Josh Dun

In My Place

Her Name is Spooky

The Theatre

I Lost My Best Friend

Panic! In Our Hotel Room

Building Bridges

Nurse Josh

Late Nights and Rough Fights

I’m Back, For Good

Inside My Dream

Wedding Bells

Older Sister Blues

Our Future Hearts

Innocence (Joshler)

Not Today

I (Don’t) Ship That

Marker Mischief 


Stay the Night

Like Nobody Else

A Million Miles

Striptease in my Dreams

All Tour

Cock Block Tyler

The Afterparty

First Timers

Movie Marathon

We Did It

Couples War

Can’t Keep My Hands Off You

Not Your Fault

Bedtime Stories (Joshler)

Josh’s Little Girl

Little Lie

Baby Pilot

You’ll Make It


Glass Elevator

His Jacket





Tyler Joseph


Badly Worded

I Lost My Best Friend

Oh, Memories

Figure It Out, Together

Panic! In Our Hotel Room

Innocence (Joshler)

Seven Minutes in a Closet

Not Today

Existence (Background Josher)

I (Don’t) Ship That


Couples War

My Hero (Pt. 1)

My Hero (Pt. 2)

Last Few Days (Pt. 1)

Last Few Days (Pt. 2)

Bedtime Stories (Joshler)


Secret Love (Pt. 1)

You’ll Be Fine

Inside & Out


MNSTR (Pt. 1)

MNSTR (Pt. 2)


Coffee Shop Love


Alone Time

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I’m like barely cutting it with bills and stuff on my meager paychecks so COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN AGAIN WHOA!

Won’t do:
-Mechs (simple robots are fine)
-Hate art
-Excessive revisions

-PayPal only!
-You pay half the amount before I start, I show you a watermarked thumbnail for your approval, and you’ll receive the full image after the rest of the payment is received.

Please order through PM (on here, twitter, or dA is fine!) or email (mnstr.mthd@gmail.com)!
If you have something in mind that doesn’t fit any of the categories, send me a message about it! I’d be happy to work something out.

Notes: Depending on certain factors (level of detail, time constraints, etc) I may negotiate with you a slight price raise. This is rare and I’ll do my best to come to an agreement we’re both happy with. 
If you need the commission done by a certain time, please allow for a 1-2 week buffer for me to get it done.

If you can’t get any I would appreciate it if you could share/reblog! ;o;

give em hell kid

he’s hurt you, she’s a bitch, they’re all trying to piss you off

show them how badass you are honey!

- antivist/bring me the horizon

- primadonna/marina and the diamonds

- aint it fun/paramore

- ignorance/paramore

- fuck you/lily allen

- weightless/all time low

- my songs know what you did in the dark/fall out boy

- gives you hell/all american rejects

- weighted/frnkiero andthe cellabration

- snap out of it/arctic monkeys

- mnstr/crown the empire

- phantom/dead!

- tell me i’m a wreck/every avenue

- rat a tat/fall out boy

- i don’t care/fall out boy

- gold/imagine dragons

- hey i dont know/kongos

- b team/marianas trench

- shake tramp/marianas trench

- big girl (you are beautiful)/mika

- dead!/my chemical romance

- on the brightside/nevershoutnever

- this means war/nickelback

- so what/p!nk

- raise your glass/p!nk

- misery business/paramore

- happy/pharell williams

- why’ you bring a shotgun to the party/the pretty reckless

- zombie/the pretty reckless

- blank space/taylor swift

- shake it off/taylor swift

- burn down the cinema/ugly love

- forget you/cee lo green

- hail to the king/avenged sevenfold

now show them who’s boss!!