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What's your art tag?

I’ve added a #SloppyArt tag to things for you Anon, but I’m also letting you know I have over 1300 posts and while mega-editing tags helps ease the pain I couldn’t be bothered to go through and find every single ask that has had art drawn in reply, so for now this tag just covers posts that are art without prompts. 

This blog is 90% my own content and the vast majority of the things I reblog from other people are posts related to my AUs. A decent chunk of my content is asks / headcanons /or fanfic. All of which I feel are as important to this blog’s archive as my art is. So I’d honestly rather you browse the full experience and just use the AU index and AU tags to sort through specific posts rather than just skipping to look at only the art. But if you really want to, there now a tag for that. You’ll miss some gems though that are in the ask answers.

self rec tag!

fic authors self rec! when you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers.

i’m honestly not too sure who all’s been tagged in this, so i’m gonna tag: @zeldaismyhomegirl@ded-i-am-just-ded@word-spielen@iguanastevens@thoughtsappear

okay, here we go!

#1. Here To Mars (this was the first work i published this year, and honestly, my favorite. part of that is because it was my first story, but also because if you know me (and most of you do by now), you know i love soft, atmospheric, sentimental stories. this is seriously that.)

There’s a particular time of the early summer when, if you drive down a wooded road during late afternoon, the sun hits the trees just right, making them burst into the warmest golden green in the world. This, Yuri thinks, is how he feels when he looks at Otabek Altin. Just…warm. He isn’t quite ready to tell him this, but when they’re getting dressed on the morning of their wedding some years from now, he’ll write it in a letter for his eyes only.

This will make Otabek cry. Because of course it fucking will.

#2. wyd? (this one became a juggernaut on me, really. if i’m being totally honest, any time i write something new, the shadow of this one kinda hangs over me? it makes me a little nervous that i’ll never strike such a finely-tuned balance as i feel like i did with this one. either way, i love this story, i love exasperated yuri, i love fuckboy otabek.)

Ever since the coffee shop incident, Otabek personally sends Yuri every single one of his snaps, which are literally all the same three things: Otabek at the gym in a sleeveless shirt, Otabek on a run in a sleeveless shirt, Otabek in his bed in a sleeveless shirt, and JESUS CHRIST, does this guy own anything else?

Or, Otabek is a fuckboy and Yuri can’t deal.

#3. unbelieveable (i think we all know how i feel about dumbass otabek. he’s…my treasure. i love him so much.)

There was no single point at which Yuri realized, understood, and became resigned to the fact that Otabek was an idiot. No, this process occurred slowly, after a series of small events stacked together until he could no longer ignore the painful truth.

Otabek Altin is an unmitigated dumbass.

#4. the highest journey (i love school stories? i also love pre-kerberos garrison stories and the many different places people take them. i also love pining shiro. here, i can combine them all. why don’t we have both.gif)

It takes Shiro approximately three days, sixteen hours, and forty-five minutes (give or take) to notice him for the very first time when the year starts back up at the Garrison. He’s just sat down with his tray of genetically enhanced…green beans (maybe?) when he looks across the mess hall at the table of new recruits. His eyes land on a thin boy with a mop of black hair on top of his head, and the first thing he can remember thinking is Wow. A mullet is a definite statement.

Or, that time Shiro met Keith and it destroyed him forever.

#5. yuri on smirnoff ice (i like this for a few reasons. i love yuri being the dumbass trying to impress. i like a good bartender au. i also wrote this one REALLY quick for some buddies, and i was just so proud i could turn something like this out in that way.)

Okay, Yuri doesn’t consider himself to be a sneaky kind of guy. He’s impatient, a little brash, and definitely quick to unleash his salty mouth on anyone who crosses him, but he’s honest. If there’s something he’s thinking, he’ll say it. If there’s something he wants, he’ll go after it. He won’t pussyfoot around how he’s feeling, he’ll face it head-on and handle his business.

Except, tonight, he kind of wants to run a little experiment. You know, for science.

or, the fic where yuri is simultaneously the guy at the bar and the bartender.

if i may, though, i’d also like to say that i’m always super proud of all my headcanons/drabbles. i put a lot of thought into them and i love writing for other people, so whenever they get a good reception it always makes me so incredibly happy, so thank you for that!


some more ddadds! i love when my favs are each others favs too. also when i was looking up refs to see how big i could conceivably make duchess i learned that the average adult english mastiff weighs between 130 and 220 lbs and i feel like this information has changed my life permanently


back at it again with those nge aus