• Zen:So... Are you a man or a woman?
  • Vanderwood:I'm a secret agent.
  • Zen:Oh, but what's between your legs?
  • Vanderwood:Seven, apparently.
  • 707:Hello~

We need more stories of nonbinary adults living their nonbinary adult lives and being happy, and I was going to write a post saying that, and then I realized. I’m nonbinary, I’m an adult, and I’m happy. So, here’s my story, for those who are interested. 

I’m twenty-four, and I’m in a weird in-between period right now, my girlfriend and soon-to-be-wife is in the US trying to get an appartment and being an amazing baker in the meantime, while I’m waiting here in France to join her. For now I don’t have much more to do than wait, so, I dream a lot about what’s to come - having an apartment with her that’s bigger than a shoebox, taking walks in the evening with her, talking about everything, learning pastry myself so that we can open our very own LGBT-inclusive vegan donut shop. 

My fiancée is amazing, she’s beautiful, she supports me in everything. She was there for me when I questioned my gender as I was there for her when she was transitioning. We validate each other’s genders and we support each other and we have a very healthy and wonderful relationship. We want to have kids, too, and we might have them soon, at least we hope so. We’ll be an odd little family, French and American, with a mom and a pam, both neurodivergent, in a queerplatonic relationship, but I don’t really care, it’ll be awesome. 

(If other nb adults want to share positive stories, don’t hesitate to submit <3)

To all the enbies who can’t be out, but wish they were, to all of you who have to suffer in silence and be misgendered every day, who feel alone, 

Your identity doesn’t make you wrong or unloveable or a joke. 

You’re so strong, and it sucks that you have to be strong, but I promise someday you’ll find people you can be your true self with, that you will be happy. Your identity is beautiful and someday people will love you not in spite of it, but partly because of it.

Hang in there. We’re here for you.