Oberon and Michael

 I wrote this based on… fuck… where’s the screen captures of the fucked up imbd page???  UGH.  Anyway, some one fucked up the imbd page for season 13.  It said Jensen Ackles was playing ‘Michael’ and Jared Padalecki was playing ‘Oberon’.  So, yeah, this happened.
Expect: ~2k, destiel, twink!dean, possession/consent discussion, profound bond, alternate canon universe

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“Alternate reality, my ass.  There’s alternate Cas, so we should be able to find alternate me.”  Dean trudged on through the dusty wasteland world.  He wiped his sleeve over his brow.

Sam shuffled to his side, using a hand to shield his eyes from the sun and sand.  “Alternate Bobby didn’t know us, Dean.  What makes you think that alternate Cas does?” 

Stopping short, Dean narrowed his eyes at Sam.  Because it’s Cas.  “It’s our best lead.”  He took back up walking with more fervor.  “If you have a better idea, get to sharing.”

Rounding a rocky protrusion of earth, they almost ran into a bunker door, no unlike their bunker, the MOL bunker.  Dean shoved a hand into his pocket for his keys.

“Do you think we’re actually going to be that lucky?”  Sam raised an eyebrow at his brother, before turning around and keeping watch.

Dean jammed the key into the lock.  “Well, I think that the universe owes us a win.”

“This is a different universe.”

“Yeah, well, take a look around.  The universe owes us too.”  

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  • He Tian: i wanna do it 😏
  • MoGS: i said no 😠
  • He Tian: i can pay 🤑
  • MoGS: k. 😒
  • *He Tian gets closer 😏😏😏
  • MoGS: not here, somewhere private 😡
  • *5' later
  • He Tian: ohhh... mmm... i love it! 🤤
  • MoGS: what's so great about touching my hair on the back of the head? 🤔
  • He Tian: it's touch-addictive 🤔
  • MoGS: ok, enough 😑
  • He Tian: sorry, can't stop 😐
  • MoGS: ... 😶
  • He Tian: you made a junkie of me, i hope you are happy now 😵
  • MoGS: addicted to my haircut??? 🙄
  • He Tian: i'm afraid it's worse than that 😍
  • MoGS: 😶😶😶😶😶
  • He Tian: 💙💛❤️💚💜
Tianshan at matsuri #2

Momo trying hard and failing to scoop a baby turtle from one of the game stalls. And He Tian being unsurprisingly good at it getting five out of the tank. Momo of course trying to keep his surprised reaction low key and He Tian seeing through it.

“Here you go, Momo. Take care of our children.” A shit eating grin spreading his lips. And Momo weakly pushing him away.

“Don’t whisper in my ear. And-and what chicken shit is that about children?!”

He Tian pulling him along to a secluded area to watch the hanami. Both sitting side by side, their shoulders pressing against each other. And when the hanami illuminates the sky, their eyes travel from the colorful night sky to each other’s watercolored faces. Soft smiles on their lips, hands brushing one another.

@arodudejude little bit of both tbh

I dont mind sharing though

Basically my friends and I (some were from real life, some I only knew in the dream) were invited to a Halloween party at an abandoned mansion. It wasn’t just us, so we weren’t suspicious or anything. When we got there it was really dark but we were told to bring flashlights so we thought it was part of the festivities.

When we got in, however, the door slammed and our flashlights went out. When they turned back on, there was a little table with some drinks and a note that said something along the lines of “someone here isn’t who you think they are”

Immediately we started freaking out and when we looked up from reading it the doors and windows to the outside were gone. We decided that we had to move on and we went through the main doors and the weird shit started happening. Long story short there were monsters that were really fucked up. There was a lady with no spines and her legs had three joints instead of just her knees and she ran at us until we trapped her in a room. There was a man who had so many eyes that his other features were shrunken because there was no space. He had a whole bunch of arms that were stitched on him and he crawled on the walls and ceilings and dropped on us. We killed him by holding spears up when he tried to drop on us. Then things started getting REALLY weird. It started hinting that each monster was tied to us because we killed someone? And their bodies were like that because of the way they died? So it was like….everyone was not who we thought. And then once we realized that the monsters stopped. I got separated from anyone and I ended up in this weird maze of rooms and halls. This is where the trauma part came in for a bit? I was getting hunted by some guy and he was using lines I was told in a previous relationship to guilt me into having sex. And I kept running and running and he got closer and closer until one of the people from my old group ended up saving me by killing the guy. I was panicking and hyperventilating and the guy became another monster while we watched and his body extended and he grew more legs and claws and started killing everyone and he stabbed me and I woke up.

Then I WENT BACK TO SLEEP and I woke up in the same room except I was alone. I started finding clues and hints to their whereabouts but none of them were where the notes said they were. I started panicking again and I kept pushing forward and I got to a room and opened the door and it was the exit and as I stepped outside everyone was suddenly there and they were talking about “what a cool haunted house it was” and how they hoped it would be open again next year. And I was just standing there with their blood still on my clothes and hands and face. And they just turned to me and asked if I had a good time and I woke up.