~my crushes~

My almost lover, a love no more,
Do you remember one autumn’s eve?
A gentle touch, what you longed for
Of a kiss you would never receive.

For two long years I dreamed of a love,
And a lover that was sweet and new.
But I was told by a voice from above
That the lover would never be you.

I have once weeped and I have once wondered
And I now cry a single, solemn tear.
Lightning has struck and the clouds have thundered
Now my dreams of you have faded, my dear.

Perhaps someday when you have grown up,
Some small thing might make you think of me.
Perhaps October or some tea in a cup,
And remind you of a love that would never be.

—  Our Love Wasn’t Meant To Be (A.R)

sometimes i rly hate liking girls..