HAHA remember when these two used to be my life?

*thinks fondly back to the great Toy Story obsession of 2010* 

For the Kiss Meme Challenge. Buzz/Jessie with a (cute) kiss on the lips. I totally have a thing for pairings in which the guy is shorter than the girl. NOSTALGIA!

Rostros vacíos en las avenidas, árboles sin hojas, papeles en las zanjas: escritura de la ciudad. ¿Y qué haré si todo ésto lo sé de memoria sin haberlo comprendido nunca? Repiten las palabras de siempre, erigen las mismas palabras, las evaporan, las desangran. No quiero saber. No quiero saberme saber. Entonces cerrar la memoria: sus jardines mentales, su canto de veladora al alba. Mi cuerpo y el tuyo terminando, recomenzando, ¿qué cosa recomenzando? Trepidación de imágenes, frenesí de sustancias viscosas, noches caníbales alrededor de mi cadáver, permisión de no verme por una horas, alto velar para que nada ni nadie se acerque. Amor mío, dentro de las manos y de los ojos y del sexo bulle la más fiera nostalgia de ángeles, dentro de los gemidos y de los gritos hay un querer lo otro que no es otro, que no es nada…
—  Alejandra Pizarnik - Las uniones posibles

Machine Minds

Tick tick tick.

The never-ending tick of the mind.

Forever the enigma.

Emotion collisions and moral decisions.

Filled to the brim with ideas and precision.

Images, thoughts, nostalgia, and conceptions.

I am trapped inside a world of many connections.


Wait - I’ve been here before.

Nostalgia – she’s come, she’s banging on the door.

Time, it ticks

but I’m never truly in a rush.

For in this world time is put on hush.

Dreams, how vivid they appear.

They say if you keep dreaming the dreams will become clear.


in this realm of never-ending time

we open our hearts to the all-knowing third eye.


Digital art by Daniel Arnold-Mist
.gif animation by George RedHawk (google.com/+DarkAngel0ne)


Thomas Friedrich Schäfer

From his series Experiential Spaces

Thomas Friedrich Schäfer was born in Mainz in 1983 and raised in Sao Paulo, Brasil. After returning to Germany, Schäfer was faced with different social and especially family backgrounds. He received his Bachelor’s Degree at the Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule in Photography in February 2014.

His project Erfahrungsräume - Experiential Spaces is entirely staged and created within a studio in Berlin, Germany. Even the car was hauled via freight elevator to the studio on the fourth floor. The production required elaborate and complex pre-production with a dedicated team assisting him. There’s an interesting behind-the-scenes “making of” video you can check out.

As he writes in his artist statement: “The project deals with the the family home, which is often defined by the things we associate with it. These entities exist as both objects in their own right and reference points upon which we frame our memories. Recalling these places and things evokes the experience of nostalgia.

In creating the space the artist experiences an emotional novelty as the installation triggers memories of a previously experienced space.

These experiential spaces are historically accurate reconstructions of childhood memories - bringing to mind questions of the accuracy of memory. Hand built sets were constructed and documented with digital photography before being deconstructed - making the place as ephemeral and intangible as one’s memory. The installation is only evident in the photograph itself.

The depicted space, reconstructed from memory and imagination, can lead to a new view when looking at the past.”

He’s a staged photographer artist to watch. Incredible talent!

of course no matter what happens, i will keep this blog open

in the slight chance he rehabs & gets resigned somewhere, it’ll be open

or if tim has to retire, & the blog turns into mostly nostalgia reblogs & overall feelgood memory sharing, it’ll still be open

because fuck yeah tim lincecum

Sombra y Luz
Amor que permaneces oculto entre los vientos, amor que te paseas por mi vida y en mis sueños; traes el murmullo del verano a mis inviernos y con tu aroma a primaveras siempre nuevas me despiertas…   Amor que permaneces oculto entre mis venas, amor que te paseas por mi mente y dejas huellas. Llegas como el día derrotando a las tinieblas, como el sol tras la tormenta, como un silencio de siesta… Amor que permaneces oculto entre las ramas, amor que has hecho nido en cada sitio de mi alma. Eres la esperanza que te espera en mi ventana y la dulce melodía de la lluvia y su nostalgia…   Amor que permaneces oculto en el silencio, amor hecho de fuego y de miradas que dan besos. Eres el secreto más hermoso y que más quiero, todo el aire que respiro, todo el agua y mi alimento… Lara Hum. #lara hum #argentina #poesía