Fact check for y'all

I’ve seen a lot of complaining posts floating around about this SM trip to Hawaii. And there is a few things that y’all should know. 

1. It has been stated to be a membership training since day 1. Nothing surprise with Workshop or SM Olympic really. 

2. Workshop is not actually work. It’s a breakaway from the daily rigid business meeting. 

3. SM did ditch IAC for SM Olympics but these are two very different things. IAC is for show and idols are forced to practice and joy whereas SM Olympics can be much more laid back, not a compulsory activity and have safety their first priority. 

4. There are more than 300 people on this trip. All of your biases altogether would not make up for 1/10 of this number. For once, your idols are not the star this time. This trip is more for the SM staffs and all those people that have been working behind the scene over the years. They are also the main target of the Workshop and SMO. 

This does not even seem compulsory to most of their artists. Except for NCT Dream who just debuted a few days ago and Tiffany in controversy, the rest seems to have a choice of whether to go or not. Some can’t join because of work schedule like Yesung, Kangta, SHINee or for personal reason like Kyuhyun, Ryeowook. Some has schedule but still decide to come though late because Kim Hee Chul is a diva yes yes. But those who came most definitely came for the fun. Those who prefer a 5d3n sleep already stayed home. It’s not that complicated. Leave them be. 

Taking on the Next Challenge with Tennis Champion Novak Djokovic

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“Life is not just about winning and losing — it’s about developing and growing along the way,” says tennis champion and men’s singles number one Novak Djokovic (@djokernole), the top seeded contender at the US Open, kicking off this week in New York City. Off court, Novak is committed to his healthy lifestyle. “To feel good and to perform like a true champion, no matter where we play the game of our lives, we need to sync our physical, mental and emotional selves.” What’s next on the horizon? “You would be surprised how many goals and plans I have,” Novak says. “There are so many things I would still love to learn, to accomplish and to taste. I hope every one of my future endeavors will be intertwined with love, which doesn’t cost anything, but is so powerful on so many levels.”