Life can be really stressful at times, and it’s okay if you find it too overwhelming to keep dealing with gender things. Sometimes you don’t have the mental energy to continually correct people when they misgeder/deadname you, or you can’t be bothered to educate them on your identity. It’s okay to let all that fall to the wayside if you’re having a tough time. You’re still you, regardless of other people. Be kind to yourself. If you can’t handle correcting people about your gender, it’s okay to take a break.

anonymous asked:

So in my language "they" is divided on "male they" and "female they" aka there is no neutral "they". I don't know how to adress nb friedns from tumblr cause using "it" seems rude. What would you suggest?

It is the same in french, there is no “official” neutral pronoun. What a lot of us do to use a neutral pronoun is mixing the equivalents for “he” and “she”, respectively “il” and “elle”, to create new pronouns (the most commonly used one is “iel”, but there’s also “ielle”, “ille”, etc.) they’re not very used apart from certain circles, but they’re starting to spread! 

You could try doing something similar in your language if that’s possible, and talk to your friends about it to see what they’re comfortable with!