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Maybe it was me that sent you mixed messages. Your eyes would look into me but I had to look away. I only let myself get lost in them once, and that's all it took. I felt everything your soul had to offer. I felt years of sorrow, anger, and grief drop into my stomach. You let me into your world. And what did I do? I left to go catch my breath. I was absolutely speechless. I know what you were trying to say now. Please, let me help you. I know I can. I'll knock down your walls. Let me carry you.

Go on/off anon and pretend were the person you want to talk to and get everything off your chest

Cleansing The Cards

It’s natural for tarot cards to accumulate & harbor energy, since that is the primary force they operate through; it can “clog” or “restrain” them, making them rather unproductive, though it doesn’t damage them. They simply need to rest and be refreshed every now & then, just like the reader does.


I suggest trying all of them out & sticking to the ones that work for you.

Simply shuffle the deck with the intention of cleansing it, in whatever way that’s most comfortable for you & for as long as you feel you need to.

Sort the cards – arrange them in order of the 22 Major Arcana and 4 suits of the 56 Minor Arcana. Allow the deck to “rest” in proper sequence for a while. You could also simply sort the cards so that all are upright & none reversed.

Tap the deck against something, or tap it with your hands / another object.

(This method is better for projective/masculine decks.) Place the deck in sunlight and leave it there until you feel that all the unwanted energy has been burned, faded, blinded, or driven out.

(This method is better for receptive/feminine decks.) Place the deck in moonlight and leave it there until you feel that all the unwanted energy has been drained, coaxed, flushed, or guided out.

Place the deck in a sealed, air-tight plastic bag and bury it in organic salt. Let the salt soak up the excess energy for a few days, or until you feel it’s done.

Place a crystal that corresponds to your intention upon the deck, or somewhere near it. You could also form a crystal grid around it.

Pass the deck through the smoke of incense or burning plants that correspond to your intention (most people would use dried sage or rosemary).

Swing a pendulum of your choice clockwise in circular motions above or on the surface around the deck with your intention in mind until you feel that all the unwanted energy has been drawn out & expelled.

Play any instrument with your intention in mind, or place the deck near a speaker and play music that corresponds to your intention.

*You can also cleanse each card individually rather than the whole deck at once, if you prefer. It takes longer but it’s more thorough & “intimate”


After cleansing your deck, store it in a special box/bag/cloth and/or with a quartz crystal to protect and generally upkeep its clean state.

Simple tip: cleanse your deck every time you use it. This is the easiest way to maintain a healthy deck, & the ritual of it can improve your general relationship with the cards as well as your connection with them in the moment.

Other good opportunities to cleanse your deck:
- It’s brand-new / inherited / borrowed / secondhand
- Another person has come into contact with it (especially if it was without your permission – the deck will let you know if it’s been meddled with)
- It has come into direct contact with a surface or object you didn’t want it to (this mainly applies to the tarot readers who take extra precautions to preserve the energetic integrity of their deck – such as only laying the cards on a designated cloth/mat/board, not allowing others to touch them, etc)
- It has come into direct contact with another deck
- It hasn’t been used for a long period of time
- It’s been accidentally scattered/messed up/physically damaged
- Many different readings have been performed with it
- An extensive/intense reading has been performed with it

Symptoms of a deck that needs to be cleansed:
- An irregularly large amount of cards drawn in a reading are reversed
- An irregularly large amount of cards are falling or popping out of the deck while you shuffle & handle it in general / the deck won’t stay together
- The readings are becoming unclear, or you’re having an unnecessarily difficult time interpreting & discerning their meaning; you’re getting mixed messages, the cards aren’t cohesive, and so on. If you feel like you’re not gaining anything out of the readings you do with a deck, you need to cleanse it.
- You get the sense that you need to cleanse the deck. This could manifest in many different ways; perhaps you feel bored of the deck or distant from it, or perhaps its “personality” changes, or perhaps you simply feel off about it. Common “off” feelings are slowness or lethargy, disengagement, bitterness, exhaustion, a sense of a contrary or combative disposition, misplaced irony, dullness or hollowness, strain, stress, aggravation, confusion, or alienation, and may come from either you or the deck itself when you interact with it.
- You can’t bring yourself to focus on the readings you do with it; neither you nor the deck can maintain your concentration / awareness / full presence.
- You consistently lose and misplace the deck or you can’t find it when you want to use it – or other people have moved it, even just once. If you don’t give it a spot and it tends to wander around your house, that may translate into your cards. Cleanse them and pick a permanent/regular place to keep them.
- The deck loses its “magic” and begins to feel like plain paper to you
- Using the deck consistently drains, frustrates, upsets, or annoys you / using it no longer brings you whatever beneficial quality it usually does.

