Commissions! (limited time) 7 slots out of 10 left

Let’s keep it simple.


 Single character with simple BG



Bust of character with 3 expressions



Fairly detailed piece of one or two characters



More detailed piece with one or two characters


  • All digital
  • Please keep it PG. (No NSFW stuff.)
  • OCs,yourself,pets,scenes or randomness is recommended. ( No media or pre-existing characters from shows or of the like. Trying to keep the blog as neutral in terms of fandoms. Hope you understand!)
  • If there is a style you like from our gallery that you want your piece to be done in, please let us know! 
  • PayPal only! 

We don’t do commissions online often enough, so there is no info page anywhere on our blog. We have the right to not take on your commission if we don’t think it’s something we don’t feel comfortable with putting on our blog. Doubt that would be the case, but still. :) 

Email us at elioliart@gmail.com.  Don’t message us on tumblr, please!

We’ll post any finished pieces on our inspiration tumblr (link on page) and we’ll tag you. If you wish to have a hi res file of your drawing for personal use and not for commercial use, do let us know in the email.

We’ll be only taking 10 at a time, so first come first serve. You will be moved to the next slot of 10 once we’re done with the first set.



“Occasionally I do catch snatches of the things I don’t remember. The smell of rust and damp, a flash of darkness, a sudden feeling of panic and fear… though the things I do remember are bad enough: maybe its best these things remain buried.”

[[ Small transitioning update this week! Sorry for posting it two days late! Also major thanks to the anon and silent-kosmos for the questions this week! Keep tossing my questions my way, guys :> ]]

Forgive me father….Ive sinned. 

this should be the last fucking character  and If i even make one more oc i want someone to delete my account,

based on that person anon saw

also I really needed a tall dark and handsome character whoops