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[[ Image Description: A photo featuring a pallas cat peeking out from behind a tree, mouth open as if speaking, with a post on it by user asutori.

The post reads: “to all my multilingual nb ppl who learned about their gender through tumblr and therefore in english:

you are valid even if your native language does not have a name for your gender

you are valid even if there are no gender-neutral pronouns in your native language, or if you prefer your language’s equivalent to she/her or he/him (remember - your pronouns do not define your gender!)

you are valid even if you lack the expressions and terminology to properly explain your identity in your native language

you are valid and important and you rule” ]]

wickosaurus asked:

Tips on dressing more androgynously in a professional work place? Also on a budget? Afab if that matters for sizes and fitting.

try: formal wear tips and tricks for all y’all nonbinary cuties by our old mod, kate.

that specific ask was aimed at helping dfab nb folks figure out how to get measured for/buy suits. some of the later links are on androgynous style in general, and deserve to be looked at. 

i often link The FTM’s Complete Illustrated Guide to Looking Like a (Hot) Dude, though some of the language can be offensive or triggering. if you’re willing to look past that, there is some good information on button-up shirts and information about body/chest/hip/waist shapes and how you can possibly manipulate them. 

i’ve answered an ask similar to this before, and my general advice (besides the former) was to stick to neutral colors, earth tones, blacks, whites, greys, etc. this video on unisex clothing gives some very good examples of modern, chic androgynous style (some of it isn’t necessarily work attire, im afraid) 

purchasing “basics” and styling them right can achieve an androgynous, mature look. The Basics Shop at forever21 has cheap longsleeve black, white, grey, etc tees and shirts. 

i did some browsing in the women’s basic section and found these shirts that can be part of an androgynous presentation: 

-Classic Chambray Shirt $19.90

-Mock Neck Sweatshirt $14.90

-Plaid Flannel Shirt $15.90

the men’s basic section has even more options. 

-Button-Down Collared Shirt $12.90

-Classic Fit Pocket Shirt $12.80

and for pants I recommend some type of chinos or twill pants

another place to find clothes like this is H&M, i believe the pricing is only a little bit higher. i hope this is what you were looking for!


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Reverse Grumps Headcanon: Since Commander Holly still is CH then Ninja Brian is still NB, at least name wise. Imagine Brian making a channel where all he is is talking about science stuff but he has it subtitled because he's in the ninja outfit and can't talk, but then eventually for his 500k subscribers milestone he takes off the mask and everyone's shocked to see pastel pink hair on him. He does more and more videos w/o the mask, and everyone loves it.

yes!!!!! YES?????

also brian learning sign language for the sole reason of doing it during videos so he can wear the ninja outfit 

Ok so Sunday’s on the arthoecollective IG is “ Community activism / testimonies/stories /perspectives” so we need submissions on experiences from you guys ! (Queer,Trans,NB,SW,Plus sized etc)
So far I have a few from the above stated and I can’t wait to share it !
But we need some more to be featured next week on the platform so please submit to arthoecoreps@gmail.com !
We want to raise and give you a voice so please come forward if you’re willing too !
Also if there is any black queer/LGBT+ people who want to share testimonies please email
anisamcgowan@gmail ( they’re working on an extensive painting series on perspectives )
Also if there are any sex workers that want to express concerns or opinions or being included please do so !
Tell me how to not speak for you but redirect attention to you in interviews
Do I say “ I’m not one to speak about these issues . Even though the term is used to demean black women and it’s been trivialized to call out anyone remotely promiscuous we must recognize how sex workers are the most affected by this and I’m not one to talk over them . Please interview them .”



Please copy and paste the following form into an email, fill in the details and send to;

phryneficathon01@gmail.com by September 21, 2015

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Unwilling to write: list anything you would be uncomfortable writing, eg, Bondage, angst, major character death etc.

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My Prompts: Prompts can be outline sentences, phrases, song lyrics, a poem, an artwork –provide links to images, poems, songs etc) or other.




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I am prepared to angel write: Y / N (delete one)

Angel writers are prepared to fill in for authors who cannot meet the deadline.


I will look through the prompts between September 21st and October 7th and I will endeavour to match prompts to writers and then email them out for writing. Stories should be a minimum of 1000 words but can be much longer if the mood strikes!

Each writer will receive a set of three prompts to choose from.

Each prompter will receive one gift fic in December.

Writing takes place between October 10th and November 23rd- with the submission deadline being between November 23rd and November 30th.

Fics will begin to be posted on AO3 from December 1st.

Good luck fellow fic writers! I look forward to receiving your official registration and prompts over the next few weeks.

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Do you have thoughts about androsexual/gynosexual? Since I don't have a gender I guess it makes more sense to call my attraction to men androsexual as opposed to gay, but it seems a little mogai to me. And I technically don't experience sga but I'm definitely not straight. I mean I did id as a gay man before I realized I was trans. Being non-binary is so confusing. Most nb people are pan or ace. There's not a lot of good discourse on nb sexuality.

I mean I don’t mind NB people using it but I do feel they should be NB-only because cis people using them carries entirely different connotations.

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Ace positivity. I'm an ftm ace and have a partner who is nb ace and we've been together for two years. We cuddle and kiss and sometimes makeout but we don't have sex and I've never been happier. We're in a long distance relationship which is made easier without the need for sexual intimacy. I just want others to know being ace may be hard, especially if you're not aromantic, but it can happen and you have to stay positive and keep your head up! -Part-time Doge

Awesome, anon!!! Ace-positivity is a w e s o m e

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Who do you think is shorter: Enjolras or Grantaire? Cause I like the idea of short, chubby R constantly covered in paint, but also short Enjolras who looks super young but will fight you.


Chubby nb Grantaire and tall willowy trans Enjolras amen 

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Agree agree, What I,m saying is.. That spaghetti thing and the ''__'' reblog was no smart move... no Cis will learn with this.. gotta change the mesage and teach them instead. we always scream teach the ignorant but that was .. :\

I am “a Cis” and I don’t expect trans or nb folks to educate me because that’s not their job and I recognize that institutions and rights are catered around cis people so I don’t give a rat’s ass about people being “mean” to us because I take accountability for my cis privilege.

Similarly, I am not obligated to teach The Straights anything. If you feel like my occasional sarcasm is shattering your confidence in your own heterosexuality, you’ve got bigger problems. I hope it does make you uncomfortable. You have a tiny taste of how LGB people feel and you can take a step back and realize how lucky you are to have the luxury of being offended by mild mockery.

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hellooo. im agender and i feel like i experience pretty bad physical dysphoria and moderate social dysphoria. is this typical for nb people?

Non-binary people can have a range of experiences around dysphoria, and some elements may be stronger, lesser, or absent - physical dysphoria and social dysphoria that ranges is incredibly common for non-binary people.