“It seems that both you and I… have a long way to go, yes?”

“Yeah, that’s right. The battle with that weirdo crow ended without us even being able to touch him. But remember this… by the time we next meet… I swear I’m gonna be stronger than you and that crow! So, you’d better not lose to anyone else.

~Kagura, Okita hasn't told you that....~

(till Manga chapter 551)

1. After you two meet at cherry‐blossom viewing, you become special one in his eyes.

   Nobody can’ fight with him like you do.

2. He likes to treat you or compete with you because he likes to do.

3. When Sadaharu became wild, he was the first police who came fast and tried to stop Sadaharu.

4. When you were in trouble in the fight at Yagyuu’s home, he was the one who beat enemy and saved you.

From this day, when you were in danger, besides of your partners, he also came to save you at proper moment.

5. When he asked you which you hate more then you said both, he replied “ me too” after stopping a few seconds.(in animation)
   Because he would like to team with you.

6. You two trust and know each other very much even both of you never mention.

7. You said you want traditional meals brought in courses, and he heard what you said.
   Not perfect, but generous and not cheap.

8. He is not good at showing caring, and you don’t know at all.

 But he protects you when you are in danger.

9.  After he knew that you faked a disease, he treated you because he was angry about your idiotic idea to fake illness.

   We also know his love for you is real because he definitely realize you are faking an illness as he said…..

10.  When you worried that nobody would marry you, he was the one to divert your attention.
      We don’t know if he really attended to propose or not…but he didn’t have to reply in that way.

11. When you two changed the body, he would like you to call him Sou-Kun, from both of your soul and body.
      Sou-Kun is more intimate than Sougo, you know…

12. You can bring him courage and make him revive.

13. When you fell from cliff, he run really fast to your place and caught your hand without thinking about himself at all.
     Even you asked him to let you go because he might die, but he didn’t.
     See how much you mean to him~

14.  "we don’t need any dumb words of farewell"
       It means that he would like to say farewell to you in his original plan.

      “not to lose to anyone else…”
      He didn’t shout it out but he doesn’t want you to lose or get hurt when you fight with others.

15.  "By the next time we meet…“
      He believes that you two will meet again, at the same time, he also made his promise to you.

He is really into you….


K: “Looks like we can both last long in a fight.”
S: “Of course. This time there’s no unknown crow that’ll get in the way. You better remember this. The next time we meet, I will become so much stronger than you and that crow, so you better not lose again to anyone else.”