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Have you heard the noises Genji makes when he gets hit by Ana's rifle? I shouldn't be surprise since a lot of ow noises sound nsfw but still. wow. WOW



(for those of you who haven’t heard yet, here it is you dirty sinners)

intrusive audio ads

If you’ve been active on tumblr lately, you may notice that they’ve started running a new type of ad in the right-hand sidebar unit. Specifically, there’s been an uptick in ads that auto-play loud audio, some of which are even un-mutable.

We’ve addressed this in Anti-Capitalism version 1.3.0, which adds a new option:

(small mea culpa: the naming here is slightly confusing. this will *always* remove the sidebar ad, even if it doesn’t happen to be one that plays audio, because we don’t have the ability to distinguish between them. the other difference is that it does it in a way that also takes care of the audio-visual component instead of just hiding the ad, like some adblockers have been doing)

(EDIT: yes, you’ll have to refresh the page after installing the extension/enabling the option. It sounds like this might also conflict with other ad-blockers, so let us know if you have any issues and/or try disabling other adblockers first and see if that fixes the problem)

EDIT 2: as of 7/26, conflicts with other extensions or ad blockers should no longer be an issue.

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[Photo: David blindly feels around for an invisible pole]

Jim Wong [writer/director of Founder’s Mutation]: Here’s what happened. We do a take, and [Scully’s] supposed to drive up and park in front of the hospital. She does. I decided to go for another take. I don’t know why we didn’t have the transportation guy back the car up, but Gillian decides to back the car up [to first position]. As she’s backing up, I really see that she’s heading in the wrong direction. But she stops! And it’s like, “Oh, thank God, she sees that she’s about to hit the pole.” And then, just a beat later, she steps on the accelerator and goes directly into the pole. I don’t quite understand what happened, the thought process between stopping and going again, but obviously it was not to turn the wheel…

Gillian Anderson: It was a large, tall pole that I should have seen, but I was concentrating on the Teamster in my left wing mirror and the location PA in my right mirror and trying not to hit them. I didn’t look into the rearview mirror and I slammed pretty hard into it. And actually experienced some whiplash for the next couple days.

The  next day….

Jim Wong: I’m talking to the director of photography, and I look up and David [is walking onto set]… He has a neck brace around his neck. I think, “Oh my God, we’ve lost a day! I can’t shoot with him literally like this [see Wong’s photo]”. He looks at me and sees I’m about to freak and he goes, “It’s a joke, it’s a joke. Don’t say anything! I’m going over to show Gillian. I only saw from the corner of my eye, but I heard Gillian scream.

I later read an article where David shares this prank and says he wishes someone had filmed her reaction. Man, I wish he had found me.

Little bit about the driving in My Struggle II:

Take after take, Gillian did all her own driving in the race to get to Mulder. I remember Chris asking if she was sure, since Melissa was standing by to double her if need be. 

Gillian was sure: “I have to make up for backing up into the fucking pole!!!” 

From Ten Stories Behind-the-Scenes that Didn’t Make it in the Behind-the-Scenes

By Julie Ng.

[It has come to Nico’s attention that he may have a crush on Will. He isn’t taking it well]

Nico(Storming towards the Hades Cabin): Oh no, we are not going through this again. You do not like a boy. You do NOT like a boy! GET AHOLD OF YOURSELF!

[He reaches the steps just as Billie and Malcolm pass by, deep in conversation]

Billie: …I’m just saying, Will is pretty cute.

Nico(Wheeling around to glare at her): Cute? He’s the reason faces were invented!