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Summer nights are great for festivals

There couldn’t have been a more perfect night than that of the festival. Streets were adorn with paper lanterns, children running about gayly, lovers strolling along at the many stores brightly lit to accept customers. It was one such night that I had decided to take my lover, one by the name of Akutagawa Ryunosuke. This was not an easy feat to accomplish, for the man, despite his fondness for me, was being rather stubborn to adorn his nicest yukata.

“Dazai! Why can’t we enjoy the evening indoors?” he more shouted than asked.

What a precious thing, I thought. He just can’t seem to keep composed around me. I looked at him, taking his hands into my own, hoping the gesture itself was enough to calm the other down and replied.

“Indoors is so boring, it’s a nice, warm night, let’s have a little fun!” I had exclaimed, doing my best to get him dressed.

With a little more persuasion, I managed to get him into his clothes, and myself into my own; setting out to mid-town. At first, it was like dragging a stubborn child around. I tried my efforts to lift his spirits, but seemed visual stimulant was ineffective. A little disheartening, but it didn’t exactly stop me from trying. Then, an idea came to mind, then looked to my partner and smiled.

“You know, we haven’t eaten dinner yet, let’s get some!” I suggested excitedly.

I had not even given him time to answer before I was again pulling him along to a noodle cart. 

“I don’t want to eat” Akitagawa protested.

Of course, I didn’t listen to him and knew he had a habit of not eating. I took it upon myself to order both of our meals. I was gonna make this man eat whether he liked it or not. My mate pouted considerably as we sat at the small outdoor bar, our bowls of freshly prepared ramen before us.

“Eat, or I’m not taking you or letting you go back home,” I said in a more serious tone.

“Tch,” was all he quietly replied under his breath.

I won, though, he did start to eat, and respectively I did from my own. A few moments pass and Akutagawa’s expression seemed to change considerably. It seemed he was enjoying the noodles in such a way that it brought his mood up. This in turn made me smile as well. Quietly, yet happily, we finished our noodles. Once we had finished, a small grin flashed across my face, and looked to my significant other.

“Hey, Akutagawa, let’s browse just a little, then I want to take you someplace nice, just the two of us.”

At first he hesitated a bit, but after a moment he agreed to go. From there we browsed the shops, collecting a few little festive trinkets for each other before we reached the edge of town. Making sure no one could see, I took his hand into my own and lead him further out. The moonlight was bright, making it fairly easy to see most things around us. It was an uncommon gesture to hold hands, but something inside of me convinced me to do so.

A few minute’s walk and I stopped us upon a bridge crossing over a stream; behind us, a large cherry tree loomed, shedding the odd pink blossom here and there. I stood next to him for a moment, gazing over the moonlit waters, my hand slipping around his back to his side and tugging him close. It was a peaceful silence, only mildly disturbed with contented sighs. Finally I looked at him and gently turned his head towards mine.

“Thank you for tonight,” I whispered.

Of course in my style, I did not give my partner time to answer before his lips were entangled with mine; a perfect end to a near perfect evening.

Trying to figure out if you’re ace or aro can be so goddamn hard because it’s like, trying to find the absence of something. Imagine you’re at a pond and you want to know if there are any turtles, or fish. Say you find a turtle and you’re like “great! Now I know there are turtles.” Or a fish, now you know for sure there are fish. Or you find both, and now you know for a fact there are both turtles and fish in the pond.

But like, if you don’t find any turtles it might be that there are no turtles or maybe you’re just really shitty at looking for turtles and maybe you THINK you saw a turtle over there or maybe it was just a stick. Maybe there are only a few turtles. Maybe you need to do something special to find the turtles. Maybe a bunch of these rocks are actually turtles but you couldn’t tell them apart. Maybe there are no turtles. You have no idea. Meanwhile some people are saying “Oh there have to be turtles! You’ll find them eventually ;)” or “How many turtles have you found in your pond?” or “Try planting some vegetables at the shore to attract the turtles.” Or “Oh no! What disaster happened to your pond that there are no turtles?” And you’re just standing there wet with an empty net and a tired expression.

But whatever because whether there are turtles or fish or not your pond’s ecology works just fine without them because that’s what eco-communities do they form a system around what they have. You aren’t missing anything if you don’t have turtles you just have a pond system without turtles. If someone tried to change you by pouring a bunch of turtles into your pond it would probably fuck something up.

So you don’t have to be entirely sure. You don’t have to search every inch of the damn pond before you can decide there are probably no turtles. If you want to take the aro or ace label because you think it fits go for it. And if you do find your turtles you can rename the pond. That’s fine.

Music asks, personalized list

1. A Song you’re ashamed of liking
2. Favourite lyrics
3. Favourite band/artist
4. Top 5 Favourite songs at this moment
5. Latest song that made you smile
6. An overrated band
7. An overrated song
8. Latest song that made you cry
9. Artist/band that saved your life
10. If you could see any band/artist live, who would it be
11. What song/album/band/artist always brings back memories for you
12. saddest song you know
13. Favourite song to sing in the shower
14. If you played an instrument in grade school, what was it
15. What song would you like to have your first dance to at your wedding
16. 5 Songs to have sex to
17. One band you’d have get back together/bring back from the dead
18. You’re forced to listen to only one album for the rest of your life, what album is it
19. A song that gets you through shit
20. A song to shut everything out
21. A song that’s a joke between you and your friends
22. A song to jam out to at 4am
23. A song that punches you in the gut every single time
24. A song that calms you down
25. A song that makes you feel alive
26. If you could get any lyrics tattooed, which would you choose
27. What band/artist would you get your children addicted to at an early age
28. Can you play any instruments, if so, which
29. If you could be a member of any band for one show, who would it be
30. CDs or Vinyls
31. 25 songs to play at your funeral
32. What are some song titles that you love
33. If your life ended today, what song would you choose to represent it
34. Can you give me a 10 song playlist on ____
35. A heart wrenching song
36. A band/artist you’re proud of
37. A song that has a lot of meaning to you
38. A song that reminds you of school
39. A song not sung in your native language
40. An instrumental song
41. A classical song
42. A song with no percussion
43. Something you’ve heard performed live
44. Something you’d give ANYTHING to hear performed live
45. A song from a band/artist that’s from your town/city/state/province
46. A song made suddenly precious because of a special someone
47. A song made suddenly painful because of someone special
48. A song that demands lip syncing and a makeshift microphone
49. A song from a band/artist you met/know
50. A song that you would rock at karaoke
51. A song you can’t help but dance to
52. A song that makes you want to dance on a table
53. Your 10 song striper playlist
54. Favourite Disney song
55. A song that starts with the first letter of your name
56. A song from an artist still alive
57. A song from an artist who’s dead
58. A song you love by an artist/band you hate
59. A song you love with a colour in the title
60. A song you love with a number in the title
61. A song that reminds you of someone you would rather forget about
62. A song that needs to be played LOUD
63. A song that makes you think about life
64. 15 Songs that get suck in your head easily
65. A song that you think everyone should listen to
66. A song that makes you want to fall in love
67. A song that makes you think about ‘him/her’
68. A song that you remember from your childhood
69. A song that reminds you of you
70. Okay what’s the real answer to number 1


Mostly-vegetarian Sero meets carnivorous Kirishima, loss of trust ensues