gintoki family thoughts 4 🌸

-gintoki just smiling and smiling throughout his wedding bc he can’t believe this goddess is married to him now
-gintoki slaying at video games and getting a lecture from tsukki who tells him that he should let the kids win at least once
-gintoki also being one of those parents who always calls their kids down to help him with technology
-gintoki talking to tsukkis pregnant belly
-gintoki praying that they inherit tsukkis silky hair
-gintoki and okita training their kids to annoy hijikata
-gintoki and tsukki going shopping for baby clothes and bumping into okita and kagura
-gintoki losing his son and panicking bc he knows tsukki is gonna kill him
-gintoki bribing his son with money so he won’t tell tsukki