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bakugou: who the fuck-

aizawa: language, katsuki.

bakugou: whom the fuck-

aizawa: no.

in 6th grade we went on this field trip and they let us bring our phones and things on the bus because it was a long drive so I brought my ds and I met someone on pictochat named xxbabycakessxx we really hit it off too we were sending drawings of penises and boobs to each other it was goofy

the worst part is I never figured out who it was even though she was on that same bus but I think she was the one

[playing scrabble]

Izuku: I will put my “A” down to make “A”.

Uraraka: I will add to your “A” to make “AT”. 

Todoroki: I will add onto your “AT” to make “RAT”.

Momo: I will add onto your “RAT” to make “BIOSTRATIGRAPHIC”.

Bakugou: [flips the board]