Lord have mercy. I found an old lyric sheet for Venus. Lot’s of mixed messages here. Vocoder or no vocoder? Play or don’t play?  I’m just gonna go ahead and say it: You do you. Respect yourself and others. Be a light in the dark. And stay ahead of the game.


With a stroke of Trump’s pen, the fight for Standing Rock started all over again

From afar, the future of the Standing Rock struggle looks bleak.

President Donald Trump is pushing the Dakota Access pipeline project through. And some tribal leaders, who are asking protesters to leave Standing Rock, are turning their attention to demanding further environmental reviews.

But the fight on the ground isn’t over. The water protecters are there, and leaders in the Lakota Sioux community are still asking people to come help with obstructing construction and join the peaceful struggle against the pipeline.

“People can come — we’re going to need it,” Chase Ironeyes, a leading Lakota activist and member of the Lakota People’s Law Project, said in a phone interview Friday. “They fully plan to drill, and we’ll need bodies.”

The mixed messaging about whether people should arrive in droves to Standing Rock comes from the conflicting approach of the Standing Rock organizers and the local tribal government. David Archambault II, the tribal chairman of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, has repeatedly called for evacuation of protest sites.

Yet according to Ironeyes, many indigenous groups with potential claims to the Standing Rock treaty lands and the water protecters on site intend to stick it out with civil disobedience and peaceful protest. Read more

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It cracks me up sometimes to get tagged in a post I can’t reblog because the original poster has blocked me. Nine times in ten we’ve never met and it’s likely that OP just knows they don’t want someone with my readership reblogging them, which is fair, no hard feelings, I just go about my day. 

But then there’s that tenth one where I can guess they didn’t like something I said, and I’m like “Good on ya, successful spite block! You have thwarted me as was your desire!”

Then you check out their blog and sometimes it turns out that in addition to being full of petty spite – which I get, I’m full of petty spite myself – they’re also an idiot and an asshole, and that’s even more satisfying. Because then I find myself thinking, “Man, I hope you choke on the fact that I was tagged in your post. I hope you stare at that @copperbadge in your reblog notification for days, ya creep. I wield my name like a sword!”

TLDR a fascist blocked me, which means I must be doing something right. 

The 1st House

The 1st House is probably one of the most important Houses in the natal chart as it affects the way that we present ourselves to others and how we see ourselves. It is the house that gives us our sense of self an dour standing point in life.

Sun in the 1st House: Those with their Sun in the 1st House tend to be quite sure of themselves and confident in their actions. They have a good sense of who they are and they tend to be quite memorable to others. People generally like to be around them.

Moon in the 1st House: These are the people who can’t hide their emotions, they practically wear them on their cheek. These people show everything they feel on their face and find it hard to keep some things private - even if they try, other people often guess. These people openly express their emotions and feel their feeling very vividly. These people tend to have very soft features and big eyes, usually soft hair regardless of colour. 

Mercury in the 1st House: These people like to have things organised, either through the way they look or the way that they communicate with others. They don’t like for there to be any mixed messages. People may see them as very well kept and in control of themselves. They tend to look very clean cut and they don’t usually like messy surroundings.

Venus in the 1st House: There’s something about those with Venus in the 1st House that makes them so approachable. They tend to have very loving and understanding vibes about them and of course the beauty of Venus spares no presence in their appearance (beauty is not limited to this placement though). People tend to fall quite easily for those with Venus in the 1st House and they themselves tend to be quite charming and flirty. 

Mars in the 1st House: Those with Mars in the 1st House tend to come across rather “charged”. They may seem very energetic, determined or angry. These are the people that will react to a situation straight away rather than later. They can be very impulsive and their actions tend to be driven by their anger. They tend to have very masculine features or they have strong facial features.

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