If you’re ace and nonbinary, I want you to know that you’re allowed to identify however you want, and that you’re identity is your own to define.
If you’re aro and nonbinary, I want you to know that youre allowed to identity in whatever way makes you comfortable, and that you get to decided who you are.
If you’re aroace and nonbinary, I want you to know that your identity matters, and no one can tell you how you get to identify.
I love you.

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Hey, How's your day? Can I request McCree, Hanzo, Genji, and maybe reaper comforting there S/O during a panic attack?


  • Jesse is a bit overstained, doesn’t know what to do with the s/o in a situation like this 
  • asks the s/o if they need anything (some tea, ice cream, maybe a drink??)
  • he needs to calm down first, then he grabbs the s/o to pull them into a tight ‘everything-will-be-okay-hug’
  • he will give them a warm smile and ask if it’s any better now
  • Jesse tells the s/o he knows what fear feels like, but a panic attack is fear²! So he has much respect for the s/o how they’re able to handle situations like this


  • Genji knows exactly what the s/o is going through, he’s been there too 
  • he will move back a little, waiting for the s/o’s actions and how they handle the attack 
  • if needed, he will step in and help the s/o to calm themself down by using breathing techniques
  • Genji comforts the s/o after the panic attack too (keep them company so they’re not alone with the bad thoughts)
  • Genji learned a lot from Zenyatta, so he’s a good panic attack companion


  • Hanzo approaches the situation very rationally
  • he knows that the s/o can’t be reached by sheer logic at this moment so he will sit down and listen to them 
  • Hanzo will always validate the feelings of his s/o and take them seriously
  • he will make the s/o calm down and meditate with him after the attack (to rest their thoughts)
  • he will make dinner after that, he’s convinced that hunger intensifies bad days


  • unfortunately Gabe’s not the best choice to comfort someone
  • he will be a little helpless first - patting the s/o’s back and mumbling that it will be okay
  • as soon as he gets that the s/o really needs help to cope with this he will hug them gently and nuzzle their neck
  • asks them to breath calmly and to take deep breaths
  • tells them it’s okay they have panic attacks, he won’t think bad about them

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I am an nb butch lesbian, but sometimes I get intrusive thoughts about being a trans boy. I don't feel or want to be a boy, but I do like looking like one and I would like to transition as transmasculine. Is this normal?

Sorry your question is just now being answered friend! 
(I’ve been thinking a lot about this question admittedly)
I know several people that have had similar experiences; if that’s what you mean by is your experience “normals.” Heck yeah it is! 
Binaries are pretty deeply ingrained by us if we life here in modern western society. If someone is stepping out of a conforming to one binary gender means we want to step fully into the other binary gender right? 
Obvious not, but I feel like that is the thought process many of us battle with. 
As someone with DPD I know how much intrusive thoughts can pressure you to conform to normative ideas in order to gain approval. 

To cut this rambling short; 
-non-boys can take t and have top surgery
-Non-boys can wanna pass for men in public 
Your expression is not your gender. Wanting to express one way or another does not determine your gender! 
Good luck! I hope those intrusive thoughts leave you alone soon! 
-Mod t 

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prompt 62, "its okay to cry", for genji with a reader that cries very easily and is ashamed of it?

The tears fell on your shirt, leaving small stains on the fabric. You sobbed into your sleeve, trying to hide the tears - but it was no use.
“It’s okay to cry.”, Genji said and put his hand on your shoulder to comfort you. “I have also cried in my past life.”
“But you don’t cry three times a week!”,you mumbled and wiped your running nose with your shirt. “Sometimes it’s three times a day! I hate this.”
He pulled you close, wrapping his arms around you. A weak sob escaped your lips and you burried your face in his chest to hide your tear-stained eyes.
“It’s okay.”, he whispered, squeezing your body gently.

we are currently working on a MASTERLIST of trans/nb characters in the rpc. so reblog this to be added to it if your character is trans/nb!! please include: the character’s namefandom, and gender. thank you :)

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45 "had a nightmare and needed to make sure you were okay," with the shimada bros and mccree, before they're dating the reader. Like, really good friends, and then reader just kinda pops over visibly shaken and yeah. Ur blog is cool ily bye

Writing prompts are limited to one character so I’ll chose McCree~

“I had a nightmare about you and I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”, you whispered, still trying to calm your trembling hands. “I’m sorry I woke you up.”
“No, it’s fine. Was your dream really that bad?”
You nodded. 
Jesse sighed and leaned against the door frame. “Wanna come in?”
“Ah-!! No, no it’s alright!”, you mumbled embarassed and stared at your feet, blushing  and sweating. “I’m going to bed! Uh- g’night!”
A puzzled look followed you down the hallway and Jesse smiled. You sure were cute, all blushing and babbling…

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Can we get 79 with Gabe?

“You’re safe now. I’ve got you.”
You felt your body being lifted from the ground, but your eyelids were to heavy to see what was going on. All you could remember was getting a hard hit on the head and then - nothing. 
“What happened…?” You recognized this man’s smell… Gabriel! “Gabe, what happened?”
“Well, you got a little too close to Reinhardt when Ana boosted him.”, he replied  and pulled you a little closer to his body. “You really need to be more careful around him!”
“I’m sorry…”, you murmured and clasped his coat. Actually, it was really nice to be carried by Reaper.