50 metre freestyle event in the olympics. and the 100 metre. and the 200 metre. he is now swimming in cash. he goes back to iwatobi and buys a lifelong membership for the local gym with an indoor pool and an entire carton of canned mackerel. that’s it. he retires happily.

Entrevista con Javier Fernández, patinador español- Videos de RT
Este año el español Javier Fernández ganó el título de campeón del mundo en patinaje artístico a pesar de ser un deporte con poca tradición en España. En Entrevista, de RT, el deportista expone cómo promueve el patinaje artístico en su país, por qué el título no ha cambiado su vida y por qué tiene muchos seguidores en Rusia. También revela qué meta le falta conseguir, quiénes son sus rivales directos y a qué se dedicará al final de su carrera deportiva.

For whoever understands Spanish (I’m not one of them:P) here is an interview with Javi. He was asked who his main rivales are. At 23:30-24:03 he talks about Yuzu. They only thing I understood him saying was that Yuzu’s extremely talented and a very, very hard worker. As usual he keeps praising him. Funny how he names Denis (talented, not as consistent, but if he delivers like at the Olympics he’s hard to beat, very good programs) and Plushy (legend) but not PChiddy.