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gintoki family thoughts 3 🌸

- gintoki and tsukki making threatening faces whenever their daughter brings her boyfriend around
- gintoki teasing tsukki and laughing because he can still make her blush
-tsukki and the kids finding a stray cat on the way home from school and buying a chocolate parfait to try and bribe gintoki into letting them keep it
-their new cat ripping all his jump and he spends three days sulking
- gintoki and tsukki going on double dates with kagura and okita (with kagura and gintoki acting all stupid and tsukki and okita thinking why do i like this person???)
-gintoki having a competition with tsukki to see whether their toddlers say mummy or daddy first
-gintoki getting possessive whenever a guy tries to hit on tsukki
-sougo idly swinging his sword around whenever someone tries to hit on kagura


I was in the Okikagu tag on Pixiv the other day and I saw this angsty Oki.nobu drawing in which Kagura ended up in tears. So I had to fix that. Let’s get one thing clear, though:  I LOVE NOBUME!

Anyways, doodling around, which is funnier than actually drawing, I ended up with this. Kagura is going through this difficult phase called adolescence and she’s not in good terms with her hormones. Okita and Nobume are working together in a case -because the Mimawarigumi and Shinsengumi are NOT disbanded in this UA (universe alteration).

Bonus Kagura and Okita because have you seen Sougo iN WINTER OUTFIT??? JFC ISTGGGGG!! Also this ending always gets me.