"Do you have any proof?"

This took place in a golf tournament I was playing in a few years ago.

There was a long drive contest on the 18th hole. The way a long drive competition works in a tournament is there is a little marker with a pad of paper on it out in the fairway. If you hit your ball in the fairway past the marker, you sign the paper, and place the marker next to where your ball was. It’s an honor system sort of thing, but then again, that’s golf for you.

I was in the second-to-last group, one of my good friends was in the group behind me. I step up to the tee, tee up, and free the beast all over that golf ball. By some fluke, it ends up drawing down the right side of the fairway. I crushed this thing. Based on yardage left, I hit this ball a little over 330 yards. I had the previous long drive beat by almost 20 yards. I happily signed the marker, and put it next to my ball.

After I finished the hole, I walked off the green, and watched the foursome behind us tee off and play the hole in. You know, waiting for my friend, and to see if anybody beat my drive. Now, the men’s tee box that we were supposed to play from was on the left side of the hole, and the ladies was 40 or so yards up and on the right side of the hole. I saw one of the guys tee up from the ladies tee, hit his drive, walk up, sign the marker, and move it to his ball. That sh*t ain’t right.

They finish the hole, and my friend comes up to me and confirms my suspicions. This chucklef*ck had hit from the ladies tee and taken my long drive. He beat me by two yards. I went up to the a**hole, and had this conversation with him.

Me: “Are you really going to take that drive?”
Him: “Yep.”
Me: “That’s cheating, chief. You didn’t win.”
Him: “Do you have any proof?”

Well, f*ck. It’s his word against mine. The other guys in his foursome are his friends. My jimmies are at maximum overrustle.

We go to the post-tournament dinner. Sure enough, when they call the long drive winner up, this smug f*cknut goes up and collects his (my) $50 Tim Hortons gift card.

Oh, but what’s this? He dropped something when he stood up. It’s his door prize raffle ticket. It’s number 77. Well, I’m just going to take this, you know, for my troubles. I lean over in my chair, and snag it off the floor.

An hour later, we’re at the final prize. It’s the door prize draw. The prize? A $1000 MasterCard prepaid gift card. The MC rifles through the drum with the tickets. The universe must have been on my side that day, because the MC pulls out a ticket, and speaks into the microphone.

“The winner of the MasterCard prepaid card is… Ticket 77.”

A**hole McTerribleperson loses his sh*t. He’s jumping up and down, yelling “I won I won I won ohmygod I won!”

He runs up to the front to the MC, who then asks for the winning ticket.

F*ckface sticks his hand in his back pocket. Then his other back pocket. Then the side pockets. His face looks like he just watched his dog just get run over. Repeatedly.

I’m crazy excited at this point, but I make a show of checking my ticket. Then I hold up the ticket and call out,

“I got it!”

I run up to the front, and give it to the MC.

Douchebag McGee isn’t happy about this. He starts yelling about how I stole his ticket and ticket 77 was totally his and I’m a cheater and a liar.

I look him dead in the eyes, and ask him deadpan “do you have any proof?”
He looks like he’s about to cry. The MC sends him to sit down, and I collect the $1000 dollar gift card.

Because I’m the type to salt the wound, as I leave, I walk past his table, and say quietly to him “Enjoy your Tim card. You deserve it.”

Pretty sure he popped a blood vessel. But I didn’t stick around to find out. I had beers to buy for my friends.

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I’ve never related to anyone more than Sehun


february 8 // 8:42 

gonna head to campus early to finish my hw before my 10:30 meeting with my director. i can’t seem to find my head recently. trying to find balance, with like, everything. this anxiety/depression thing is super inconvenient, tbh

happy monday to all! wishing y’all a peaceful + productive week (•́⌄•́๑)૭✧

The Douche who would like an interview.

At a past job I had a long commute. It was 62 miles door to door. To save money I bought an early 80’s Rabbit Diesel from an old man for $2000. 40MPG and it ran like a top.

However, it was gutless, and some of this commute was through the foothills of the Colorado Front Range. Some of the larger hills would slow my top speed to about 50 on this 70MPH Interstate. I can handle this just fine, especially with the money it saved me.

However, even though this is a three lane hiway and I kept to the right 100% of the time (never even tried to pass people on the very rare occasion it was an option) some people would still honk angrily or flip me off when they came up behind me. I was somehow inconveniencing them to force them to pass. Bear in mind my shift did not make me commute in rush hours… there was little to no traffic. One guy lost his everloving mind. Honking and flipping me off, he paced in the next lane becide me for a while- foaming and spitting, screaming and using every rude gesture in the book. Completely lost it. Then he moved on.

A few minutes later I arrive at work, and my boss asks me to sit in on a interview as the tech interviewer. I settle in and wait. The first smiling candidate that walks in, looks at me, and loses his smile. It is Mr Foaming Nutbag!

Without saying a word, he turns and walks back out. I spend the next 5 minutes giggling while I explain to the boss what just happened.

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The Problem with "Pretty Notes"

i was scrolling down the #studyblr tag and saw about 3 people posted that they had to redo their notes so many times just to get it perfect and:

- notes aren’t supposes to be perfect

- they’re supposed to help you

- the least of your worries is to make them “pretty”

- make notes concise, not paragraphs & paragraphs & paragraphs long

- stop redoing your notes, you’re wasting time

- notes are supposed to help you review the chapter, not rewrite the chapter

- simply copying notes from your textbook (word for word) is passive learning. reconstruct sentences.

- buy white-out materials instead of ripping pages {save the trees}

- colorcode, but don’t get overboard. when I colorcode, I only use 3 colors because more than that can cause confusion. + when you write, you have to constantly think “okay blue is for vocab words, red is for important, green is for memorize, purple is for dates, burnt sienna is for key terms, cerulean is for synonynms” we aint got time for that

- try to finish taking notes on a chapter after 1 hr and 30 mins. this is always my time frame for taking notes

i’m not trying to hate on pretty notes!! In fact, I love pretty notes & organized notebooks. I just think that the want of achieving pretty notes shouldn’t go as far as becoming unproductive & passive. We’re students!! We have to use our time wisely & efficiently :) 1hr 30 mins of notes with 1hr 30 mins revision is much more productive than spending 3 hours on notetaking alone.

keep smiling & study hard! xx


What is there to do but try and silence his fear, to calm the chill up the spine, by turning on the bedroom light? The boy gropes blindly for the switch. As his room is illuminated, the angel disappears into the gloomy blue night. But the light that makes the angel go will leave the boy nowhere to hide—from his body or his mind. ”  

Study Tip

If you have to take notes on a novel or a reading of any sort, and you think to yourself “oh I’ll read this once through to understand it then I’ll take notes and this way I’ll understand it more”, DON’T. My mum is an english and history teacher and she says she has so many students who do this and then end up not having enough time to reread it, so their notes are based off skimming through or their memory. If you need to take notes on a text, start them as soon as you start reading.