RE-watching some of The Chappelle Show. I know it's the Rick James/Wayne Brady stuff that tends to get remembered, but Dear God, Black Bush was one of the best comedy sketches ever made.

Seriously: There is not one line in that thing that is not fantastic. 

Offended Mos Def when people think he’s lying: “I got this special CIA napkin!”

I know it’s been a while, but work is hoppin’. Doesn’t mean I’m not making time to watch Agent Carter. Regardless of the slop they’re doing with Peggy’s love life, can I get an “Amen” for her wardrobe thus far? Teal, to quote Steel Magnolias, is her signuhchuh cuhlor. And the pants/pantsuits are killer.

And Dottie next week!!!

The Adventures of the Pevensie Children

And she stumbled on out of the wardrobe into a magical land…

Lucy steps through the magical wardrobe and, instead of ending up in Narnia, she ends up in the forest by Camelot. Instead of a faun that worked for the White Witch, she meets a cheerful young warlock who was out practicing magic away from the kingdom that condemns him for having it. He quickly complies to her request to see something magical and conjures up a horse made of smoke.