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Does Hide's hat in the play...look like...Eto's hood in Aogiri?

Yes. It does look like it.

They have the same shape.

And also…

  • Look at how the star on his eye is on the same side as her kakugan.
  • And not to mention that she was drawn as a witch in the calendar and the role he played was “The Witch’s Servant”. (A big coincidence considering that Kaneki was the Prince. And we know that princes one day become kings after their time to get on the throne comes.)
  • Many people are suggesting that Hide might somehow be related to Ukina due to all of the similarities between them.
  • (And there were theories that Arima and Hide made a deal at the sewers… and who was Arima working with? Eto.)

However, I don’t really know what to think about this. Even though I’m pointing some hints out, I don’t actually believe Hide was working with Eto this whole time. On her book signing, we can clearly see that they’ve never met before. So yeah! They didn’t know each other until that moment.

But, on the other hand, who knows? What if she found him after V14 and thought of a way to use him for her plan? I mean, maybe she manipulated him by making him think she was actually helping Kaneki out in a way?? I don’t know really. But I’m sure about one thing: as I’ve said many times before, I don’t actually believe Hide’s responsible for the bad things that happened to Kaneki or that he’s involved in them somehow. (x) And even if it happens (which I doubt), I’ll still doubt it and think it’s a big misunderstanding. I’m absolutely sure that his friendship with Kaneki is completely pure and genuine.


We are not soulmates because our hands intertwine perfectly or because our kisses are like fireworks. We are not soulmates because we never argue or fight. We are not soulmates because we hold each other perfectly or understand each other without speaking. We are not soulmates because of any of those things. But we are soulmates for sure. Because even when we argue or fight, we will never ever give up on each other. Soulmates don’t have to be perfect. They just have to hold on, and never let go.

- Soulmate Stories | Nikita Gill (insp) | for anon


“My entire life has changed in the last year. I’m still taking it all in. I’ve found so much out about myself. Mostly how in love with music I still was. The album is a build up of six years and never being able to express what I wanted to say. I had something to get off my chest.”

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